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VOTE 2010: McIntyre challenges Pantano to Social Security pledge

READ MORE: VOTE 2010: McIntyre challenges Pantano to Social Security pledge

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It's getting down to the wire for Vote 2010. As time runs out, candidates are scrambling to get every last advantage. Some candidates are coming up with any way to get their name and face out there one last time before Tuesday.

Rep. Mike McIntyre called a news conference today to eat cake with senior citizens and celebrate Social Security's birthday. Mcintyre also challenged Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano to sign a pledge to protect Social Ssecurity rather than privatize it.

"Will we risk our senior social security on the stock market? My answer is an unequivocal no," McIntyre said. "My opponent, who once worked on wall street and has the mentality of putting things at risk on wall street, has said yes and supports privatization."

Pantano held his own news conference as well to remind voters of his opinion that mcintyre works for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pantano also promised to protect Social Security, but says reform is a must.

"For the last 10 months Congressman McIntyre has been telling the people of this district that he doesn't support Nancy Pelosi or her liberal agenda, but she's putting half a million dollars to buy commercials slandering me. Clearly, he works for her, because she's paying the bills," Pantano said.

We asked Pantano if he planned on signing the Social Security pledge from McIntyre. Pantano said he has yet to see the pledge and said he's very interested in seeing what it exactly has to say. McIntyre said he plans to bring the pledge to Pantano's headquarters at some point.

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Medicare Part D will add more to the deficit than...

...the bailout, stimulus, and health care law combined.
Calculations by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and other independent fiscal experts show that the $1.1 trillion cost over the next 10 years of the Medicare prescription drug program, which the Republican-controlled Congress adopted in 2003, by itself would add more to the deficit than the combined costs of the bailout, the stimulus and the health care law. Source. Those lefty pinkos at Forbes agree.

McIntyre must own stock in cardboard

He cannot resist the urge to sign a big piece of cardboard and smile at the cameras as if he just found the cure for cancer. Anyone that would fall for his sideshow antics would have to be a blithering idiot! He's a camera clown! I can't wait to see the look on his face on Tuesday night when the results are coming in. I hope he has a giant cardboard congratulations card for Ilario! LOL!

I was on the fence,

I was on the fence, wondering who to vote for until McIntyre came out with his Social Security ads, low-rating his opponent about SS. We all know that the system is broken and can't continue to exist as it is currently being run.

I lost a lot of respect for Mike when he stated that he wouldn't "mess" with SS. Unfortunately, it must be "messed" with or the current employees in their 40s and 50s will never see a pension check from SS. He has to face the reality that SS must be reformed in some manner or it will cease to exist.

This is election year, nauseating BS. Pantano might not be the answer. But, after watching McIntyres's SS ad, I voted for Pantano.

Thank God, election time is almost over. The mail carrier can get a break. My telephone can get a break. These all-day robot recordings extolling the virtues of their favorite candidate turns me off. I hang up as soon as I hear the recording start.

I hope that Pantano won't sign a pledge with Mike. SS has to be reformed, maybe not Pantano's way, but some way. Else, the younger folks will never get SS.

Voter's mind made up !

Voters have already made up their minds despite all these political shenanigans ! The political pendulum has swung to the right which does not bode well for The Democratic Socialist Party.Across the board EVERYONE's taxes will rise in the coming year. The Debt Commssion is looking at eliminating mortgage interest deductions and child tax credits, therefore most people will get a tax bill . This is their solution to putting a dent in their IRRESPONSIBLE borrowing ( stimulus ) . You will bear the burden for irresponsible government as usual ! Mike McIntyre is a SENIOR DEMOCRATIC WHIP whose job is to push the Democratic agenda . The Democratic BIG GOVERNMENT agenda will be financed by you and your grandchildren. The recipients of BIG GOVERNMENT ( THE TAKERS ) are depending on the productive members of society ( THE GIVERS ) to continue to subsidize their parasitic lifestyles !

Business as usual isn't cutting it, Mike

The Great Ponzi Scheme is slowly unravelling, and you know that. We can't keep looting the trust fund and replacing the incoming payments with I.O.U.s backed by a Federal Reserve that stands ready to print more money on any day of the week ending in a "Y." Your I.O.U.s are rapidly becoming worthless.

Any proposed reform I've seen will be totally voluntary, will only allow a portion to be placed in private investments, and will not apply to people over fifty-five.

What's the problem with giving younger workers a choice? Why do the Democrats fear individual responsibility so much?

Sign another check MIKE!

Mike is used to signing checks with our money and also using the social security that he has robbed us from so why not sign another one MIKE? Where do all the people think all that money came from that he hands out? It's our tax money if you haven't figured it out by now! The government doesn't give anything away for free! We all have to pay for it. So MIKE go ahead and keep signing more and more checks. It is obvious that the general public doesn't care either!

Enough pandering to the

Enough pandering to the elderly Mike, what about my retirement. I don't need you or any other politician restricting my retirement investments. Keep your hands off of my money! We all know social security is broke. Don't you remember spending all of the money?

Mike how about a pledge yourself

Mike, how about you signing a pledge to put back all the money you have spend that will come out of my Grand Kids pockets?

If you will not sign that one how about this one?

I will not vote for any Bill that has any attachments, that has nothing to do with the Bill..

Or maybe this one.

I will put back the money Congress has taken out of Social Security and move the retirement age back to 65.

To me the last one would be more important than the other two.

Counter challenge

I'd like to challenge Mike to tell us where the money is going to come from to continue to fund social security as it is currently being executed. Social security is nothing short of a ponzi scheme and I'm afraid that my generation is going to be left with the bill and I'll never see a single cent of it. It's like Mike's fearmongering ad says "that's my money!"

Social Security

I wasn't sure until Mike played the social security card he was losing. Sad thing is Al Gore liked to talk about the "LOCK BOX" for social security but it was the democrats that ended the social security trust fund and put the money in the general fund. But ever election year they try to scare retired people who depend on the fund they destroyed. Democrats stay in power by scaring the hell out of uneducated people who have become convienced there survival depends on a government check. Democrats don't waant their voters to succeed, if they do they won't need the democrats anymore. Your article also goes on about how independent McIntired is of Pelosi; if he wants to really show his independence change parties. If he doesn't support his party why would they support him for this area. Wake up people this country is at a cross road if you work hard and would like to keep some of your earnings to help yourself and your family you need to vote Republican. There was a time where there wasn't that much difference in the parties; now, the democrats are SOCIALIST.

Mike hasnt done real well

Mike hasnt done real well with the pledges he has signed in the past.

Let's see

.......Mike reneged on his term limit promise and won't sign the discharge petition to repeal Obamacare. I think you need to go first Mike.


Social Security has been treated as a private cash fund for NON-Social Security related expenses. The money taken out is/was NEVER put back. People like McIntyre SPENT IT. Second, ITS OUR FORCED out of our pay checks that is OURS. The government knows as well as the majority that if you can control SS and retirement...YOU CONTROL THE PEOPLE and THAT is what this is about! WHY NOT privatize SS? ITS MY MONEY going in there..force me into an account that I cannot have access is a FACT that privatized SS plans MAKE MORE MONEY...don't believe me?

This is about CONTROL...another thing about SS...when SS cards were issued the government PROMISED that number would be used for SS related benefits and those benefits ONLY...NOW...companies PROFIT off of my private financial information...tied to what...MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER...wanna be mad at someone for the EASE of stealing identities...THANK THE GOVERNMENT!

Hey Mike

Here's a pledge you can make.

I Mike McIntyre will forgo the liberal, free health care provided by the House of Representatives. I will accept, for myself and my family, the same health care provisions, restrictions, and cost of ObamaCare.

I will further forgo any cost of living increases approved by the House and Senate until such time as Social Security Recipients qualify for same.

On the day I am sworn in for my new term, I will stand in the House and call upon President Obama to present his clear to read, original birth certificate and will call for him to allow the colleges he attended to open his student files and allow review of his applications for admission.

There's a pledge to make Mike.