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McIntyre checks how IP uses stimulus funds


RIEGELWOOD, NC (WWAY) -- Rep. Mike McIntyre made a special visit today to a Columbus County paper mill. The Congressman met with company leaders from International Paper to discuss how the mill has been able to sustain jobs during this tough economy.

The mill was one of the first in North Carolina to receive stimulus money. McIntyre said he chose to visit International Paper to see how those funds were put into use.

"We wanted to see where these recovery funds were going, the capital improvements being made here, the jobs its preserving and to look first hand on how to help working people their jobs and keep the economy strong in this part of North Carolina," McIntyre said.

The Democrat from Lumberton said besides keeping jobs in North Carolina his main goal is to create new job opportunities in the southeastern part of the state.

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McIntyre visit to IP

McIntyre apparently doesn't realize that the stimulus funds were not supposed to be used to pay for existing jobs-they were to be used to create new jobs. The entire stimulus idea has been one big waste of taxpayer money, as well he knows, but won't admit.

so the alternative, robert,

so the alternative, robert, is instead of the stimulus saving jobs without it riegelwood would have lost jobs? ok, that makes sense and would definitely be helpful. jobs were directly saved but you're still complaining. this is America today.

You don't get it Guest

the nabobs in Washington worded the bill to indicate the funds, which were borrowed from abroad, would be used to create new jobs and stimulate the economic recovery.

But no sooner was the legislation passed than the wonders in Washington abused the program.

Go read the Corbin-McCain report which detailed the 100 worst cases of funds being wasted. 11 or 12 of those top 100 wasters were in NC.

The point is the legislation indicated funds would be used for one purpose. They have been used, in many instances, for items which are in no manner related to creating long term job growth and long term economic recovery.

The funds have been borrowed and spent. The results are not there. The Jobs Report for July, issued by the Feds, indicated there was a net loss of 131,000 jobs nationwide. After all the borrowing & spending, there was a net job loss of 131,000.

Even the Annointed One, in a speech last week, indicated changes are needed to achieve the 2 goals. But now, the bank account is empty and the credit cards are tapped out. The Asians and Saudis laugh when Hillary tries to peddle US debt & bonds now.

Do you get that messaage?