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VOTE 2010: McIntyre bucks national trend, wins eighth term in Congress

READ MORE: VOTE 2010: McIntyre bucks national trend, wins eighth term in Congress

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- While Republicans claimed a sweeping victory by taking control of the the US House of Representatives Tuesday, Southeastern North Carolina's seat in Washington will remain on the Democratic side of the aisle. Incumbent Mike McIntyre won an eighth term in Congress. During a victory speech in Lumberton Tuesday night, McIntyre expressed gratitude for his supporters.

"Our commitment is for you, the people of Southeastern North Carolina," McIntyre said. "That's what we'll go back to Washington to fight for: the people of Southeastern North Carolina and your values."

McIntyre's Republican challenger Ilario Pantano conceded during a speech at the Blockade Runner at Wrightsville Beach earlier in the evening. Pantano, a former Marine, told supporters he would be back to fight another day.

"In the end we achieved a mission," Pantano told WWAY. "We got a conservative majority back in the Congress. That's what we really needed to do to save our country."

Pantano would not commit to running again in 2012, he did leave the door open. In the meantime, he thanked McIntyre for his continued service, but said he and his supporters will be watching the Congressman "to make sure he stays on the straight and narrow."

As McIntyre heads back to Washington, he called for unity within the 7th District.

"We want all people to work together. We welcome everyone," McIntyre said. "I've always sought to work with Republicans, Democrats, Independents. So I hope all of us now can say, 'The campaign's over. Let's work together.' There's too much at stake for our country and Southeastern North Carolina not to do so. We're ready to work together.

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Have You gotten the Message Congressman?

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. ~ Winston Churchill

Have you gotten the message Congressman.

Stop redistributing the earnings of hard working Americans so worthless weasels who've never worked a day in their lives can continue to live off the fat of entitlements.

A political neophyte gave you the heebie geebies and nearly sent you back to Lumberton or into a life as a Lobbyist.

Stand up for those of us who pay taxes.

If Pit Bull Pelosi and Harry Reid try to shove through some more government give away programs using borrowed money during the Lame Duck session -- remember, we're watching.

You claim to be a Blue Dog Democrat -- then be one.

Harry Truman's claim to fame, and the spark to his political rise, was a focus on fiscal integrity. He was always focused on not borrowing money the "People" could not afford to repay.

We're trillions in debt. Nothing to show from the "Stimulus" spending other than joke programs like the study on yoga exercise and its impact on hot flashes. Certainly no long term economic stimulation or creation of a significant number of private secotr jobs.

We're watching Congressman. You will stand for re-election in less than 2 years. We will not forget your actions during the next two years. Don't think that spreading "Bank of Mike" checks around the District will do the job.

Tough decisions need to be made to return our Country to the prosperity and pride which we once enjoyed. Are you man enough to help make those decisions?

Remember, we are watching.

Hog Wash

I have read all the comments here and I am going to put my two cents in. First there was a comment that Republicans did not vote the straight ticket. WHAT A CROCK!!!! While a lot of them did not, most did. Here's and example In Pender County they had 2 Commissioners that needed to be replaced but because they where Republicans they are still there. Why because some of the Republicans of Pender cared more about being a part of the group nationaly than having a mind of there own and looking out for their county. In New Hanover, Pender, and all over the state good canadates where over looked because they had a D behind their name. People paid more attention to the national race and forgot about our own counties. Just because they where democrats did not mean they were bad people and we Republicans treated them like monsters. These people deserved our attention! While I will be the first to speak out and agree with my fellow Republicans that we really need a change there where some Republicans that should have been voted out. We all got so caught up in it, I saw a Republican pole worker calling other pole workers names (because they were Democrats). I witnessed a person spit and call Democrats names while weaving a Pantano sign at the Spot festival. I don't think this is what Ilario Pantano wanted! Well now we will get what we deserve and that is people we should have replaced and did not. We have become the very thing we fight so hard against. WE THE PEOPLE Well we will suffer for the next 4 years in some counties all because of our pride and lack of voter education.

I am ashamed.................

Hog Wash Part 2

We are all ashamed that you are ashamed. I am sure you dems treated us repubs much better.


Its over the people have spoken.If your guy lost so what.Get on with tomorrow and try and help each other instead of making such a bigdeal out of it.This is what is wrong with America today someone is scared someone is going to get more than them.We need to push to close our borders before we all have nothing.And yes I did vote.

I wish all of you

HATEFUL people who are telling Ilario to go back to NY would identify yourselves so I can know WHO THE HELL TO AVOID out here in Wilmington. Or maybe I should go back to VA, where Eric Cantor was my representative.

Ilario fought not once, but twice, for you good old boy IDIOTS to be free to spew your vitriol.

Mike M. was exposed for the Blue Dog Lap Dog that he is. If he believed 1/2 the crap he said during the campaign he'd have switched parties years ago.

All of you nasty, ugly, hateful people should be ashamed of yourselves. AND WE STILL WON THE HOUSE!

Stubborn Hicks

I would hope y’all under stand that the Old South Democrats are not the same as the New South Democrats? And to vote for a man only because he’s a good ole boy is truly a shame.

Tea drinkin, BBQ eatin, Dog huntin southern man

How not to do politics

The rancor and vitriol that characterized this race is an example of how NOT to do politics. Whether it was one side painting McIntyre as a Pelosi liberal, or the other side accusing Pantano of being a war criminal, the hyperbole was sickening. Furthermore the comments about Pantano going back to NY smack of parochialism.


From the contents of the comments, it sounds like many got hung up on personalities and failed to consider the real issues. As a result, NC broke from all the other southern states, and declared itself a liberal state for now. Guess we haven't suffered enough.

How classy.....

What a classy display of behavior with these comments after a small Democratic win on the national level. Nothing short of being expected. I love how people root for politicians like they're a sports team.

While all of us are savoring

While all of us are savoring victory, let us remeber one thing: Ilario really got what he wanted. The republicans took over control of the house. Now all of you are going to see Mcintyre vote with the republicans, because that's what he does. I think this election sent a message to him. If a little known New Yorker can almost dethrone you(let's not kid ourselves. Mike was sweating until the last minute.), then you need to shape up before 2012 and get your priorities in order. Otherwise, someone from this area may win your seat in two years. Now that the Dems need your vote let's see if you still vote against the healthcare or if you stick to your guns and vote the way the people want. Just saying.

All the dems who vote straight ticket

For those of you who think Pantano will go back to NY, think again. We have two years to geer up, so Mcintyre put your game hat on, we'll be back. Also, WE THE PEOPLE will be holding you accountable. Let's see what you do now.

Republicans are atleast independent thinkers and don't vote straight party. Unlike the democraps.


He probably will run again. He can not keep a job. He could not even hack it as a deputy.

Good Job Mike

Mike you have helped Southeastern North Carolina in many ways. Keep helping YOUR hometown (Southeastern North Carolina) and we will keep helping you. Keep up the good work and thank god we have you back in office. GO MIKE!!!!!, MIKE WORKS FOR ME!!!!!


Maybe this loser will now get off the dole and get a real job or maybe even rejoin the Marine Corp IF they'll take him back in.

Nothing quite like "no grace in victory"

I voted for McIntyre, but am thoroughly disgusted by the comments made about Pantano below. It appears that a lot of Mike's supporters are about as classy as your typical roller derby fan and still fighting the Civil War.

Pantano ran a good campaign, raised some important issues, and McIntyre will be an even better congressman because of the competition.

Also, let's not forget that many of Mike's votes came from demographic groups that are the source of big problems in this country, the career public housing residents, the eternal Medicaid and food voucher recipients, and the people who don't pay income tax....the people who enjoy a life of relative comfort on YOUR dime. Mike will never touch their gravy train, so re-electing McIntyre doesn't mean that we'll be addressing all the problems.



76 word sentence

Thanks for the entertainment. Lifes should be lives. Weather should be whether. Wile should be while. Gose should be goes. Layed should be laid. All the punctuation was at the end. Seven!!!!!!!

Third loss for Marc Benson..Bye Bye baby

Take a hint from the citizens of New Hanover county Mr.Benson and leave town with some dignity. We have officially sent you packing for a third time. The Blue Line show will be filled with hot topics of discussion and ooh's and aah's from your biggest fan Trey. Listeners will continue to hear how you have the fix for everything law enforcement related. You will always bash the Sheriff while gingerly skirting issues at WPD in hopes of not upsetting anyone.
Your the greatest cop ever, yet your last job in Law Enforcement was as a road deputy in PENDER COUNTY supervising Nobody! Your a FM DJ with an axe to grind as your the most disgruntled ex employee of New Hanover county...EVER!
So goodnight to you, Curtis,Chad,Curtis C., Ward, and the rest of the flunkies that follow you.
Oh, To Mr. Berger, congrats on your win. I voted for you before I knew you had aligned yourself with Marc Benson. Your judge of character has alot to be desired and certainly will cause me to think twice about voting for you in the future. A better choice than Causey, but bells and whistles went off when I saw you endorse Marc Benson.


Why are there so many comments about N.Y.?? Are you jealous of our pensions, scared of change, what??? Remember the war ended many years ago,its a free country now. So, get in your F-150 and experience N.Y. You'll see that we are not as prejudice as Y'All.

Sweet Home ( Southeastern North Carolina) Alabama

"Well, I hope Ilario Pantano will remember
A Southeastern North Carolina people don't need him around anyhow." Hope they need you right now back in New York.

You're an idiot

you my friend are an idiot! Pantano was a US Marine that upon completion of his first tour of duty worked for Goldman Sachs. In the midst of such a lucrative career, he demonstrated his patriotism to the US by quitting his safe, lucrative career to return to the battlefield and risk his life. If I'm not mistaken, you are one of those who listen to the McIntyre commercials that call him a "Wall Street Insider"....there are thousands of thousands of people working on "Wall Street"....he was certainly not an "insider." Do your own thinking one'd be surprised

So if Ilario really cares

So if Ilario really cares about the people of this area, I assume we'll see him run for a local office in 2 years? Like County Commissioner? Or would that be beneath his national agenda?

Mike McIntyre

NC doesn't have a change now..there goes our taxes and our jobs

Here we go

I am with you all the way befor we know it we all be living in boxes and then all the pepople going for McIntre will be standing around asking what happend and all I can is say TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!


God help us.. He doesn't even answer emails when a question needs to be answered. we needed a change and didn't get it. Step up Mike mcIntyre and do some good this time since you are in. Don't waste a seat.


Your right about one thing,there goes our jobs.Who do you think thinks outsourcing is a good thing besides Common? I'll give you a hint,not the democrats.Ofcourse Common says things are cheaper because of it but it don't help the people who lost their jobs and can't buy anything.I think it got more to do with greed.


What jobs, this area has litle to no jobs and pays nothing.
The only thing that holds this area together is the money from the north.
You can hate on the northeners all you want, but remember it was a southern who sold his land to make a quick buck.

Yeah! Congrats, Mike!

I could not be happier! Now, I only wish Pantano would just go back to New York, and crawl back under a rock!! Bye bye, Pantano! We do not want you here, so go sell that line somewhere else, IF they'll buy it! Looks like even your ol' NY buddies do not even recognize the political "about face" you pulled in order to try to fool the good people of NC. Your tricks did not work, did they?!? Thank God we no longer have to see OR hear about you anymore! Good riddance to you and your lies!

Pantano didn't lie to

Pantano didn't lie to anybody. He just ran a bad campaign. Mike just got smart, stopped slamming Pantano, and talked about things he has done to help the community. If Pantano had ran a better campaign like Mike's and stopped slinging mud, he might have won. It's too bad, because now our taxes are going to go up. Remember, Conservative ideas are what started this country. We left the British to get AWAY from higher taxes!


Pontano=el Lose-o !!Take your butt-o back to New York-o !!