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VOTE 2010: McIntyre makes final push to keep his job

READ MORE: VOTE 2010: McIntyre makes final push to keep his job

BURGAW, NC (WWAY) -- The final day. The last chance for candidates to rally support for tomorrow's election.

Rep. Mike McIntyre made the rounds on a big tour bus. Mcintyre kicked off "Mike's Main Street Tour" on Front Street in downtown Wilmington. He got a warm welcome from his supporters. McIntyre stopped at cafes to personally say hello to people, and he made phone calls, urging folks to get out and vote.

"People have waited a long time for this election to come, and now is the decisive moment," McIntyre said. "We want people to realize it's a very serious election. We want to make sure we've got a strong voice for Southeastern North Carolina and if we want to have that strong voice, it's serious that they need to get out and turnout the vote, not only themselves but get their friends, their neighbors, business colleagues, their children, their parents. We want to get everybody out to vote. It's that important."

McIntyre hopped on the bus and headed to Burgaw next. He went to more restaurants to shake hands and sign autographs.

Time is precious to political candidates, and it is running out quickly for McIntyre as he seeks an eighth term in Washington.

"Government, as a whole, It has a lot of catching up to do," Holly Ensinger of Burgaw said Monday during McIntyre's visit to Pender County.

McIntyre made his way around the 7th District Monday to ensure he can help catch government up. For some people, McIntyre already had their votes.

"He's represented us for the past, I think, 14 years. He knows the ins and outs of Washington, and he knows how to bring some of the money and the grants back to the Southeastern North Carolina region for us," Jeremiah Johnson of Wilmington said.

Others are concerned about two of the biggest issues Congressional candidates are debating: Social Security and unemployment.

"I'm a Baby-Boomer, just like a lot of us are Baby-Boomers, and we don't need to be depleting our Social Security on things that it's not meant for," Elaine Maxwell of Wilmington said.

Ensinger said, "The small businesses are the backbone of our country, and the big businesses do what they want, and we need them to focus and help the small businesses keep it going."

Ensinger said she's glad McIntyre took the time to talk to her, but it did not change her mind. She has decided not to cast her vote at all

Others say exercising your right to vote is one of the most important things you can do as an American, and they plan to do it on election day.

"I'm going to take my children with me. I'm going to take them to the voting booth," Johnson said. "My wife and I take them every year. Every year we vote in the primaries or we vote in the general election, and we show them the democratic process and how it works."

After McIntyre left burgaw, he stopped in Kenansville and Elizabethtown.

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God save us from that

God save us from that carpetbagging accused murderer. Amen
Even New York doesn't want him:
Read the TRUTH
Read the FACTS


I am so very happy that this day will end all the neg. political tv ads..

Does Mikes camp really think that anyone is going to believe his ad about Pantanos work record. WHy didn't it say that he quite the day after 9-11 and became a Marine once again. Would Mike give up a
6 figure job on Wall St. and head into battle. I don't think so...

Mike you have been in Washington 14 years and it's time to say " GOOD BYE "

To Chadbourn

You really need to chill out a bit - you also need to read up on the positions of the candidates, and not just listen to their scary ads on TV. Ilario had made specific mention of investing social security monies in the stock market (from whence he came, incidentally) - Mike has promised to make sure social security is safe from speculative investing. Make sure you vote for the right guy!


numerous e-mails to WWAY3 and phone calls has not had any of my comments.
All against Mr.McIntyre


Mr. McIntyre did not show up for a meeting in Chadbourn @The Park on Oct. 27. Hmmmm
Mr. McIntyre stop saying Mr. Pantano is going to do what you are already doing.