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McIntyre to visit Iraq

READ MORE: McIntyre to visit Iraq
WILMINGTON -- Five years ago today President Bush announced his decision to invade Iraq. Congressman Mike McIntyre is leaving for Iraq Monday. He said, "After five years it's time for Iraq to stand up to the plate to meet those accountability services that those in the armed services want them to meet." McIntyre says until the Iraqi government can fully function without the help from the US, troops will have to stay overseas. He wouldn't predict when that will be but says in the meantime Americans need to show their support. "I think it's critically important for us to pray for our troops and do everything we can to show that we are supporting them and their families who are here," McIntyre said. Former Marine and local attorney Thom Goolsby said, "I think we all should be very proud of our troops who are over there and all volunteer force who are doing exceedingly well over there." Goolsby served in the first Gulf War when he was in the Marine Corps, and knows first-hand what the men and women overseas are going through. "Most of the protestors I see have never been in the military and don't know what it's like," Goolsby said. "And they're complaining about a war they've not been asked to fight." Congressman McIntyre says he is not only going to Iraq to assess the government, but also to thank the troops in person.

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Doing a great job Congressman McIntyre, and thank you for supporting our active and retired troops.

Supporting the troops

Like the Bush administration, Congressman McIntyre confuses supporting the troops with approval of their mission. There is no mission in Iraq that can be in any way be defined as in the best interest of the people of the United States. This has nothing to do with the well-being of the troops. I do not support McIntyre's war; I offer genuine "support" for the troops by calling on unprincipled politicians like McIntyre to bring the troops home right now.


Last count, allied countries were tracking some 40-plus terrorist cells and a dozen or so "plots in progress"....last count, US intelligence was tracking another 35-some terrorist cells and an unconfirmed number of "plots in progress"....let's hope that none of those "plots" kill you,any your family members,any of your neighbors, or anyone you know in your community, in your State or the community or State of any of those in your family... Now, what was it you said about "the best interest of the perople of the US"? DUH...I guess another product of our 'government schools"!