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McIntyre voting against health care reform


Rep. Mike McIntyre has gone on record saying he will vote against the latest version of the health care bill. The Democrat from Lumberton says reform is needed, but not at the expense of the national debt.

The first time the bill was on the floor, the Speaker of the House asked McIntyre personally for his support, and he told her no. This time as the Democratic push for more votes continues, McIntyre, a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, says he's made his stance clear.

"There's been a lot of pressure," he said. "They're trying to count heads and count votes, but they understand that I'm firm in my position, and so we don't waiver, because they know that I'm going to do what the people of our part of North Carolina expect me to do, which is to represent them first over any kind of national party agenda or anybody else's agenda for that matter."

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The one thing that I can say

The one thing that I can say about this health care bill is that it stinks to high heaven. If there was anything good in the bill it would have bipartisan support. But this monstrosity has been dealth with behind closed doors, with bribery,payoff's, slick deals,lies and CHICAGO style thugery led by the IDIOT-IN-CHIEF President Barrack Capone and his followers. THIS IS ABOUT POWER MY FRIENDS AND NOTHING ELSE.



Lets make one thing clear, from a macro perspective. Health care eats up 20% of our economic activity. 60% of bankruptcies in 2007 were due to people with outstanding health care debt and 80% had health insurance, but were under-insured. When people default on their debt and go bankrupt, the hospitals don't get paid so they raise the costs for EVERYONE (1000 dollars for a toothbrush). The reason why people are under-insured is because prices are rising and insurance companies are making way to much profit. Health insurance CEO's make millions of dollars a WEEK. So you have two factors raising costs, BUT this can easily be reversed. If you mandate insurance and provide a pool, hospital bills wont be defaulted on and insurance companies will have to bring down their profits to a reasonable level to compete. If everyone was mandated to buy insurance, the cost would be spread out and everyone would have that safety net.. Just think about it, if you get in a bad car accident and it wasn't your fault and other guy didn't have insurance, you would be screwed. The same way with health insurance but in a round about way.

The reason why this bill costs so much money is because the price of health care is so high right now, but once this is reserved, it will become cheaper and cheaper and cheaper for the people AND the government. If the government didn't put any money into it, than we would all be mandated to buy insurance but nobody could afford it. So you have to give it an initial push to bring down costs and then let the system run by itself, which it will do.. This will ultimately lengthen the life of social security so more of us can get our entitlements, or what we are entitled to from paying all taxes all these years.

Health care reform bill

I've recently been laid off from a local lawyer's office due to the decline in real estate sales, only earned $20k/yr. I've spent the majority of my adult life without health insurance. Widowed (husband died from pancreatic cancer-15yrs), no dependents-47yrs old. Personally I believe in choosing my own health care & health insurance doesn't cover most of what I choose. I was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness which I'm being treated by a naturapathic doctor, my MD & internal specialist didn't find it. I'm using homeopathic & alternative remedies made especially for me through my ND. Years ago I was diagnosed with HPV but was treated with Essaic tea instead of surgery & has been cured. I also believe I will be cured of this illness. Chemo helped to progress my husband's illness so I just don't believe modern medicine can help me. I pray people will educate themselves, make sound decisions & realize there are better ways to heal thyself then through the invasive, poisonous procedures that are offered today & covered by health insurance. My MD & ND have told me I'm very healthy because I take care of what I eat & exercise & I've done it without modern medicines, it's been years since I've even taken a pill. I will use my money to pay for the right health care for me instead of paying over $400/mo for health insurance which is more than my mortgage. I'll not be made to have health insurance.

Let's see if Rep. McIntyre is really aware of what's going on

My income is $33,000. My bi-weekly deduction for my employer provided insurance plan is $150, or $300 a month or $3,600 per year.

I am single and I have no dependents. My deductible is $5000. That means I have to pay $5000 of my already meager earnings before the insurance will begin covering something and, even if it does so at the fullest, it will only cover 90%, so that means I'm still responsible for the rest.

Last month, I was diagnosed with early stage uterine cancer. I had to have a hysterectomy. The whole procedure at NHRMC cost nearly $30,000. Of this, I have to pay $5000 (because I haven't met my deductible yet), plus 10% of the remaining (about $2500).

Where the heck am I going to get this money from? Now, I'm facing chemo and radiation treatments, which will certainly add to my bills. And let's hope my treatments don't hit the $1 million lifetime maximum that my insurance will pay, no matter what I have.

This is disgusting. This is a wealthy country which should be able to afford all its citizens the same level of care we already provide our military and our senior citizens with Medicare. I don't care if I have to pay a little more in taxes; after all, many other industrialized nations do the same.

So, in addition to having to contemplate the end of my life and the fact I will never have biological children at my tender age of 26, I have to deal with figuring out a way to pay this money and not going bankrupt.

I don't live a frilly lifestyle. I don't go out drinking or dancing or eating out. I don't have a LCD TV.

Tell me, all of you who are so against any reform whatsoever, how the heck am I supposed to deal with this? I don't have rich parents, I don't have rich friends.

All I see of those who protest any sort of reform is selfish "Me First" people who conveniently forget that cancer or a catastrophic illness can happen to anyone. Who's going to pay your bills then????

Mr. McIntyre, shame on you. Some reform is better than none. I cringe in fear that if I ever lose my job no one will ever insure me again because of pre-existing conditions.

We have no problem spending billions of dollars for wars, yet we don't give a hoot about our fellow citizens who are being screwed everyday by greedy insurance companies who are in it only to profit.

So, instead of change, we keep going with the status quo and those idiots who keep complaining about reform scream the loudest.

I sincerely hope no serious illness or unemployment or a catastrophe ever strikes them.

If you

set your emotions aside for a moment and re-read his announcement, you would note he is not opposed to health care reform. He is opposed to the trillions of dollars, which this country does not have, required to fund the bill.

That is his point, where is the funding coming from?

Our nation is drowning in the debt the Obama administration has taken on. The Japanese and Chinese laugh at Clinton when she tries to peddle more of our debt on them.

If this bill passes, we could face the very real threat our country would default on its debt within 5 years.

Then what?

I'm sorry to hear your story but......

...MacIntyre is not the problem here. You are not the only one with these kinds of problems facing you. Under the current proposal, you will pay MORE for your care, not less and here is why:

The Obama administration has set up some rules and regulations that "could" help some matters, but the proposal does not address bringing costs down. The only thing it addresses is who will pay MORE for those that do not. The proposal does nothing to address the points outlined below. Health care costs must be brought down to a reasonable level that will both allow profits and keep healthcare affordable for the average hardworking citizen. The lazies, the crazies, the baby farmers, the illegals, the drug addicts and dealers, I could care less about their care. That's their fault and problem, self imposed.

Look at this: Why is it that if you go to Canada to get your prescriptions, most can be purchased at 10 cents on the dollar if not less??? Why is it that Americans have to pay 90% more for their meds??? Why do elderly people have $600.00 mth prescriptions on $1000.00 month incomes??? WHY???

Look at this: Why is it that medicare and insurance fraud is costing $100,000,000,000.00 (100 BILLION dollars!) a YEAR??? WHY???

Look at this: We have 30 million illegal aliens in our country that suck the juice out of our healthcare industry every single day AND pay no taxes. Who do you think is paying for that???? Why is it that Obama is doing ZERO to keep them in their own countries? WHY???

Look at this: Why is it that doctors routinely insist upon multiple and redundant tests to confirm a medical condition??? This happens over and over every single day!!! WHY???

These are the simple BASICS of ways to save Trillions of dollars!!! I have not heard one single item adderessed in the health care overhaul and a government run system proposal.

Ther biggest reason against the Obama plan is that the government has NEVER, EVER in the history of the United States of America, been able to manage even the smallest program without going completely broke. For God's sake, it's all in the history books, read about it!

So what is it about all of these facts that you people have a problem in understanding?

What is there to prove to you that the federal government has a clue as to how to REALLY fix this???

This is not about YOU and nothing is going to happen fast enough to solve your individual problems. This is about America, it's children and it is about GREED. That, my friend is what has gotten us where we are today and until it is put in check, absolutely NOTHING will change, except the way the costs of greed are distributed. That is why none of the issues listed above are addressed by Obama and his proposal for America.

Wealthy Country??

What country are you living in? We are in debt up to our eyeballs with a double digit unemployment rate!

I'm sorry you hit some hard luck with medical bills, but everyone's in a hard spot right now. Why should I help You pay Your medical Bill? Are you going to help me pay for my Underwater mortgage while I'm unemployed????

Reveille call! Life isn't fair...

...and the government can't make it fair.

You deal with life's obstacles that get thrown in your path. You pay the bill off over time. You do what you have to do, just as everyone else in the world does. You don't give up and play Blanche DuBois, relying on the kindness of strangers. You don't start expecting other people to pay for your misfortunes. You take charge of your own life and move on.

I sincerely hope that your cancer is gone and doesn't return. I'd like to think that some day you will be mature enough to realize that we are all responsible for our own individual success or failure, that wars have nothing to do with healthcare, and "profit" isn't a dirty word. (Regardless of what the Comrade-in-Chief believes.)

I suppose you will do what

I suppose you will do what the rest of us people do.

Fortunately or unfortunately I receive medicare, medicare drug prescription coverage and medicaid. Medicaid covers my medicare premium and my medicare drug coverage premium so that I pay very little if anything.

Now, keeping in mind that to get this you can have next to nothing, barely be able to pay your bills (meaning necessities, like water and power) and go hungry when necessary unless you can get to a food pantry.

I live on 853.00 a month, more than alot of people and less than alot of people. That is 10,236 a year.

I had surgery for lung cancer this past Dec. I lost my car to repossession last month and today will be my last day to have electricity until Apr 2 when I get paid again.

It was extremely cold in January and my heating (electricity) bill doubled like alot of people's did. Now if I had not just had lung surgery I could have turned my heat back to 55-60 like I do most of the time so I can pay my power bill. But, I could not afford to get sick after this surgery so I had to have heat.

For those of you who think we live off social services, I went to Social Services for help with my electric (heating bill). I was told unless we are facing 3 imminent days of life threating weather they could not help me. Lady was very nice and tried to call other organizations to help me with no success.

Now, the difference with you and I is I know I am facing death. There will be no escape. For you I have no answer. Our government from the local level to Washington is so dysfunctional it will probably never work in mine or you lifetimes.

I hate to tell you to go to the system because you will live very, very hard and put up with alot of abuse and ridicule.

My story is unimportant, I only hope to help you and open the eyes of our voters to weight in their hearts whatever they feel is right about the healthcare situation.

Thank you!

I never voted for you before but I will now! You have won me over with this RIGHT decision!

Health bill

Way to go Mike! You really do listen the your people. THANK YOU! ! ! ! !


we, the voters, will be watching you should "Pit Bull" Pelosi try that "Deeming" sleight of hands.

If you weasel on this and allow the bill to pass, we will remember in November.


It's refreshing to see a politician doing the will of their constituents. This one issue has renewed my faith in Mike. Thank you for doing right. I can only hope many more will follow.

lost vote

Good Luck because I will not vote for him agian.I guess the only way to get health care is to get elected to congress.

Try this.....

pay for your own healthcare instead of depending on others to take care of you!

I do have health insurance

I do have health insurance and pay my own way and I also work everyday.I just try to think about the people who are not able to do this.

Nothing is stopping you....

...from paying for as many as you can afford.

Don't, however, try to hoist them onto everyone elses back. I fear that you confuse government-mandated Socialist wealth redistribution with charity.

It's called Medicaid and we

It's called Medicaid and we already have this.

RE: I do have health insurance

We already have in place healthcare for those who claim they're unable to pay for their own healthcare. It's called Medicaid.

Thank you.

I had to call his office and offer my thanks for not supporting this giant, corrupt mess of a bill.

As Vladimir Ilyich Lenin said- socialized medicine is the keystone of a socialist society.

Vote on Healthcare

I think that if a vote is needed on a subject of this magnitude, each Senator should conduct a survey in their district to fully represent their constituents. There are way too many personal opinions clouding the decisions.

Mike, You just lost my vote.

You just lost my vote.

You just lost my vote.

You just lost my vote.

Agreed, no more votes for

Agreed, no more votes for Mike.


You give me hope, stay with your choice, it is the right one.

McIntrye's No vote on Health Care

The Congressman is doing the right thing for the right reasons. We cannot afford this bill and it does not address the real issues of keeping the cost of health care down and providing better service.

Please don't let McIntyre fool you

He's still a professional politician. Just take a look at his voting record - he only sides with his constituents when an election is right around the corner.

Another thing, it's likely that Queen Nancy granted him permission to vote NO so he can save his job. Once he gets reelected, he'll go back to being one of her flying monkeys again. Take a look at the shady vote hustling that went on for the Cap and Trade bill, and you'll see what I mean.

We need to clean house in the upcoming election at every level of government. Don't let empty political posturing from "Stimulus Mike" fool you into voting for him.

What did you expect from

What did you expect from McIntyre or anyone else from our lovely state. Has anyone looked at what they have done to our state employees' insurance? With each year you work for the state, you get fewer benefits and pay more more for them. Obviously health care is not a priority of our state for anyone.

Thank you, Rep. McIntyre.

Thank you, Rep. McIntyre. While we DO need healthcare reform we do not need this pork-filled travesty of back alley deals.I firmly believe that those who are in favor of this bill do not fully understand what it will mean to this country. I've studied it and can't understand it, and I wonder if most of Congress has even fully read it.


Hang tough, Mike. Even though they will still try to put it through, no matter what we want.