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Medical teams leave Wilmington for Haiti

READ MORE: Medical teams leave Wilmington for Haiti

A group of local doctors and nurses are volunteering their time to help to Haiti. Medical teams packed their bags and took off for Haiti early this morning.

Four private planes donated by a North Carolina oil company and farm helped make this relief effort possible. Suitcases were packed full of water and medical supplies. The group will work about 80 miles north of Port-au-Prince.

This is not the first relief effort to a foreign country for some of the doctors, but they say you can never fully prepare for a mission like this.

"It's a very humbling experience," surgeon Hugh Daniel said. "The trivial things that we complain about you realize how trivial they are. It's a reality check for me."

The doctors are expected to return to Wilmington Sunday.

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When did you..

To those who wish to criticize these people, I have 1 question... when did you leave your families, your homes and your business to travel somewhere , whether it be Haiti or New Orleans, to help another? Or is it easier to sit on the computer and let someone else actually do something???

After spending a year in

After spending a year in Iraq, meeting people from several foreign countries I have seen how much Americans are disliked throughout the world. They do not understand how America can take care of everyone else and not take care of their own citizens. This is a prime example of that. We have people here who need medical care, who are homeless by no fault of their own, have no job or food but we are sending all these supplies to Haiti instead of keeping it here to care for our own people.

American Comes first

Here we are in America in tons of debt, but yet we are going to Haiti spending thousands of dollars are food, water, medical supply. And our troops have to go over there. The troops fight for our freedom. No one helps america when we need it. I say bring the troops back from Haiti along with everyone else and let Haiti do their own thing.

Guess this is Obama's way of "spending" our hard worked tax dollars (on another country). Haiti is waste of our time, money....

We have people here who are sick w/out health insurance, that work for a livig who dont get to see doctors but yet Haiti gets all this help from America.. WTF....

All of these individuals are

All of these individuals are there voluntarily, utilizing donated supplies. None of "your money" is being used the group from Wilmington. I am, however, encouraged by your support of healthcare for all Americans.

Ash, If you think the


If you think the response would have been any different under any other president, you are mistaken. Any standing president would do exactly what we are doing now. Stop trying to make this into a anti Obama session. And by the way, several foreign countries did help with our efforts after Katrina.

Local Doctors to Haiti

This is all well and good, but where have they been for the last 2 weeks or even the last week? Now they want all this recognition for their "good works" after the main trauma is in the past! Shame on them,
they should have been there before now!!!

Wow are you kidding??

I would be willing to bet they have been in the same place you have been Bitty, at home and working. Now they are taking time out to help people in need, and I would also bet good money those people will be thankful. What an ignorant post. As soon as you arrive in Haiti and start helping out then maybe you can nag because you didn't get the recognition for all the wonderful deeds you have done during your life.

What did you do for Haiti 2

What did you do for Haiti 2 weeks ago or in the past week?


I know firsthand that these providers have been working diligently to make arrangements to go to this foreign land. It is not as simple as just jumping on a plane and going over there. Unfortunately, it takes precious time to get things in order. Things such as passports, rearranging schedules and getting supplies in order. You have to remember that these individuals are first and foremost dedicated to their medical practices and have to make sure their established patients are taken care of before they leave. Plese do not criticize anyone who is going over to help the victims in Haiti. These are wonderful, caring, talented people and we should all be grateful for their efforts. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Give them credit...

Yes, it's been 2 weeks...but not everyone is capable of traveling to another country on a moments notice. Health care professionals have families depending on them and practices to maintain. It's a wonderful thing that these doctors are doing to take time out of their life to do a little good. Give credit where credit is due!

Betty, "Shame" on you for


"Shame" on you for not being more informed on the topic before you post . These professionals did not ask for any attention. There are still many people who need care and will continue to need care for sometime. The time after the "main trauma", as you call it, is best handled by rescue / military personel. If you think you could have done better then you should have been there. What have you done for the residents of Haiti or any other population?

Shame on them?

Shame because they didn't race down there according to YOUR schedule?

Do you think that possibly they had commitments here, at home, such as patients' appointments? Do you think it took time to arrange the pure logistics of getting up with an agency that could sponsor them and find facilities for them? Were they perhaps reluctant to head down there until the rioting and looting subsided?

Who are YOU to even question their response time? What have YOU done for Haiti?

If arrogance was gold, you'd be set for life.


Have you volunteered to go there and help yet?


Are there no sick uninsured people in the US that need medical help? Why are we spending so much money and time on another country when there are Americans that need help? How much did they give when Katrina hit?

What difference does it make

where they go? Who cares if it's someone that happens to live in the US or not. A life is a life...


An american life is more important to most than a third world country. So yes I care where my tax money goes to. It should stay here and help US citizens and that is all!!!

Can I assume you will be

Can I assume you will be signing up to help at a local hospital? Are you donating to the poor and homeless in town?