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Melissa Mooney's neighborhood ten years later

READ MORE: Melissa Mooney's neighborhood ten years later
In 1999, former FBI secretary Melissa Mooney was moving into her new home here on Reminisce Road. She barely had a chance to settle in, when police say neighbor Tyrone Delgado entered her home, and murdered her. Former FBI agent Larry Bonney remembers the day Melissa didn't make it in to work, "That day was an important day for her. She was moving into her first house, and we were supposed to help her, and meet her. And at the office she failed to show up, and when she was fifteen minutes late, we knew there was a problem." After nine long weeks in court, the jury came back with the verdict. Delgado was found guilty of murder in the first degree. His sentence - Life in prison without parole. Former FBI agent, and friend of Mooney's, Larry Bonney says justice was served. "A predator was taken off the streets, and this is a man that would have been back again, injuring, maming and killing people, cause that's just who he is." Bonney says Delgado is a natural born killer. "Tyrone Delgado is a man who works on impulse. He has low impulse control, he saw a victim of opportunity, and saw a chance to go and do the things that he does." After hearing the jury's verdict, Delgado maintained his innocence. "Tyrone Delgado remained who he was right to the end. As he was being led out of the courtroom, he had to give one more order to his ex-wife, one more command, and one more demand, to show that he was still in control." After Delgado left the courtroom, Bonney says Delgado lost control, and broke down in tears. Tears some say he should have shed a long time ago.

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Still trying to bark orders out as hes led away for murder he practically begged to have got caught for. What makes him think his daughters would want to write to him after they read the trial transcript some day and see the monster they onced called Dad? His mother even covered up some the crimes by paying off - how guilty can you get, when even your own mother knows your the sick pscyopath. I would think he probably suffers first & foremost with small deffective gentials and a severe low mental IQ where he was probably laughed upon as a child or early teen. Then to overcompensate he tries to balloon his blubbering fat into more blubbering fat pretending its all muscle and hiding out in the armed services. The end video is really the most revealling part of his pathetic character showing himself off as he really is-you all most watch it. When the boys in jail finally get a look at him, his video and the cowardly crimes against women (who could easily be one of their sisters) probably mean the end of his barking and more of a wimpering.
It so wonderful to see this mad dog finally locked away forever, I'm just sad it took so long and so many people had to suffer.

Video end

I wish I can see the end of the video - "android" no fair. I wanna see what you're talking about.
Wonder if it was deleted from documentary on the case - or I missed that one. Smh.

I do remember them mentioning the mother & payoff; but wouldn't that be a crime? Guess it depends on the State of
NC statute, hmmm

But I'm happy to know others have received justice.
Melissa didn't deserve what happened. Her daughter didn't deserve to have her mother taken away. Smh.

Blessings to her and her family always <3


What a shame

This story is so sad. Here you had a young lady that worked hard and did everything she was supposed to do; she finally gets her own house and is looking forward to her future, when out of nowhere, here comes a predator, whose only goal in life is to take from others. After he was sentenced, he wanted to look like the victim, instead of the cold blooded killer that he is. He could have made the right choice - and that is, leave others alone, but he chose to go into her house and to kill her. Now he is going to be sitting in jail for a long time; his kids don't have their dad, and Melissa's family don't have their daughter and sister. I only hope that this young man takes this time to look at his life, what he has done wrong, and ask Jesus to forgive him.

what a shame

It really is a shame how you were making an intelligent comment but then had to go and ruin in with the Jesus comment that reverses any praise I had for you. Wake up-its the 21st Century - Delgado needs to look at his life and ask US to forgive him not to some made up whimiscal man in the sky that was made up centuires ago that you need to continually and without proof use as a scape goat forever. Grow up -hasn't religion ruined this world enough without you keeping it afloat for the newly come innocent? Get back in school and take your medicine -it really will help you evade your demons!

No it shouldn't be US to

No it shouldn't be US to forgive him it should be me and my family. Delgado is trash and he ruined my family he should never be forgiven. Because of him I nearly lost my dad. The FBI nearly took him away because they thought he killed my mom. There is no US in this situation. And frankly he should have Jesus forgive him I doubt he will for the sins and pain he brought to my family and those around. And maybe that person his right you are related to Delgado.

Oh sweetie.... I am so

Oh sweetie.... I am so sorry for the loss of your mother..and you are right, there is no "US", only those who suffered the loss, you and your Mom's family/friends.

I hope the years since the crime have been okay for you...sounds like youhave a great father and the memories of a great mother...

Be strong, my thoughts are with you....

R.I.P. Melissa xo You are in

R.I.P. Melissa xo
You are in a better place & your spirit, personality forever live and be with your daughter while you smile & rain kisses down on her everyday <3

To Sami, (if the previos poster is really you), my family has 'recently' experienced a tragedy and I can empathize with you, your family and your emotions, even the anger <3
Always keep your mother's love in mind and her hard work to keep you & others safe.

I know the tragic loss of a loved one, especially a parent, is a painful emotion that can only be described by experience.

People say "time heals all wounds". I disagree - time only helps with 'learning how to cope' - with yourself, the event and growing strength; but healing comes from a higher power (our Heavenly Father) and not Father Time
May God be with you forever and continue to strengthen all <3

Yes this is really me. I am

Yes this is really me. I am 19 years old and I still mourn about my mom but I know I cannot let it control my life and thank you for all the nice comments :)


Wow!!!! You really are shameful!!!! You lack respect or consideration for
Others beliefs or opinions!!!! You must be related to Delgado!!! Shame on you!!!! You definitely show your ignorance!!!

Religion ruined things yes

Religion ruined things yes but what Jesus taught people to do such as forgive and not hate each other is the answer. Belief in Jesus is different from practicing the rituals of religion.

comment on teacupsmommey

Religion does not ruin things, it is the LACK of it, ruins things, you moron.