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Mercury rules adds to Titan Cement plant's obstacles


WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) - New federal regulations limiting the amount of mercury a factory can discharge could make it even tougher to open a much-debated North Carolina cement plant.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulations would force the Titan America plant proposed for Castle Hayne to cut planned mercury emissions by more than 80 percent.

The plant would be built along a river that already has a problem with mercury pollution.

Mercury is a toxic heavy metal that's especially harmful to young children.

A state Superior Court judge in May sided with environmental opponents of the cement plant. The judge ruled the company must conduct a full and upfront environmental review before it can receive an air pollution permit.

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Titan and the EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency (headed by Carol Ann Browner) knows that if the standards are set strict enough, they can shut down any industry they deem undesirable. Meanwhile, the consumer ends up paying more and more for products that have been manufactured safely and used safely for decades. It' all about control.
If everyone is highly concerned about mercury, I suggest you stop using the green energy light bulbs that have been pushed upon the nation by the government. They are laden with mercury-don't break one!

Mercury is the issue not control

161 jobs right now is not worth the permanent and hazardous effects Titan current proposed waste would do to our rivers, farmland, and animals. Every year more and more of our natural and locally grown or harvested food is put on the no eat list here. Titan will only speed up the process. If titan had a secondary plant that would eliminate the high amounts of hazardous waste the cement plant would create I don't think people would take as much issue. Especially if the waste of the secondary plant produced something that wasn't harmful to our ecosystem. Besides it would also create 2x as many jobs and be more lucrative all the way around.

The EPA has better things to do then play games with Titan. To say that this is about control as opposed to responsibility then you are blind.


Just one more obstacle making it nearly impossible to bring jobs to southeastern North Carolina. Why would companies want to come here when they can go almost anywhere else in the country and be welcomed with open arms? I agree that we need to keep the environment in mind when building these types of facilities, however a liberal judge and now the EPA are making this process a joke.

We need jobs - not regulation!