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MIDDLE SCHOOL PARENTS: Not happy about where your student's going to school after redistricting?


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I agree with the comment

I agree with the comment "shame on you WWAY." I am also a local middle achool teacher in New Hanover County. The redistricting is here wether we like it or not, and having a RANT like this is only causing more animosity and ill feelings towards the start of a new school year. We don't have much we can do this year about redistricting, and for that matter the school board will probably only make minor changes, if any, for the next few years. Instead of focusing on an issue we can't change, why don't we look at how to improve the schools who are low performers where parents don't want their kids going? What, as a communuity, can we do to make ALL schools EXCELLENT schools? How about looking at the smaller conditions we could change to amp up our local educational system? Why is there not a RANT about class size, lack of materials/supplies, lack of space, lack of parent and community involvment etc. (I have 49 in one of my 7th grade classes)? Let's switch the focus off of the issue that has no chance of being changed and figure out changes to make the situation work... how about that?


My gosh, I am so tired of everyone thinking this has everything to do with where Williston is located. I am and have been livid from the beginning. The REASON for the redistricting in some of these smaller areas, like my neighborhood, is because we are NOT putting money in these schools. So they send our neighborhood, pull them from ALL of their friends for the last seven years, literally for papers sake. There is NO benefit to moving these kids around,essentially switching them, to look better on paper. That my friends is total evasion of a real problem. These kids from downtown cannot go to Williston, because if I understand correctly, if certain groups dont score well, combined with the school not meeting the mark, then they have to be bussed out, and new students bussed in. Why would we not get upset.
TEACHERS, we are not re-inflaming and issue by discussing this, this is NOT going away and it is in the forefront of the parents minds that are affected. Of course we are forced to roll with the decision, but it is disgraceful that the real problems cannot get fixed.

49 in one class??

WWAY - look into this claim of 49 students in one class for 7th grade. Unless it is a class like band or chorus which are meant for larger numbers of students, I seriously doubt this individuals claim.

Don't doubt it, believe it

I can fully believe that there's 49 kids in one class. Perdue has cut teachers and the school budget so much that each year more and more teachers are being let go and NOT replaced. So that increases class sizes. My husband's a high school teacher and he has over 35 students in his classes. Guess how many desks he has?? 30. Yea. that means there are 5+ students not at a desk, but just sitting in random chairs. Obviously your kids have been out of the school system for a long time, or may go to private school. But THIS is what we parents are dealing with in the public school system. This isn't the "schools" fault, or the teachers, or the principles. This is our GOV's fault. Because apparently this year it was more important to build a new 30 million dollar football stadium than to make sure there were enough teachers to keep class sizes small for better learning conditions. Not to mention the other MILLIONS of dollars spent on busing kids 45 mins around town. I think parents are using the wrong arguement in situations such as this. Don't use the arguement "I don't want my kid to go to the ghetto school". Use the arguement "Class sizes are large enough, cut the bussing out and provide schools with enough teachers so that students will have a desk to sit at and not just a floating chair". As the wife of a teacher the bussing issue is my biggest peave. He hasn't gotten his raise/step in 2 years, and one year his paycheck was cut for 2 months to "help ends meet". Not to mention that each year his class size increases to where it's almost impossible to teach anything. Somedays he has to go hunting for CHAIRS.. CHAIRS!?! Every student in every class should have a desk. Period.


I agree with your statement 100%. It does no good to complain and it's ridiculous to sell your house because you don't want your kid to go to the "ghetto" school. My children are districted for Williston also, and while I'm not happy about it I do have some options. Open enrollement for one, or dealing with it and staying as involved with them now at their current school as I will when they go to Williston. It's not the teachers that make these schools low performers, it's lack of parent and community envolvement.

As for a rant regarding class size, lack of materials/supplies, lack of space, and lets add one lack of teachers and teachers pay.... the reason we don't have one of those rants is because we'd then be bashing the good ol' governer and we can't do that now can we? We can't complain about how teacher's salary was cut for 2 months to help "ends meet" or how teacher's haven't recieved their steps in 2 years due to budget cuts or how teachers's are being let go and not replaced... No.. that rant isn't appropriate.


a fix....DISBAND ALL TEACHERS UNIONS IN THE STATE...and when it's found they aren't doing their job...FIRE THEIR REAR ENDS...THAT is the FIRST thing that should happen! Second, the attitude that "there isn't anything we can do about it"...that comment SICKENS me and the fact that you are probably teaching children that same school of though...JUST OUTRAGES ME! There is ALWAYS something you can do about it in a republic...look what happens when you DON'T do something...

I Agree...

I Agree..... BOOO HOOO! Sell Your House because Your Children Have To Go To School In What You Consider "Ghetto"... If Your Child Does Good In School And Continues Doing What They Have Been Doing In School, This Would Have No Affect On Them..... Seriously Parents Get A Grip! Your Kids Will Go Through Alot More Difficult Things In Life Then Going To Williston! Save Your Money For College And Then You Can Pick Any School You Want.......


see...this is the good thing about being successful and making something of my life...if this were to happen to my kids...I'd simply go rent an apartment or rent another home and change my address on paper, leaving the home empty...PROBLEM FIXED...IT'S NICE to be able to do that kind of thing...YAY ME!

It may not be as bad as you expect.

I was a person caught up in the "bussing" era during the late 60's, early 70's in South Carolina. While in the 6th grade, I was bussed to a school well out of my way, in a predominately black neighborhood with predominately black students. This was a really bad thing to happen in those days. As it turned out, I had less trouble with getting picked on there than at the school where I came from. This allowed me to better focus on my schoolwork. I also made a lot of great friends and teachers that I still remember to this day. It wasn't a bad place to be at all, it was just different. As a child, I was more flexible than being given credit for. The insistent math teacher I had at that school is partially responsible for the success I enjoy today in a highly technical field. I'll never forget her.

Sometimes, the fear itself can be one's greatest enemy. Parents, this is a lesson to you as well!


Why then do you think the children who live next to Williston and Virgo, are being bussed out of that district?

Is this complaining to want some understanding?

Well my house is for sale.

Well my house is for sale. Come buy it please so I can leave rotting city with it's corrupt officials, rising crime rates, and misinformed public.

2 Murders. 2 Murders in 8

2 Murders. 2 Murders in 8 months. Where are you planning on moving to, Mayberry?

DO you think that murder is

DO you think that murder is the only crime that takes place in Wilmington? Have you seen all the robberies, assults, drug deals, rapes, car break ins and home break ins this year. Oh and the fact that Wilmington ranks number one in the state for most violent crimes per capita. You are yet another example of the un or under educated people in Wilmington.

number of murders

There may have only been 2 people actually killed this year but there have been WAY more attempts. A whole lot more. If half the people who were shot or stabbed this year died the number of killings would be off the charts. Wilmington is a dirty and violent city.

Can we get some other totals?




Drug Busts?

We now top Durham in crime. QUITE an accomplishment!

school / redistricting

to all of you who complain. HOME SCHOOl your children. You can do it just go on-line do some searching and see what is there. You can get lots of info in how to home school.

home school

Home school, and work full time, away from home. May be kindof tricky. Watch your words please. We are not trying to complain as our main goal, we are trying to make sense out of something, that makes no sense. You obviously have the luxury of staying home to home school, but not all of us do. When you take kids from a school that they can walk to with out crossing the street, and move them to another school, way further, to take the place of kids who for some reason live next to the school, but dont have to go....then we are going to say something, I would not call that complaining. That is a shallow way to view something so important.

When sales tax went up, and property tax went up, and gas prices went up, did you just say, oh well, or did you think, hmmmm, this wil affect some things. Well, when a school board comes into your home and moves everything around for paperwork sake, it is a huge frustration, and because it is most likely not going to help, but a way to navigate the numbers, we are pretty dag on upset.

redistricting ... home school

in response 1st off i do not have young children , by now i have grandbabies. What i just dont get is the importance of people having to have all this big stuff and big cars etc. when my kids were young we had nothing. just the very basics. one person working is fine just scale down on stuff. just a thought out there to all who think they have to have new cars and big boats and all that. I do think you are problly a humble person and i wish the best. there are people that are not gratefull and some so greedy but they will never see it.

I agree that not everyone's

I agree that not everyone's parents will be happy. When my child reaches middle school age, they will have to be bussed across town instead of them being allowed to go to the school closest to our home. We live a mile from a middle school and she would walk or bike ride to school everyday, but no instead she would need to get up and catch the bus. Such a waste of fuel and time for the drivers both of which cost money, which our school system is well short of. To the parents who say we are segregating schools again, just be quiet and move out of the ghetto. I don't live in the ghetto, I don't visit the ghetto, I avoid that part of town, so why should my children be forced to see that aspect of life?

Thanks for proving a point

Thank you for proving why redistricting was neccessary. By saying "I don't live in the ghetto, I don't visit the ghetto, I avoid that part of town, so why should my children be forced to see that aspect of life", you are essentially saying that anyone not from your background isn't worthy of a good education. And certainly not worthy having your child in class with them. Not everyone that feels we are segregating schools again by calling it by a different name (neighborhood schools) lives in the ghetto. Many of us are concerned about the quality of education for ALL students, not just a select few who were fortunate enough to not be born into poverty. I am a middle school teacher who feels that a district the size of New Hanover (the smallest county in NC) can easily balance out the socio-economic levels in our schools. With only 8 middle schools in NHC, there aren't any true "neighborhood" schools. Very few schools are even actually in a neighborhood. Across town for us isn't exactly the same as across town for somewhere say the size of Charlotte. That being said, I am excited about starting a new school year tomorrow. I will greet all of my students with enthusiasm, no matter which neighborhood they have come from.

If the education is the

If the education is the same, as it should be in each school, then keeping my kids at the school closest to my house should be no big deal. My problem is not the school or teachers in the school, my problem comes from the society and culture of that society, that is present in the school. I don't want my children exposed to that. I also have a problem with the county wasting money to bus my kid across town when she can walk to school. To the person who talked about being bussed in the 60's, that was a different time and minority students then had a desire to learn and pull themselves up. Today's minoerities, not all but a good number, would rather bring others down to them instead of pulling themselves up.


BOO FREAKING HOO!!!! The absolute only guarantee that anyone can make about school districting is that no matter WHAT solution is devised, whiny parents will still complain one way or another. You cannot and will not ever make everyone happy. Get over it or send your kid to private school. Send white kids to the ghetto...their parents are upset. Keep black kids in the ghetto...their parents get upset. It is a never ending battle that cannot be won.

boo hoo???

Are you serious? Do you have children? The alternative to not standing up and saying anything is just sitting there with no opinion, which means, you are not going to care either way what someone decides for you and your family. You think we are whining? Tell you what, double your work commute, starting tomorrow, and make sure you drive out of your way every day. Because who cares if you plan your life around what makes sense time and distance wise. Just go with the flow, right? Whatever. We are not whining, there are politics and various issues that cause these decisions and that is where the true injustices are in my opinion.

As for the teacher, yes it is hard on you, but juggle kids spread out all over the county, and not try to make a change for the better. That is all we are asking. You prove a point that so much of this is uneccesary and avoidable. You are very valued, and I am with you in that this is a frustration to the tenth power. I think they could still tweak the map, but the only ones in favor of that probably are the ones moved out of current districts.

Shame on you WWAY! During

Shame on you WWAY! During redistricting, obviously there were people who were unhappy, but it was done and the school year is upon us. As a middle school teacher who has been affected, I and my entire school have been striving to create a cohesive environment for both the new and the returning students. Stirring the pot like this is divisive and will foster negative feelings among both parents and students as the year begins. We as teachers have so much to deal with -- crowded classrooms, lack of supplies -- we don't need our local media to create animosity among people we are trying to unite. Thanks for nothing.

will they ever fix this

I am sooooo glad you have not forgotten this subject. We are in the Carriage Hills subdivision, and on NO level are the parents happy. I have heard many conversations, and spoken to several parents in my neighborhood, and so sad to say, families are looking to other neighborhoods and schools, rather than go to Williston. We were moved out of Myrtle Grove school district, even though we are 2.5 miles from the school, and moved downtown to Williston. Remember, there is a whole section of kids who live next to Williston that will continue to be bussed to our (former) district of Myrtle Grove. It is just an absolute shame. This is not to complain about the school, the teachers, or the walls, this is a full on warranted complaint about the logistics of the school, and the location to where we live. Plus, what about the parents of the kids who live next to Williston, are they happy that their kids are being bussed two or three times as far than what is necessary? It makes absolutely no sense. There is more to it, something to do with testing I think.....

Schools Boards have too much power

This whole situation stinks.

I was transferred to Houston recently and selected a house based upon the school district. Signed a contract and then moved the family in. One week later the school board redistricted and now my kids are going to a school I was trying to avoid.

The day I was moving in me new next door neighbor came to me and explained what happened. Within 2 weeks, 20 houses in the neighborhood went up for sale. The other parents rented apartments in the school district they wanted their kids to go to school in just to avoid this bad situation.

It is a shame that the school board has so much power over property values considering as Tax Payers, we pick and choose where we want to live and where we want to contribute our hard earned money.

I will be moving again very soon for the same reason, and its such a shame as the neighborhood and the houses are very nice. If I want my kids to go school in a downtown ghetto neighborhood I would live there and not in the suburbs where the kids have to be bused 20 miles across town to a school when there are 5 others that are closer to my current location.

What really stinks about the situation is the home owners / parents had a conference with the school board who said the decision was already made and the conference was just a formality. I will be voting against all current elected members in the next election about this situation.