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Military Cutoff construction company to face fine

WILMINGTON -- It's a project that's taken more than three years to finish. The Department of Transportation says the Military Cutoff widening project will be finished November 13. Final paving is expected to begin this week. The Wilmington road was supposed to be finished back in May. We wanted to know if the contractor would be penalized for missing the deadline. The DOT says yes. "We have provisions in the contract that if the contractor overruns his time, which in this case was May 15, 2007, that he's charged 3000 per day, for every day he's over that date." The contractor will be given a grace period of about five months past May 15 because of extra work the DOT asked crews to complete after the original contract was drafted. But at this rate Barnhill Construction is still looking at a fine of about $60,000 for failing to complete the work on time.

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They should be fined for the median. Who's wonderful idea was that? Since I don't live in providence or landfall, I have to wait at a traffic light and make a u-turn to get home now. Screw everyone if they don't have money is what that says to me. And they Did't even use lubrication. Thanks.


I-40 took less time to build from scratch than widening this 2 miles of Military Cutoff did.

I don't know why Barnhill

I don't know why Barnhill should be penalized. Apac was the original company that worked on this project. From personal experience with Apac, they did not have their stuff together and were very disorganized. Barnhill has seem to turn things around after they took over the project. I think the original company should be penalized for the delays it incurred.

Barnhill bought the North

Barnhill bought the North Carolina divisions of APAC last year. With that they got all the contracts (and problems) that APAC held.

If I was a betting man

I'd bet the contractor will not have to pay a dime and will probably be given additional money for lost overhead and profit.

Maybe they'll

post a copy of the check for the fine they paid, if they do pay a fine on this site.

I would also like to see a

I would also like to see a copy of the check.. They won't pay a dime.... There were MANY< MANY nights they were not working and the weather was beautiful.... They probably at another job site somewhere.. Lets look into that one..