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Military Cutoff construction delayed again

WILMINGTON -- Military Cutoff Road construction will be delayed another week longer than the DOT's last estimate. Now the goal is November 19. DOT Spokesperson Wanda James says this delay isn't the contractor's fault, but comes from a Mayfaire construction project. Some good news: paving was scheduled to begin afternoon on Military Cutoff Road. James asks drivers for their patience and advises them to look for alternate routes for the next month. James said, "I don't think you'll see any more delays. The delay that we had of this week was not due to anything that the contractor had done. He was waiting on that private enterprise to get finished their work." James says paving will take about three weeks.

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Watch out for the dump

Watch out for the dump trucks too. I watched one of Universal Transloaders, truck #22, cut right in front of another car causing them to slam on brakes yesterday. That guy has no business driving at all.

Wilmington has always been

Wilmington has always been about 25 years behind in the times. Why do you think it is going to change now. They have never had any roads and never will. They just plan for today and not tomorrow. I am just glad that I don't live in that backward place any longer even though I was raised there it is still good to be away from there. I wish all of you people that live there now the best of luck. Those yankees will help you out. Ha Ha

Wouldn't have to worry about

Wouldn't have to worry about Mayfaire construction getting in the way if we had upgraded the road before building that behemoth place.

Uh huh...

November 19th of WHAT YEAR. I STILL wish I could get my hands around the necks of the officials that let Mayfair open without the infrastructure being in place. Going to work has been an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE for two years now! I SHOULD SUE for undue stress! Took me 45 minutes to go from Gordon and Market to EB GAMES the other day...RIDICULOUS!


Wow, a delay on military cutoff. Who would've thought it....

Miltary Cutoff Road

I wonder what the next excure will be on this road. If the state had the right contract, they want have to pay any thing for this road. I am 79 and this one take the cake,what a deal,my 10 year old grandson could do this.They may have it paved some time next year,good luck.