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Minimum wage increase comes at a good time for some

READ MORE: Minimum wage increase comes at a good time for some
People who earn minimum wage will see a 40 cent increase starting today. It is the second part of a three step increase from the federal government. But, will it actually make a difference with the cost of living so high? Here in North Carolina, minimum wage went from $6.15 to $6.50 cents. Over the course of a year, that's an increase of about $1,000, before taxes. The increase will predominantly affect many service industry workers. With the average apartment rental in Wilmington costing about $600, this increase could mean a month's rent, and then some, but with the price of gas, food and utilities, it still means sticking to a strict budget. The good news is, a good number of local businesses here in Wilmington pay their employees more than minimum wage. For Andy's Cheese Steak employee, Michael Dixon, this small raise came at the right time. "Recently I've been coming up short on my bills, about $50, so that's going to help a lot. Also, seeing as gas is almost $5 a gallon, and I live all the way up by North Chase, on the other side of town, so that's just about $10 to get here and back," said Dixon. The raise may come at a good time for workers, but business owners, who are suffering from the declining economy, will have to shell out some extra money. This is just the second wage increase, of three in total. The third will bring minimum wage up to $7.25. That will take effect starting next summer.

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Inflation alone is around 3%

Inflation alone is around 3% annually. With the costs of living increasing every year, I think that wages should increase over time. Even if everyone in the country graduated from college, someone will inevitably have to work the minimum wage jobs.

If you're twenty-two and making minimum wage.....'s time to do a serious life re-evaluation, and ascertain where you went wrong. Meanwhile, don't whine because you can't have a nice house, drive a nice car, have a sixty-inch flat screen LCD with digital cable and an unlimited cellular plan. Poor people can't live the same lifestyle as most people. That's why they're called "poor." I realize they never covered that oh-so-shocking revelation on Sesame Street or Barney, and you thought that we all received the exact same number of cookies throughout life, but welcome to reality. We write ninety-percent of our life's screenplay. If the story stinks, you need go no further than the nearest mirror to locate the crappy writer.

As the standard of living

As the standard of living cost rises, should not wages increase as well? And when they increase, should not the minimum of wages increase? Should the MINIMUM wage not be the MINIMUM a society is willing to pay our citizens? Should an American truely be expected to earn less than 6 dollars an hour? "There but for the Grace of God go I." You have to start somewhere, especially when you come from nothing. Should one step up from nothing be less than 48 dollars for a hard Honest days work? Should we encourage the pursuit of illegal activites simply to put food on the table or a roof over our head? Have YOU ever had to live on minimum wage? Progress doesn't happen overnight, and if you suddenly found yourself in the workforce coming from a public school education and no skills beyond grit and hustle, would you be able to survive one week in today's world at 6 dollars an hour?

Wages and quality of life

You obviously have the cart in front of the horse. The wages you earn influence the quality of your life. You do not set a wage based upon a desired quality of life. Any American should expect to earn exactly what a job is worth; no more, no less. No one has a "right" to any wage or standard of living. What a job is worth is based upon the skill and or training required to accomplish that job, resulting in the sum total of people capable of accomplishing that job. When you balance that supply against the demand for that job skill, you arrive at a suitable wage that employers are willing to pay. That's why NBA superstars make millions annually (small demand, but a microscopic supply), doctors make hundreds of thousands every year (big demand, small supply), and burger flippers make $6.50 an hour (big demand but an infinite supply). So in that regard, is burger flipping even worth $6.50 an hour? You won't answer that, because in your world, what a person actually DOES is inconsequential. He should receive compensation based upon some vague yardstick for measuring the quality of his life, as opposed to what his job is worth. Should we grant him enough to have a nice car? How about children - should we grant him enough so that he can raise a family? As far as my education and my survival skills, of course I've never tried to live on minimum wage: I never let myself get into that situation. Your entire post clearly indicates that you miss the purpose of my original posting. So let's review the key point: If you're an adult who is earning minimum wage, you have absolutely no one to blame but yourself. As far as "There, but for God, go I," nice try, but it withers under the intense light of common sense and Judeo-Christian beliefs. You cannot attribute every successful person's achievements to God, while excusing the self-destructive behavior of those who squandered the opportunities he provided and wound up as career minimum wage earners. Ever read the parable of the talents? People deserve credit for the life they lead, good or bad. God gave every one of us free-will. If your free-will leads you astray and you wind up with a mismanaged life, don't expect society to pick up your slack by paying inflated wages for a job that can be filled by the next warm body walking through the door.


...NO, flipping burgers isn't worth 6 bucks an hour...I mean..LOOK at what you are doing. have been FOOLED...your 40 cents is GONE....because BUSINESSES ARE NOT going to pull it out of THEIR pockets. They are going to do TWO things...DECREASE hours and INCREASE prices to ensure they aren't the ones paying... Your what happens when people just listen to what they are told and not THINK about how that money is made up. The Democrats would like to make you guys THINK they have done something, when in fact they didn't do SQUAT!

Ok so what should we pay

Ok so what should we pay someone to do a LEGAL days work? And when does that minimum wage become such a joke that a person decides to make money any way they can? You keep claiming that this is a "democrat, republican" issue when I am saying its a society issue. A society should always give a person who Wants to work hard an outlet. We do not do this in this country. Finding a job LEGALLY is a difficult task, and is increasingly more difficult when you take in to consideration the price of travel. Should we make it Harder to live legally in todays society?? Or just keep up that ignorant tone you keep preaching?


People REALLY THIS STUPID?? You know it's all nice and dandy when the Democratically controlled Congress voted this in...makes you feel nice doesn't it...well all in all the raise is NEGATED. In fact, you probably LOOSE money. Employers raise prices to compensate for this type of thing. So that 2.00 item now becomes 2.02 or pay MORE for the items you buy to pay for the minimum wage increase... Only ONE WAY to make more money than minimum wage...get a college degree or get into a job that pays high hourly rates... Just another FEEL GOOD thing the government throws out to make it LOOK like they have done something when in fact...THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING.

Businesses will have to shell out more?

"The raise may come at a good time for workers, but business owners, who are suffering from the declining economy, will have to shell out some extra money." Um no they won't...employees are an expense and when expenses go higher, smart businessmen raise prices and/or cut expenses. Do not be surprised if there is a layoff or fewer open positions of these "minimum wage" people. In fact, I recall an article earlier this year about fewer summer jobs for high school students. Ever stop to think that this is a direct result of the first forced increase last year?