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Minority students receive opportunity to jump start their college careers

Minority students had an opportunity to get a jump start on their college careers this weekend in Wilmington. High school students visited the many booths and workshop sessions offered at Union Missionary Baptist Church Saturday. More than twenty universities were on hand to lend advice. The goal of the program was to encourage students to think early about applying to college, student life and financial aid. "I want to stay on top of it, because I don't want to wait until the last minute. A lot of financial aid goes quickly, and a lot of opportunities if I want to find the right school. I have to start early, so I don't feel rushed," said Keisha Cousins, a high school junior. The college day gave the students time to learn more about the college application process.

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College Career

To those of you who are making comments of discrementation, it's absurb, the door was open to anyone, but when ever you see black on black crime you complain, when ever blacks do something neg. you complain, now when something positive is taking place and they are trying to help out there own community and put there own community back on track and give them positive outlook on life and a way for college you complain, what do they have to do for you to stop complaining, some of them have suffered enough especially from our bashing of blacks, it's a simple fix stop complaining, get along, pray for our community, and ask God to help us LOVE one other no matter what color he/she is

I don't get it!

If it were students of a majority I would wager that there would be quite an uproar. How can this then not be considered discrimination?

Why only minorities

Why were only minorities targeted for this? Isn't that discrimination?

College Planing Committee for Minority Students

This fair was not "put on" by Union Missionary Baptist Church, but was hosted by the church for over seven years. The Committee that works tirelessly to put this event on is comprised of NHC School Counselors and Community Workers who realize that many students of various minority groups, have a need for additional guidance, and resources to view college as attainable and affordable option to them. It is open to ANY student, family member, or concerned citizen to attend. This annual College Fair has been well received it the spirit that it is presented, and has not been tainted with remarks of discrimination or exclusion, and will never be. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a young Hispanic, Black, Disabled (just some examples) student who has very little hope or or sees him or herself as lacking the resources to attend college? Minority is just that.... an attribute that places you in a category, lower in numbers, than the majority of the society in which you live: Again, single parent home, Asian, physical disability, socio-econmomic status (look at our economy/incomes... that base just gotten wider), Irish, Egyptian, British.... The College fairs continue to be well attended by students, families, counselors, guidance counselors, principals, superintendents, who take material back to their students, opening doors for a brighter more viable future.

Not unless they were banning Whites

Outreaches aimed at specific groups is not discrimination.

College Outreach

Why is this not discrimination?

Because Whites were not barred

If a company makes an effort to recruit minorities to improve their public image, they are not discriminating against anyone unless they are turning down White applicants simply because they are not a minority. But they can certainly go looking for qualified minorities. In the case at hand, a private entity (the church) that primarily serves the Black community simply presented a college day - nothing more. Had they said, "Whites need not show up," none of those colleges would have shown up either. Any White high school student who wanted to attend could have....but how many wanted to? How many even knew about it? How many attend the church? Do YOU hang out near Creekwood?

Thank you for your response,

Thank you for your response, I attend Union and when it was presented to the church, it was not presented to just minorities. Our congregation is majority african american, however, we do have some whites, hispanics and asians who attend. It was open to anyone who wanted to attend and wanted information on the different colleges, what they offer and getting financial help. We just want to get the information out there so they everyone can have to opportunity to attend a college if desired.