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Missing teen considered runaway

WILMINGTON -- A missing person is now considered a runaway. Seventeen-year-old Ashley Marie Ryan was last seen going into a movie at the cinema at Mayfaire on New Year's Eve. Her family had feared that she had been abducted. However, yesterday they told Wilmington Police that there had been a confirmed sighting of Ashley in Kissimmee, FL. Police there are now involved in what is believed to be a runaway case and not an abduction.

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fallon elkins

Hi. I wanted to let all of you know that after two weeks my daughter, Fallon Elkins has been found. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and prayers. A.

Praise God for miracles

Dearest Ashley, We love you and are so glad you are safe! Mike and Julie - As we continue to pray, let us know if there is anything we can do. Aunt Tammy, Uncle Ron and Rebecca

Ashley Ryan FOUND

Ashley was recovered in Key West, Florida, and we returned home with her Sunday. She's healthy and happy, and back in school. Thank you for those who shared our concern. Julie Ryan

Now ground here

Now that she is home, she needs to be grounded until she is 18. She needs to be taught that you can't just jump up and leave because you are unhappy with something. She needs to be taught a lesson

Perfect case!

This is a perfect case where the parents should be able to petition the court to have an ankle bracelet tracking device placed on the girl. Then the restrictions on movement would be mandated by the court and provide the parents some breathing room if this kid runs away again. Remember the parents are responsible for the kid until she turns 18, the parents have rights too!

Actually, in North Carolina,

Actually, in North Carolina, parents have very few rights when it comes to 16 to 18 year old children. We aren't allowed to restrain them, and we aren't allowed to kick them out. Running away is NOT against the law, as WilmMan claimed.


Wrong, parents have a lot of rights. Who told you that you cannot restrain your own child? No, you cannot kick them out until they are 18 but that doesn't mean you have no powers when they don't listen to you. You can go down to the court house and take out undisciplined juvenile papers. There is also a program called Tarheel Challenge that you can force your child to attend. Contrary to popular belief you can discipline your child. Your child may call DSS, but they won't waste their time with you after their initial investigation. The problem comes in when parents decide to hit in the face or use belts or other sorts of weapons to hit their child. As far as a juvenile running away from home, the courts can issue a secured custody order where that juvenile is taken into custody (GS 7B-1903) Also, if this juvenile ranaway with someone over the age of 18, that person can be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor (GS 14-316.1 a class 1 misdemeanor)

To think

If a helicopter trip to the local hospital costs you five grand, then the cops searching for a run away teen surely should charge for their hours. If the teens actions cost money then the parents should have the courts behind them to restrain the teen. Or divorce them from responsibility.

Ashley Ryan

Why hasn't there been any more posts about this child? Is she indeed found? Home? Safe?

Ashley Ryan

No, sadly Ashley has not been found and we have not heard from her. 16 days now. 16 days for parents not to know where their youngest child is. Please let anyone in the family or the Wilmington Police know if you hear from her in any fashion whatsoever. We miss her horribly and want her home! Thank you!


Sadly, she hasn't called me, nor did she tell me about any plans. If I do hear anything I'll send it along...keep us updated on your end. -CS


Those of you who are commenting trying to support Ashley and her family are to be commended. There will always be, lets just say people, who are willing to jump on someone’s back to crush them to destroy them to elevate their own personal worth. People who pretend to know more than they know, be more than they are and act more self righteous than well you know who. It is very obvious from this investigation that the sheriffs department and LEO’s LOL wow an acronym had the situation under control from the beginning. Thank you, for all the hard work that was put in from both the local officials and volunteers. As for the negative comments by certain again lets say “people” They are not worth the bits and bytes and band width to comment on. There will always be those “PEOPLE”!!!!!! For those of us with children, that we actually love, no amount of money, time and or emotion is to little or to extreme to save them. We are talking about a young woman here not a dog or a cat or piece of furniture. A human being! If there had been or need to be a search for Ms. Ryan I can tell you this there would be no need to pay for people to come and execute it. These people ( different from those people above) Have hearts and have been there or know someone who has been in a no win situation. They, we, us -- choose to help with out condemnation with out the need for payment or repayment. So unless you are Ashley or her family or a member of a search team or local first responder which I think is pretty obviously – not the case. Your comments are not worth a response.


I would go to the ends of the earth and exhaust my entire fortune to find my son if he ran away. Sometimes kids just run away because they are having hard personal times NOT because Mom and Dad have done anything wrong. You all have to remember that at this age a kids life outside the home is way more taxing then home life. I hope they find her. Orlando is not a great area for such a young girl alone.


Though I posted a very long comment on this story, I just wanted to say thank you for your open view on this girls story. No child should be alone anywhere. I, too, would tear the earth apart to locate my children, or any child I had power to help. God bless you.

Ashley Ryan

No matter what!! Ashley needs to be found and brought home. People, she is only 17. Her brother and others are looking diligently for her. She and her family are in my prayers.

I hope you are safe and okay

Hello to the family of ashley i hope she is safe and i hope she comes back home i ish the same would've happen to my friend delamez but i will pray and keep postive thoughts about her

I know Ashley and those of

I know Ashley and those of you who are saying negative things about her have no right to do so!! I want to say this Ashley is a very kind and loving girl, she shined in music and I believe it was her calling. This young lady obviously needs help. Shame on not Ashley, but on the ones who are posting the false accusations you have of Ashley. You have no clue who Ashley is or what went on in her life. Ashley if you are reading this, please know, that many of us have never stopped praying and wishing for your return; especially the band students. Please contact one of us! WE MISS YOU!!!


if ashley does read this, some of these comments would make it seem like they could care less if she ever came back... Ashley, I want you to know there are people who care greatly about you. I, for one, would hate never to talk to you again. Come home safe.

She's in Disney World?

She's probably been living it up at the Magic Kingdom while everyone else has been worried sick about her.


Why would you say something like that. There are people in real pain here. Do you think your comments help or just show the person that you are.

Ashley and others

It is so funny that today we are ready to condemn a young lady that just the other day we felt needed our help. We are so quick to jump from on side to the other when we have no right to even have a side. We don’t have the knowledge or experience to make an educated decision. To those of you who are ready to run this young lady up the flag pole or are ready to through her to the dogs, I hope you are never in a situation where you need help and no one knows or cares or helps. Because if you are, your comments and thoughts will be a cold reality. Why are we so ready to condemn a person knowing nothing about there situation. Her actions were of some one who need help was crying for help, where were her friends, her family and any body else that claimed to be someone in her life. Sometimes we, you, her -- feel the only solution is to run. Some of us run to alchol, drugs or away. Some of us if we are lucky can run to a friend or our family. We need as another has said to keep her in our prayers and to keep ourselves in our prayers so that we never end up in a situation that would make us feel the way she must have felt or be feeling. I hope, as a father, that she finds what she needs to get help. She is a talented student and a hard working friend. When you say your prayers tonight say one for Ashley and others in your school that may be in a similar place.

I agree with concern mom.

I agree with concern mom. Do not judge her because you do not know her story. The comments that the previous people made are why some kids are to scared to ask for help, because they think people will judge them incorrectly. You do not know how much time went into searching for her and you do not know what the costs are, so don't be so judgemental. The people who know her would like to hear from her and know she is okay, but with comments like those, if she does go to this website, she will be scared off! So back off!

get all the story

that is so what is wrong with people today. We don't know the story of everything. Just what is rumor and what is reported in the news. Why don't we keep her in our prayers and the family that they work this out. And most of all she is not hurt. Yes she does need to answer to law enforcement. But, they are doing their jobs. Lets give it some room. I don't know this family at all. but, there is always two side to every story. Treat people with a little kindness it will go a long way.

Well, do you think that our

Well, do you think that our law enforcement has the time or money to deal with petty things such as a run away. If see wants to leave be responsible enough to tell someone. Our officials have more important thing to deal with such as solving murders, breaking and entering.

Run Away

I guess you could consider it petty as long as it happens to someone else.


Ok. I was just looking at this site becaues my daughter, Fallon Elkins, is a runaway too. She has been gone for seven days and we are having no luck finding our child. None at all. I am commenting to the person who said it was wrong to tie up law enforcement with something so petty as a runaway. To the people whose child is missing it is NOT petty. You envision all kinds of horrid things happening to your child, rape, murder, prostitution, drugs....abuse of every shape and form. You blame yourself and everyone around you. You jump everytime the phone rings and you don't eat, sleep or enjoy your life. You are in misery. Abuse and horrible things happen to runaways every day. They are the easiest victims because they themselves think they cannot call for help. People who think it is a petty thing are cruel, heartless and stupid people.

RE: Runaway

Sorry to hear about your daughter. I just got a fax from my work place. I live in Corydon Indiana. Your daughter looks very familiar. And even the unique name itself got me thinking who she was. I tried searching her on myspace, but her profile is private. i hope she comes home to you safe and unharmed. God Bless You and your family. Hang in there, I'm sure the law is doing the best that they can. Fallon is with me in my prayers.

Fallon Elkins disappearance

Hi Andrea, I have a website for the missing and just received your daughter's missing poster from the NCMEC. They have her case classified as endangered missing and not endangered runaway. The poster also indicates that your daughter may be in need of medical attention. I also have a blog about missing children. Please visit my blog and click the contact me link in the sidebar if you would like me to write an entry about your missing daughter. I hope you find your daughter soon.

Fallon Elkins

I just tried to contact you via you web site and my browser would not let me send you the message for some reason. Is there another way to contact you? Thank you. Andie Durbin


Hi Andie, I don't know why you could not send the message either. I read that Fallon was located. I was really happy to receive that information. Please email me if you want at Remove the underscores.