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New Developments in missing woman case

READ MORE: Developments in missing woman case
There has been a major development in the case of a missing Columbus County woman. The Columbus County Sheriff's office believes remains found in a remote location yesterday are those of Carol Dowless. She has been missing since September of 2005. Tonight her family waits to learn more. It was a waiting game Wednesday night, as Carol Dowless' family members gathered after learning human remains found may be those of their missing relative. Renee Warren with the Cue Center for Missing Persons has been helping the family in their search. "Behind them doors it's bad. There is some hurting family in there, it's pitiful." Warren said. Dowless was 26 when she was last seen in Whiteville in 2005. Her car was found in this Columbus County pasture, but there was no sign of Dowless. Columbus County Sheriff Chris Batten said shortly after flyers were handed out and a billboard was unveiled earlier this month, his office received information which led authorities to a remote location. The location where the remains were found has not been released. The sheriff's office, the Brunswick County Search and Rescue Team, and the SBI spent eight hours searching before finding the remains, which they believe are Dowless. A source indicates they have strong evidence to that end. Now, the young mother's family anxiously awaits confirmation. The remains will undergo DNA and other tests for a positive identification. This is an ongoing investigation with no arrests thus far

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read this! please! are you guys crazy

i agree 100% with the previously stated comment. had anyone ever wondered why this case wasn't aired on NANCY GRAGE? Because $ talks and this family didn't have that much but, i can tell you this, that was still someones mother and sister. how would you feel if that was your sister or mother? close your eyes and imagine it. have you watched the video online? if not i recommend you do. her father stated "we will all miss prissy... i raised her... she lived in my house when she went missing..." what was a married mother of 4 doing living with her father, he didn't mention her family living with him. and he previously stated to authorities right after she went missing that he received a call from her and she said that she was ok and to stop searching for leave her alone.. what happened to that? How does a dead body call home. she has been dead sense she went missing. i doubt she called from the grave. also, in the video online did you pay attention to her mothers face (the woman with the glasses and her father)i believe it was my daughter even after 3 years i would show some sign of emotion, tiredness, or crying, they showed nothing. granted it has been 3 years but 3 years of not knowing doesn't ease twenty something years you've known someone. where was her husband. if an arrest hasn't been made and he is innocent don't you think he would be speaking on behalf of his children or for his dead wife? its obvious there is more details than being aired and that's understandable. i ask everyone to remember the children. if the father is convicted, these children have not only lost a mother but, they have lost their father to. and for the family that actually did care about her may god ease your pain and let your heart rest.

My cousin/My friend!!!!!!!

As one of the members of her family that knew her well and was with her through some rough times, I'd like to say thank you for the last comment about God easing the pain. So many stories have been written and so many stories have been told. Alot of them nothing but rubbish. Her life was no fairy tale but whose is? "Prissy's" real mom and dad weren't here to hurt and miss her because she was rejoined with them when she left this earth. My grandpa and my grandma did the best they could by "Prissy" and they cared for her more than anything else in this world. I am unable to be there with my mom and dad who loved "Prissy" as much as they loved my sister and I and who are now raising "Prissy's" eldest daughter, but I am with them in heart and spirit. I have not only lost a cousin but I have lost someone who as a child I looked up to and who I considered my friend as much as my family. With tear filled eyes I write this knowing that so many people, even some of my own family members made her out to be so little and they have shown so little emotion. Those that the cameras have not shown are those that have always cared for her and have always been there for her yet they aren't even respected enough to be acknowledged. I am sorry if this comes across as being too direct but listening or hearing about the way she was or who raised her and how they'll miss without them showing any affection whatsoever just really puts bile in my throat. People just please know she did have family that will love her and miss her and please please keep her children in your prayers.


Is it just me, or how do you receive a tip on where a body might be? Ummmm is this person bieng held somewhere as a person of interest? They made it sound so non chalant "Investigators say a new billboard asking for information on the case, and the distribution of flyers led to a tip on where her body might be." God Bless her family!