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Mixed reaction near Lejeune on repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell

READ MORE: Mixed reaction near Lejeune on repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WWAY) -- The signing of the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell had a few folks in Jacksonville stirred up. The repeal is a controversial topic among all branches of the military, but the Marine Corps has been especially resistant to the change.

Even though the 17-year-old ban on gay Americans serving openly in the military has been repealed, there is still a long way to go before it will be implemented.

Retired Marine Mike Devine, who served 20 years in the Corps, thinks it will be a while before the law will be fully accepted.

"Twenty years after society accepts it, that's when the Marine Corps will accept it," Divine said. "Up until then, Don't Ask Don't Tell... ignorance is a wonderful thing sometimes."

Some people we spoke with today were very openly against the law. Others said sexual preference is irrelevant and should not be a factor when it comes to serving in the military.

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos recently suggested that allowing openly gay service members would be a distraction that could put lives at risk.

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Repeal of DaDT

This is sad day for our country and a bad day for our military. It will encourage many more gays and lesbians to enroll in the military and weaken our overall armed forces.

How sad

Would it make you feel better to take the place of the gays and lesbians in the military? What a clueless, ignorant loser


I am in high hopes many more will enroll. How can you be such an idiot? How in the hell will this weaken our armed forces? Don't be a dolt.

hate monger

so when you are in church this Xmas, be sure to say a prayer for the troops you spit on with your hate-filled words towards people who are VOLUNTEERING to fight for your right to make ignorant comments like yours. YOU are what is wrong and so sad about this country. And be sure to ask your GOD for forgiveness for your words of much for loving thy fellow man...

hate monger?

Nowhere in Roberts comment did I see where he was a church goer or Christian. It seems to me, you don't have to be a church goer, or a straight person, to be a hater. Your own hatred of christians is showing. It's hard to take you serious about hatred when you seem to be spewing a boat load of it yourself. I have a brother who is gay. I love him very much, and yes, I am a christian.

repeal of dadt

I always pray for all our military, but that has nothing to do with whether I feel something is morally right or wrong. There were no words of hate in my comment, just regret.

No words of hate?

Maybe not hate, just ignorance.


This is a great day for our armed forces. Thank God! Don't ask don't tell was a farce! We did it! YES!

I feel sorry for this kind

I feel sorry for this kind of ignorance. One, there are many gay and lesbian soldiers in the military who are already putting their lives on the line for you, you just choose not to see it. Two, if you look at any other country with an inclusive military you will find that having gays and lesbians serve openly does absolutely nothing to weaken combat readiness. The Israeli Defense Force, undoubtedly one of the premiere fighting forces in the world, has been all inclusive since 1993. What would truly weaken our military and our country is to have our military abide by policies that are not in keeping with our American values of equality for all.

The military will survive

I've never been too hot about repealing DADT, but in all honesty we heard the same warnings about Blacks and women. Neither challenge proved to be insurmountable.

Oh, there are going to be short-term problems. I can assure you that when 3/9 comes in from a six-month pump and sees two male Marines dancing at the Camp Schwab NCO club, blood is going to flow! There will likely be more than one or two Matthew Shepherd incidents over the next few years.

The most interesting (and in my warped mind, most entertaining) will be seeing how those males of a"effeminate nature" fit in. I simply can't imagine a drill instructor who comes across like Rip Taylor or Charles Nelson Riley.

Eventually though, it's all going to work out....and just as we have Whites and Blacks who were raised in totally different cultures and may not even like each other, they learn to trust each other....even with each others' lives.

The military is about the least predjudiced organization in the country, and within time, gays will fit right in. I'm not saying that's good or bad - I just recognize the resillience and adaptability of the average serviceman.


Commonsense, you have no common sense if you think all gays are of an "effeminite nature", especially those serving in the military. There's PLENTY (and most) of us who totally go unnoticed. We're just like YOU! (makes u wonder who you run into every day, doesn't it)? Saying that your words are IGNORANT and UNEDUCATED is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Hey, Einstein....

Where did I say that every single one of you is effeminate?

That said, you can't deny that there are many of you who come across slightly more effeminate than Lady Gaga.

I say enough things to inspire controversy - try not to IMAGINE things, okay?


You didn't. I also got a chuckle imagining what you said. I could see some of the wonderful gay men I have known run screaming at the sight of a spider.... they wouldn't dream of joining so I dont think there is anything to worry about, hell I am more male than a lot of the gay guys I hung out with in my youth. LOL I wasn't saying you were homophobic or backwards btw.


Not sure but I don't think effeminate men are interested in the military. I have seen many very butch females join though.

Either way, they have the right to serve if they so choose w/o worrying about homophobic backwards people being disrespectful based solely on their sexuality.


Limbaugh had an interesting, tongue-in-cheek take on it

This may actually HELP recruitment, because if a straight male is foolish to have reservations about bunking or showering with a gay male, then women are foolish to have reservations about bunking and showering with males. So we can save billions by simply building nothing but unisex barracks and shower facilities.

BTW Das, don't try to guess what gay men, effeminate or not, will do. (You're not a male and neither one of us is gay.) I suspect that one look at a platoon of 2/8 hardbodies running the Verona Loop in formation could cause swooning and racing off to the recruiter. "In Living Color's" Men on Film comes to mind....

(See? Now THAT was intentional, to tick off that idiot who earlier accused me of thinking all gays are effeminate...)

Er Robert, gays and lesbians

Er Robert, gays and lesbians are already IN the military. Weaken our forces?? Yeah right!!