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Mixed martial arts fighting now allowed in NC

Mixed martial arts fighting, some may know it as ultimate fighting, is now allowed in our state for the first time in 12 years. The fights have been outlawed in North Carolina since 1995, but last Friday Gov. Easley passed a law that allows mixed martial arts fighting events in our state. The fighting rules have been revised for the fighter's safety. There is now a weight class for the fighters and time limits on the event. Knees to the head while the fighter is on the ground and head butts are not allowed. Mixed martial arts fighter Jeremy Owens said, "An athlete can tap out at any time ending the fight. The referee can stop the fight at any time. There is no standing eight count and it makes it safer for the fighters." Even with the new safety regulations some people think it is too violent.

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MMA Swartz Center Wilmington, NC Saturday July 19, 2008

We were EXTREMELY disappointed in the MMA event held at the Swartz center in Wilmington, NC Saturday night. I should say, the accomodations were extremely disappointing. The fights themselves were great I am sure, but to be honest after the first few, I couldn't breathe and therefore could not enjoy the last fights. You would think that the MMA organizations would have selected a venue that could accomodate that many people comfortably. The heat was excrutiatingly unenjoyable. I will definately go to see another MMA event, but I will not pay $100 for a seat where I am lower than the ring, am not allowed to stand and have to watch half the event on TV where I could have sat at home and seen the same thing for nothing. Not to mention paying $5.00 for a HOT beer and they ran out of beer every 15 minutes. I admire and love to watch these men and women fight in such a passionate manner with skills at their back, but as a spectator, I will not pay top dollar to watch ringside for nothing better than I could get at a local bar or even my own house.

Thank you for you comments.

Thank you for you comments. We are going June 26. Since our tickets were purchased by my son I am not sure where we are sitting but I will give you an up date on June 27.