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Mixed news comes from city council budget meeting

Good and bad news coming out of city council's proposed budget meeting Friday. No city employees will be losing their jobs, but cuts will be made elsewhere. City council has eliminated more than 30 unfilled positions within the city. They offered early retirement to eligible employees, and already 36 people have taken them up on it. That is going to save tax payers more than a million dollars. "In times like this, there is always a silver lining in every dark cloud,” said Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo. “It gives us an opportunity as a city government to look at how we do business." Another money saver; the city decided to postpone some road work until after the 2010 fiscal year. The city manager is now asking each department to look at five, ten and fifteen percent reduction plans.

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Here's an idea...don't send

Here's an idea...don't send your entire team and their families for a vacation seminar. And when you do have to go to things like that, don't eat at the most expensive restaurant you can find. All the rest of us City/County employees have a set amount of money to spend, WHY DON'T YOU???


Canceling road work is not the answer. Our taxes are collected for necessary services and citizen safety. Road work is at top of this list. Local government is not a charity. I do not want my 'hard to pay' property taxes going for unnecessary salaries, or over the top services and projects. Let's stick to road work.

As I've said before...this

As I've said before...this Council is on its way out, and we'll see some really stupid decisions forth coming in the near future. They have the mind set of "Go ahead...try and stop us".


It MIGHT be the answer DEPENDING on what type of work it entails...if it is NECESSARY SAFETY work..then I agree...if it is a stupid repave down a commissioners home street...then no.