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Mock town hall meeting organized for health reform

One local woman wants to be heard loud and clear by our Congressional representatives on the issue of health care reform. Mary Kay Mason is organizing a "mock" town hall meeting to give concerned residents an opportunity to voice their opinions. So far there has been no official town hall meeting in our area. Mason has contacted Senator Richard Burr and Representative Mike McIntyre to appear at the meeting. They'll both send statements instead. "We're not talking about your car; we're talking about your life, and your health,” said Mason. “If government controls your health they control you. It's really frightening because government is really powerful." Mason tried to contact Senator Kay Hagan to invite her to the meeting. She was told the request was filed with the senator.

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healthcare reform lies

Powerful lobbying entities such as the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries have controlled our government ... up until now. We are the most powerful nation in the world and, yet, we let health insurance companies sentence people to death by denying them life saving medical care?? We allow our poor and elderly to have to choose between heating their homes for the winter or buying the medication they desperately need?? Come on, people. Let's be honest -- how much do you REALLY know and understand about healthcare in our country and this administration's attempt to correct this disgrace that has become the status quo. But, hey, better the devil you know than the one you don't, right? Keep shouting at the top of your lungs about death panels and other absolute untruths. Keep screaming about rising taxes and the damned illegals and blah, blah, blah. Don't bother to educate yourselves. Don't bother with the facts. As long as you have some rock to throw at Obama, you're happy. God forbid you lose your job and your child has cancer. God forbid you're diagnosed with a terminal illness. Your insurance company will not be the least bit interested in prolonging your life. God help you then if you won't let Obama help us now. There is such danger in this kind of ignorance. It makes me ashamed of my country.

So leave, if you're ashamed

I cannot believe the arrogance of the left! You actually believe that people opposing this nightmare are ignorant and ill-informed? Could it be that they are too smart to fall for a nebulous, vague, voluminous load of Utopian nonsense that is long on rhetoric and short on facts? Here's the one question you won't answer: How do we pay for yet another entitlement program when we are already five TRILLION dollars behind in funding the two biggest entitlement programs we alreay have? BTW, is there anything that DOESN'T cause you liberals to "be ashamed of your country?" You were ashamed of Bush, of Iraq, of our being meanies to people who wanted to kill you're ashamed of people expressing their Constitutional right to speak out and be heard? Oh, but I'm sure that in the America you're working to attain, freedom of speech will go the way of the dinosaurs....

i would like to attend a town hall meeting in our area

I lived in Japan for 5 years and we had gov run health care. I can speak from experience. email me and i will come.

Health Care Reform

The White House has a web site set-up for people to obtain information about health care reform, however it appears many of the public are listening to opponents who don't have the facts straight. There are quite a few committees looking into the prospect of health care reform, there is not one bill being looked at currently. Yes, I believe health care reform is necessary and I will certainly review what is finally proposed. I would like to see people calm down about it and get realistic. There are people going without health care, or certain procedures/medication because right now it is too expensive. This humanly wrong! Let's all calm down and research for ourselves what may be entailed rather than listening to radicals who believe it will lead to socialism or communism. Get the facts, then let your congress people know how you feel, but until then. RELAX!!!

YOU relax

As long as the Socialists are talking about funding this with a new tax on those making over $250k, and 6 of 10 individual returns making that much AGI are small businesses, I will do whatever I can and fund whatever group is seeking to torpedo Obama's plan. Small businesses are the fuel that runs this nation's economic engine. Start beating up on them, and watch our economy plunge and possibly never fully recover.

"town meeting"

Our elected officials can't come to Wilmington to hear what we, the people think? I'd like to ask them---"What's Your Excuse???" This administration is throwing away our hard earned tax dollars and they've got to be stopped!