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Mom searching for missing adult son

READ MORE: Mom searching for missing adult son
Every day for the last year, Jessie Dunn has been searching for her son, Richard Bird, but finding help has not been easy. May 30, 2007 was the last time Dunn heard from her 40-year-old son, Richard Bird. "I took him up to the Shallotte Hardee's to get on the Greyhound bus and that was the last time that I saw him," said Dunn. "That bye and that I love you mom was different. It was like he was really telling me goodbye." When Richard didn't call her on her birthday, Dunn knew something was wrong. So, she filed a missing person report, and tried contacting a number of missing person organizations. "There's not a lot out there if they are not a child or a senior citizen as far as what I've found. There's nothing -- including police help," said Dunn. Law enforcement officials say because many adults "choose" to go missing, unless there is evidence the person is in danger, it is unlikely there will be an active investigation. The names are entered into a national criminal investigation database, so if the person has any contact with law enforcement anywhere in the country, they will see that the person is missing and contact the family. Dunn said, "At this point, that's what I need. I need to know if he's dead. I pray everyday for a sign." Dunn said her son's life wasn't easy. He suffered from multiple sclerosis, and depression. He became addicted to his pain medication and anti-depressants. Dunn said he started getting the medications and other drugs from dealers. Then he was caught. With a record, Bird lost his disability payments. "We contacted so many people, even out of state, and due to his finances he didn't have a job. He couldn't work, he has MS, and because he had no money, no Medicaid, there was no programs," said Dunn. She wishes he could have gotten help before the problems spun out of control. Now, Dunn focuses her energy on finding her son. Dunn said, "I will never give up. I'm his mother and mother's never give up." If you know anything about Richard's whereabouts, please let us know. Also if you or a loved one needs mental health, or substance abuse help, there are programs and resources available. You can contact Coastal Horizons for help and additional information on free programs and support groups at 910-343-0145.

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Jessie and Terry

Jessie and Terry, I just read this story and you both know my prayers are with you and Rich and the rest of your family. I have known Richie for many years and though he has done his share of heartache I don't think he would just up and leave you, knowing that you are sick also. If there is anything I can do, other than pray let me know. I love you all and miss you all very much, wish I were there with you to give you a much needed hug. But know you are always in my heart, no matter how far apart we are.. Love you all, Vicky ps: Rich, if you are out there and see this, give your mom a call, she needs you.

should give more info.

No one ever said where he was put on the bus too,or why he was going.or what plans he had made,Putting that info out there might help in your search,No person just disappears,They always leave a trail,Follow there foot steps and you can find them,Who was his contacts in that area,Look at his history of work people and places,That is a start.


When I read this today I was so touched and moved by your sincere search of your missing son. Jessie I promise to keep you in my prayers constantly and hope the good LORD will send your son home soon. I wished I could hug her and tell you I love you also. Please try to rest as much as you can for this will pull you down deeply. You have to take care of yourself to keep going on. I have had deaths but I know this has to be worse. Not knowing is very very tough and only knowing will be an answer you need at this time. Please keep posting in order for me to know you are alright. I wished I could help you, darling. Remember GOD is holding your hand and walking all the way with you forever. I pray dear LORD touch this wonderful child of GOD and help her with this burden and pain, please show her the way, bring her son safely home. Amen. Glenda Campbell Goedde