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Mom upset after hooker dad bought for 13-year-old son gets probation

READ MORE: Mom upset after hooker dad bought for 13-year-old son gets probation

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people. Tonight, that proverb is hitting home in Wilmington.

Nearly three years ago, a father paid a prostitute to have sex with his 13-year-old son. The dad is already in prison for up more than a decade, but the prostitute is not facing a similar sentence.

Randy Herriott faced a number of charges for hiring the prostitute for his son. The crimes earned him 12 to 16 years in prison. But a New Hanover county judge decided today that jail time was not the proper punishment for the hooker involved.

Janice Allgood pleaded guilty in New Hanover County Superior Court to indecent liberties with a minor. Prosecutors dropped prostitution and statutory rape charges in a plea bargain.

Three years ago, Herriott hired Allgood through Craigslist for his son. Herriott lied to Allgood telling her the 13-year-old boy was 17.

Today a judge sentenced Allgood to probation. The victim's mother feels justice was not served.

"She had sex with my 13-year-old son, and she should have done jail time, and she got a slap on the wrist," Chris Herriott said.

In addition to supervised probation, Allgood must register as a sex offender for 30 years.

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Father providing prostitute for 13 year old son--and watched

It is disgusting. Those of you who think that a 13 year old boy would like to have sex with someone that much older AND have sex for the first time with HIS FATHER WATCHING??? Really? How many of you think sex is a spectator sport? This kid was damaged, hopefully with his mother's help it will pass and he will be fine but damage was done.

Something to think about, WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Do NONE of you who comment on this have any decency?
A 13 yr old boys dream may be one thing, but having it just thrown upon him with a 40yr old woman? That sounds like NO dream to me. eww.
But that's beside the actual facts of this:
He was 13 years old.
His father paid for and watched his son get fellacio and have intercourse.
He watched his son's innocence get taken by a 40 yr old woman.
What would you guys feel about if he got his son completely drunk?
What if he got his son high? On god knows what drugs?
Would you see that differently?



Randy Herriott belongs in prison for the rest of his life as far as I am concerned.

And the prostitue known as Janice "DARE" Allgood... She should have had some jail time PLUS the charges she was rendered with.

17 yr old boys go to jail for having consensual sex with 13 yr old girls.

Why should this be any less of a charge?


Ohh I think There a few

Ohh I think There a few women out there that do not understand males. I wish I could have got a hooker when I was 13!

I was cheated!

My Dad never got me a prostitute. Maybe I should of thought to put it on my Christmas list. lol

I know this will start a

I know this will start a firestorm of controversy, but here goes: Early teens having sex is nothing new. It happens all the time. It has more to do with the development of the male/female body than laws governing when a human being can become sexually active. When the hormones start to jump, things will happen. Laws and religion will take a back seat to reality and nature. Maturity is different for everyone and to put a certain age for all to abide by is ridiculous. I don't advocate children having children, as our society is not geared for this. Maybe years ago, it might have been, but not any more. However, the human body still functions the same as when man first walked the earth, the rules have changed, but not man. Truth be known, the boy is probably strutting around like a Peacock. Sometimes we need to forget about the rules that others have set down for us to follow and at least think outside the box. The father should not have been sent to jail. He did not commit a violent act. He is no danger to anyone. He should be working and paying taxes instead of society paying his upkeep for years. The hooker was given false information and did nothing "knowingly" wrong. Why ruin her life?

"He did not commit a violent

"He did not commit a violent act."
However, he did break the law, and for that he pays.

"The hooker was given false information and did nothing "knowingly" wrong."
First, what does that mean, knowingly wrong?
Second, why is knowingly in quotation marks? Are you quoting somebody?
Third, SHE’S A HOOKER; of course she knowingly did something wrong. Does she not know that prostitution is illegal? Not to mention that part about not ruining her life, as if the right side of the law had anything to do with it.

Further, if one reads between the lines, you seem to be saying that a young man will have sex if that's what he wants; however, a parent does not act as a pimp for his boy to be a man. Let the boy discover it himself on his terms.

Think before you write; think again before you submit. You know what you meant to say, but that's not what you said.

Im his mother

I am his mother....1st of all was he harmed...i understand he is a boy but there is no difference in sex when it comes to a 36 yr old having sex with a 13yr old. i had to take my son for std's & hiv testing. i try to teach my children to wait for sex. all the while his father was behind my back doing the total opposite. my son was just begining puberty. he looked like a early teen. there was no mistaking him for an older teen. his father had been molesting boys since he was 15...never caught before! planned this whole thing. he tried to buy other prostitutes but they had morals & scruples...they said no. he was too young.but he ultimately found a whore that wanted $160.00 she rendered her services got paid & left. yes randy watched...too make sure he got his money worth! randy is a sick bastard. he needs mental help. NO randy will never see my children again. when you are convicted of aid & abet statutory rape against your own children you loose complete parental rights & i will make damn sure of that!!! i found out the D.A.'s office was reducing the charges & i asked the tv news & newspaper to come. they did & now maybe someone will see her & will remember who she is & what she did.
she has to register as a sex offender... well basically for her whole life cuz she was old when she raped my son.& im very happy of that. who knows how many other young people she has had sex with for $$$$. she said herself she has been a prostitute & drug addict for 20 yrs!!! so now tell me she dont belong behind bars.

thank you all for watching this video

oh & also even tho her name is janice amanda allgood i believe she goes by "amy" but her whore name is "dare" also i believe she graduated from hoggard. so she is from wilmington!!

If this had been a male

If this had been a male prostitute having sex with a 17 year old girl, he would have been in jail.

Aren't double standards just wonderful?

Life Sentence

30 years having to regester as a sex offender is a life sentence for this woman. She will tracked everywhere she goes. She will have to submit to the will of law enforcement everywhere. She can forget about getting a job (if she ever cleans up). In some cases her neighbors will be informed she is a sex offender. She can't live near any place children might be. Her life is ruined even more than it was before. I know the mother is mad and she has every right to be, but this woman will treated like she is diseased for the rest of her life, just as it should be. The worthless father is gone and she should make sure her son is safe and never has contact with this man ever again. I hope she doesn't do like so many women do and go back to him because she still loves him. She is better off alone than with a Fool.

Not true...

My ex-husband is a registered sex offender and nothing in his life has been ruined. In fact, he works for a YOUTH MINISTRY in a state different from the one where he committed his crimes. In addition, he fosters youth from other countries through his church. Megan's Law is a great idea, but unfortunately, it doesn't always do what it is supposed to do. THAT is reality.


I guarantee you that the courts have ordered your ex-husband to stay away from all children. I doubt he has reported this information to his parole officer, and I know they would be very interested to hear that he is a youth minister.

Why sit back waiting on Megan's Law? If you see something wrong, report it! You can be anonymous (you probably live in another state anyway). If you can't get the attention of authorities, you should contact the church and let them know he is a sex offender.

For the woman whose husband

For the woman whose husband is a registered sex offender working with children...that is just disgusting. I guess he's just where he likes to be, around children. You my dear, are also sick. Christians? More like pedophiles.

Isn't that ironic

Wow, grown woman has sex with a 13yr. old boy and gets probation. A few weeks ago the DA sentenced a young man to 17-20yrs. in prison for having consensual sex with a 13yr. old girl. Where is the justice in that?

hired prostitute

While this is not a good situation and the story does not mentioned if the dad was "watching" or what she was told he was 17 which is legal! Just not a good situation and such is the facts of life in the younger groups....can't check the ID like in alcohol!!

You are rediculous..... A-it

You are rediculous.....

A-it doesnt matter if the "DAD" watched or not...though it would be even creepier.

B-There is not a legal age for is illegal regardless!

C-It was very obvious this was a child...anyone in their right mind would hae been able to tell he was not of legal age...for anything.

Was the boy in any way

Was the boy in any way harmed by the actions of the father or the woman?

So Mr. are

So Mr. are allowed to get on the WWAY website while in prison I see


you're an idiot. seriously..go away.

I'm speechless!! Would you

I'm speechless!!

Would you wonder if any harm was done if this were a 13 year old female instead of a 13 year old male?

Of course harm was done. This prostitute molested a child, with the assistance of his father.


I'm sure most of us know where this question is headed; however, the law is on the books.

If you think the law is unjust, you can work to have it changed.

That's how we do it. We don't complain, we don't just stamp our little feet and purse our little lips.

Work for justice; work for change. Think first.

Unfortunately, change in our

Unfortunately, change in our antiquated legal system will be a long time coming. Instead of laws that consider the human factor, common sense, logic and reality, many are based on religious beliefs hundreds of years old. Some of the comments on this subject certainly verify that there are still a lot of people who have never had an original thought produced by their own brains. Everything they believe and say is from someone elses thoughts, opinions or rules. I don't know the family, but if the boy was mature beyond what would be expected of a 13 year old, I think this should have been taken into consideration. Apparently the judge for the lady in question feels the same. Maybe there is some hope for a better, more equitable legal system on the horizion.

You Sir are an Idiot!

It doesn't matter if there was any harm or not. The BOY is a victim and needs to see the system work. The father got nailed so should the whore! Breaking the Law is Breaking the Law. There is black and white here not gray!

If you have to ask that question...

I sure hope you're not the parent of a son.


Did you seriously just ask that question. He was a 13 year old boy having sex with a prostitute! Even if you can't visibly see the harm doesn't mean harm wasn't done.


The child was not able to give consent and what happened was therefore rape, but I suppose as the victim was a boy it doesn't count. She most certainly should have done the same time as a male rapist.

I'm sure he didn't mind

Its kinda hard to say it was without his consent and that he was traumatized by the event. Most 13yr old boys wouldn't complain at the opportunity to have sex. In fact, that's a normal fantasy. If u were to tell him that he was raped then he would probaly laugh at u.

Legally, a 13 year old is

Legally, a 13 year old is not able to give consent, so regardless of whether or not he was traumatized, what happened to him was rape. And I'm sure that it is every teenage boy's dream to have their first sexual experience be with a 40 year old prostitute while his father watches. Yeah, I'm sure he won't have any issues over that.

Father of the Year Award

Father of the Year Award should be going to this guy! Not jailtime!!!