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Monday gas update

READ MORE: Monday gas update
Hurricane Ike has passed through the Gulf, but do not expect gas prices to come down any time soon. According to triple AAA, current gas prices in North Carolina are at a record high at $4.08 for a gallon of regular. The lines at local gas stations certainly are not as bad as they were over the weekend, but still some stations are asking people to limit the amount of gas they buy. Other stations have stopped “I came to get some gas however I'm reading the sign and found out they've run out of gas,” said Irise Hampton from Leland. Go Gas managers say stations are running out of gas and not buying more from their wholesalers. Go Gas is a small, independent company and can not get the same wholesale prices as bigger companies, like B.P. or Exxon. So until wholesale prices go down, Go Gas pumps are dry. Tammy Foster, a Go Gas cashier said, "When refineries open. And who knows when that will happen. I heard it was going to be 9 days or tomorrow we could get gas but it depends on the price the fuel's got to drop.” Some Scotchman and Exxon stations are still asking customers to limit the amount of gas they buy to 10 gallons. AAA Carolinas officials say over the next few days, the move may prove to be necessary. "I think the availability is going to be sporadic and fuel prices are going to be high and the worst of it is going to be in the next 2 or 3 days," said Tom Crosby, Vice President for AAA Carolinas. Tom Crosby said he believes gas prices will get worse before they get better. Our state gets its gas from refineries along the Gulf Coast, and those refineries are not yet back to full production after Hurricane Ike. "Gasoline is trickling back to us we should see things returning back to normal by the end of the week." said Crosby. Waiting for that time to come will not be easy. "I want the price of gas to come back down or minimum wage to get to $12 an hour." said Hampton. One distributor told us the panic pumping over the weekend put a big dent in the area's supply of gasoline and diesel. AAA wants to encourage people to try and make their gas last through the week and not to top off their tank.

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BULL! And I mean

BULL! And I mean BULL! Here's a tidbit of info for those of you curious to what people in Houston,TX and metro areas are paying for gas *compared to North Carolina*. Seems I remember Houston took a bit hit by Ike, just not their gas prices as we did. Get ready to be shocked! Link:

Gas Prices

Lets face it, our gas prices now are because of the Gulf rigs not running and next month it will be because of Iraq and the next will be Saudi Arabi, I don't think nobody knows where our gas in N.C comes from but we suffer from all reasons.