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Monkey Junction annexation talks Tuesday night

READ MORE: Monkey Junction annexation talks Tuesday night
Annexation has been a hot topic in the Wilmington area for years, and Tuesday night, it comes to a head. The history of annexing Monkey Junction goes back eleven years. In 1998, city leaders first proposed annexing an area of New Hanover County, ultimately making it part of the city of Wilmington. Somewhere along the line there was an error, and the proposal was removed. Fast forward to 2009, and annexation is back on City Council's agenda. "The law is very clear, as cities and area get more urban in natures, cities have the right to annex those particular areas,” said Mayor Bill Saffo. According to NC state law, residents of the area annexed area would have to pay both county and city taxes. The area consists of more than 90 acres along Carolina Beach and South College roads and would affect around 3,900 residents and businesses. Many residents aren't happy. City leaders say paying to use city amenities is inevitable. Other urban areas in the country without annexation laws, find ways to charge people for city services. "Toll booths, some cities, if you drive into the city, you pay a toll, to come through that city, so if they do away with the annexation laws, the state is going to have to find other mechanisms to help pay for it,” Mayor Saffo explained. City Council’s vote of two voluntary annexations of 90 acres of Monkey Junction will come during Tuesday’s meeting. Voluntary annexation would allow both parcels of land to become part of the city in June of this year instead of June 2010, which is when the city-initiated annexation would take affect. A public hearing on the proposed involuntary annexation of the Monkey Junction area will also take place. The vote for this item is scheduled for the May 5 City Council meeting.

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How else are they going to

How else are they going to build the new CONVENTION CENTER which will fail???????

Monkey Junction

Hey the annexation it is going to happen so accept it. There are good parts to it. The place is growing and that is life. Besides when an area is near the shore/coast it gets built up eventually. If you want freedom, live in the countryside.

I Don't Live There

The City Council of Wilmington has no idea how to run a city, much less a budget for one. The annexation will not provide for any improved services. Monkey Junction all ready has what it needs. Its time to boot out the city run government and let New Hanover County govern the city also.

No Taxation....

Forced annexation is the very definition of "No Taxation without Representation"!!! How can members of the city council, who were put there by city residents (NOT COUNTY RESIDENTS) say that "they" think it is a good idea? Who is the spokesperson for the residents? No one, no representative, no elected official, no one, yet, taxes will go up. How is this even legal? I guess the County Commissioners have no say and cannot say no, not that they would, but there is no voice for the people that want to be heard. 50,000 people could show up and each have a very valid reason for oppsoing annexation, and yet, 7 people of whom no one in the county had an option to vote for in city elections, can decide "they want to" and that is it. Does not seem right. I suggest everyone write your representative and senator on the state and federal level and demand action and stop illegal land taking. Jim Quinn said that to serve the people that are current city residents there needs to continued expansion, however, when you expand and gain new people, then how do you support them, by continued expansion...It is unbelievable the logic that politicians use and how they just completely disregard the Constitution of the United States. There is absolutely no one in City Council that has a concern for the residents that will be annexed. We are considered a problem, a taker of city services and people that need to be dealt with this way. The businesses that we use located in the city pay city taxes and permit fees, etc. to operate and conduct business inside the city and as long as we, the consumer, are using their services and buying their goods, they can continue to pay for the priviledge of doing business in the city. The police have no problem writing county residents tickets for everything and that money is spread over many uses, so we pay to be in the city. People, please take a stand and do as much as you can to stop this illegal land seizure. You have no representative that is your advocate, yet the 7 people that you did not elect can choose, because "they want to" to make you live in the city, give you services you already have, and increase your taxes.