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Monkey Junction to possibly join city

Monkey Junction could soon be one step closer to being part of the city of Wilmington. City council members vote Tuesday night on a resolution of intent, which is the first part of a possible annexation. 1.2 square miles and about 3,000 people would be affected by the move. If council approves the resolution to move forward, there will be an information session and public hearing in the next few months.

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If you want to fight annexation, you have to go to the legislature. Go to this website Call your senators and representives now! The legislative committee on municipal annexation is meeting now. call them, write them, email them. we have a chance but it will take alot of help. tomorrow our group is taking a bus load to attend this meeting. you city has a municipal lobby that is paid for by your money. organize your group. don't depend on someone to do it for you.

The City Has A Spending Problem

The real estate run city council has a spending problem that annexation is NOT going to fix. Ronald Regan said; "Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first." "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other." "We the people" tell the government what to do, it doesn't tell us. "We the people" are the driver, the government is the car. And we decide where it should go, and by what route, and how fast."

clean your own house first

1. Stop the convention center project, and have a private company persue building it and operating it - the city will collect taxes on "sales and use" and "hotel occupancy" anyway. 2. Consolidate any redundant departments with New Hanover County. This means Fire, Police, trash, Parks and Recreation, housing, public transportation, etc. This is all being prevented by greedy bean hoarders, and by EGOS. 3. Stop annexation. Look what happened to the last Government that enforced taxation without representation... The county areas being annexed cannot currently vote for the leaders trying to currently annex them. 4. Concentrate residential and corporate growth around downtown. Reduce permits and greenspace destruction in outlying areas. Make Wilmington a GREEN city, focus our growth on GREEN ecotourism. Research Costa Rica and Scotland. The majority of their economies in in ecotourism. 5. Discourage Hugo Nue and Titan type operations from settling here, and encourage GREEN technical and financial businesses to come here. This can be accomplished by providing downtown areas to develop, public transportation options (contracted out to a private company - highest bidder, to ensure efficiency and profitability), bike paths (to reduce impact on roads, for workforce health, and recreation), and a skilled and educated workforce. 6. Contract out whenever possible. There are TOO MANY city and county employees. Benefits and retirements are too expensive for our tax base to support. Private companies will streamline operations to be profitable, and the city or county can still provide guidelines and laws for how the services are to be provided. Look at what works Wilmington. Look at the big cities in the US, AND in Europe. Not saying we need to grow into a London, Seattle or a San Francisco, I like our current size. But our infrastructure frankly sucks. And it is more expensive per capita than most larger cities. Wilmington has always had so much potential, yet has been held back by small minded, greedy, insider-good-ol-boy, shifty, corrupt leaders. The worst part is that some of the power brokers were born and raised here - with family dating back to pre-Revolutionary times. Shame on them. I wonder if they are proud of what they see when they drive around this town. The key to our market is to make it desirable to move here. Make what we have desireable to buy, and stop flooding the market - and destroying/building on all the greenspace and ecology that makes it desireable to be here. Less supply increases the demand. Totally in our control, with the issuances of permits. The County can simply reduce the amount of building permits, by use a lottery system, to allow reasonable, controlled growth. Consolidate - don't annex an area that functions well without you. You bring nothing to the table but increased taxes. Does the council consider that they are ADDING to the economic woes of this area? duh.

Tea Party!!!!!!!!

Does the city want a reaction to this taxation without representation??? I can't vote for these leaders who are planning this hostile takeover. The city is in a shambles, mismanaged, and bloated with waste. What stops Monkey Junction from annexing the city?


Where can I go to vote HELL NO on this?? Are we given the choice?? I love how "CITY COUNCIL" gets to decide to take MJ in....More $$ in there pockets and less in mine for nothing!!!!!! Are our MJ Vol Fire & Rescue gonna see any pay raise?? How about Sherrif?? My roads are hasn't came to "fix" them and screw em up more like in WIlmington.. My water and sewer, they've been put together compliments of the city and have screwed the bills up so bad.... NO TO ANNEX>>>

Our so called "mayor"

Well, all I have to say is I was born and raised hear in Wilmington and if the Mayor keeps pissing off the right people, he want have a job next time he runs because PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR YOU....THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!!!!!!!

Time to view Wilmington as the enemy

They're starting again, and if you live in any incorporated area of the county, you need to be concerned. The Middle Sound area is now an affluent enough area that the city's last impediment to annexing the Porter's Neck area has been removed....and you KNOW they want Porter's Neck and Figure Eight! Murrayville? Soon. Myrtle Grove? Next. The only way this abuse of power will be put to an end is to get rid of those city council members who support annexation, and since you can't vote in the city, you must FORCE the city residents to vote people like Laura Padgett OUT. Do not spend a dime in the city of Wilmington. Boycott the city entirely. Shop in unincorporated areas. Shop on the Internet. Dine at a restaurant that's in an unincoroporated area or down at the beach. Instead of going to the movies, rent a video or watch TV. If you work in the city, bring your lunch. Above all, make it well known why you are boycotting a merchant. Let the world know. Boycott Wilmington and let them know why. Will the innocent be punished? That depends upon your view - the voters of Wilmington have chosen the city council that wants to take your money while giving you nothing more than what you already have. How innocent is that? The people bear responsibility for the leadership they choose. Hit people in their wallets (just as they want to do to you) and they'll get the point. When a businessman sees his income drop by thirty percent, he'll be telling the city council to knock off the forced annexation. He'll be voting to throw the annexation crowd out. When sales tax revenues tank, it will get every politician's attention. We can yak, gripe, and complain until the cows come home - until we start taking hard, inconvenient action, nothing will stop these power mad thieves.

Here we go again Crybabies!

You all don't get it! The city wants the money and their gonna get it no matter what you say. Just ask Landfall who wasted all that money trying to fight it and lost! The city wants the businesses and guess what Wal-Mart is doing great right now. Think about us that have been satelite annexed. We didn't want it either but didn't have a choice. So go ahead a cry about it but no one is listening. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!

It may be too late for you...

...but it's not too late to start a massive boycott of Wilmington businesses and force the Wilmington business owners to make the city council stop. No one is proposing fighting the law, as Landfall tried. If people simply stop spending their money in Wilmington, it will get everyone's attention FAST. It will get people like Laura Padgett voted out of office. The only issue is, are county residents disciplined enough to do it, or do they want to accept the same old doomed sheep/Holocaust victim mentality that led to you being annexed?

Thanks a bunch Wilmington

Looks like more people are about to be screwed by our great City. You just gotta love Wilmington

Laziness and Ignorance Isn't Free

There was just a major election, you complainers could have voted for candidates opposed to forced annexation. Instead, you voted for the same people. Did you do your research or just check "Straight Democrat" or "Straight Republican"? Either way, you got what you deserve. You voted for it. Enjoy your big tax increase. You've earned it. Hope you can afford $900 or more in increased taxes every year. If not, guess you'll have to sell. We Realtors could use the business. And after tomorrow, we'll have another Realtor on the City Council. It's our town, just pay up and shut up. You had your chance last November but did nothing. Now, your a day late and a dollar short. WRAR

This post is exactly why we

This post is exactly why we have the problems we do today. I don't live inside the City limits therefore I cannot vote on the City Council. You obviously didn't learn enough growing up.....maybe you should try a few classes at Cape Fear

You are ignorant...

As a COUNTY resident.. I can not vote for CITY council.. TRUST ME they'd be gone!!!! I have everything I need in MJ..Food, Gas, Sherrif, and Fire and Rescue.... And I ALREADY pay for them in my COUNTY taxes...WTH is Wilmington gonna give me that I don't have ....Oh I know NOTHING!!! They are gonna double my taxes and give me NOTHING in return....YAY!!!!

Well, if you don't love Wilmington....

If you don't love Wilmington, there are options. I-95 North and I-40 West. Gas is cheap now.


You are sooo smart. Thanks for the info. Just so you know, I live in the County....which has nothing to do with Wilmington. If I wanted to live in Wilmington I would have moved there. I moved to the County for a reason.

Why do we HAVE to love Wilmington?

Why can't we love New Hanover County, and remain outside the city unless we vote to join it?


Move out of Wilmington...WAIT I DID!!!!! Now they want to put me in it... all for TAXES!!!!

What's love got to do with it

There's not enough gas or interstates to get away from greedy governments local,state or federal.

Become your own town

Monkey Junction is going to be forced to annex no matter what it's residents want. Why doesn't Monkey Junction try to incorporate and become it's own town, before Wilmington snatches them up? They've got enough tax base there to self-sustain a government. I'm sure that the tax increase would be less than Wilmington's.