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Monroe Elementary Principal gets support

A number of community members gathered outside of Brunswick County School Board Administrative Offices today. Last week WWAY reported that Monroe Elementary Principal Patricia Rourk was charged with communicating threats against Tracy Danka, a parent of former students. Today, local preachers and NAACP representatives spoke in support of Principal Rourk, while also criticizing the school board for their handling of such incidents. “Our school board education administration appeared to be asleep at the wheel and very incompetent to handle the affairs of the school district,” said Rourk supporter, Lorrenza Jackson. Just before the protest, Tracy Danka was arrested for simple assault. She was charged with hitting a woman named Mariam Reed, who was also in attendance at last week’s school board meeting. Danka is scheduled to appear in court on October 15, 2008, the same day as Principal Rourk.

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race issues and Leland

Funny, but they never mentioned that Rourk won't make public comments because she has been asked NOT TOO. She is confrontational and explosive. She has hit my daughter and students in anger, but never without reason, kids make decisions and they were corrected. I just never knew they should NOT have been corrected that way. I have never received a letter to that degree addressing this problem. Why is Brunswick County so backward in this? Where do we start in making this right?

What is the issue here

I was just wondering what is the issue here? Is the it child? race? BOE? . Look at the money this is going to take away from the school to fight this when It could have been settle by adults for the best interest of the child and children wouldn't you think? and these people are teaching and raising our children?

Pray Ms. Rourk

Ms. Rourk has a prayer meeting tonight. You should pray for yourself. You made this a racial issue!!! Now you have the NAACP stand behind your racial slurs. You bring religion into this..... I wonder how God feels about you lying, your filthy mouth, and the fact that your a nasty women behind closed doors. You better pray Ms. Rourk for what you have put our children through. The rest of you should pray too.... Maybe this would have turned out diffrent if someone would have gone in and checked on these issues. This was turned into a dog a pony show and the children are suffering. Great job!!!! I am thankful my son is smart enough to see past all this BS and confident in knowing his mother will back him and his education.

Wake Up

Wake up people. Haven't you figured it out by now?? No matter what Patricia Rourk does Dr Katie McGee will never do anything to her. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you. #1 Because she is black. The NAACP have already jumped in & cried racism with this Tracy Danka thing. Ask yourselves why is it that a white magistrate chose to issue Pat Rourk a Summons to Appear rather than an Arrest Warrant like the black magistrate issued on Tracey Danka. All Tracey Danka did was wave her hands in a so called threatening manner. Pat Rourk threatened to KILL Tracey Danka. Don't you think saying you are going to kill someone is worse than waving your hands? This is the type of person we have around our elementary students on a daily basis. #2 Jessie Mae Monroe was in fact her grandmother. Therefore, no matter what Patricia Rourk does or says she will not be removed from Monroe Elementary. She can go out & get 10 DUIs or maybe even Kill someone like she said & she would still be principal of Monroe Elementary from a prison cell. Grandma Jessie Mae Monroe doesn't your granddaughter make you so Proud. To bad she couldn't follow more in your footsteps because from what I understand you were a great educator and person. #3 She has most of her staff afraid to speak out in fear of their jobs. She's made those threats loud & clear, just ask some of the teachers who were lucky enough to get a transfer out or even those who quit just to get away from her. Ask those that are still there but are afraid to speak to the people Pat Rourk doesn't like in fear of their jobs as well. I have also seen the 2 faces of Pat Rourk. As long as you (how do I say this nicely) KISS HER BUTT & Agree with everything she says then you will not have any problems what so ever. It's only when you disagree with her that the true Pat Rourk comes out. And as for Terressa Gause her #1 right now, I recall just a few years ago you were also on the darkside of Pat Rourk and couldn't wait to get out either!

So called principal Rourk

I thank God I'm out of that school. Rourk will turn on you like a pit viper as she did on me. I liked my job there and I respected her too until I saw the REAL Pat Rourk. I had a lot more experience than she ever will. I have no respect for that woman now. She isn't qualified to supervise in a zoo much less be a principal of the precious children of Brunswick County. She is calling the race card and that isn't fair. Mrs. Danka has as much a right to attend a board meeting as Rourk and her mother does. I have no children but If I wanted to go to a board meeting ...I would go. I pay taxes here and it is my right. So get with the program Mrs. Rourk and resign so someone qualified can help Jessie Mae School.


Mrs.Rourk is nice to children and what was your name if you worked at Jessie mae

Parent Advisory

Each school has a parent advisory committee but the parents at this school are "hand picked" by the principal who selects members for all HER committees. Unless you are one of her chosen few you couldn't get on these committess if your life depended on it. NO DEMOCRATIC VOICE!


With all of these powers that people are attributing to her it's a wonder she doesn't have a big red "S" in a triangle on her chest. I have always heard that "ugly is as ugly does" One day ugly is going to jump all over someone. Danka has already admitted to her own behavioral attributes. Let's see who "ugly" gets.


NAACP doesn't want to admit there are alot more racist black people than they want to admit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let Rourk fight her own battles

NAACP why is it when a black citizen is involved in an issue you always step in & claim racism. Why can't Pat Rourk be in the wrong. I had to face the wrath of Pat Rourk myself. I chose to handle my situation quietly. Tracey has chosen to handle hers more vocally. That doesn't make her any worse or better of a person than myself. Can you honestly say you know Tracey Danka as a person. No you can't! Did you know that last year she would take home a Black teachers assistants son home with her after school to have playdates with her son. She would also let him come over on the weekends. She would do the same things with him as she would her own children. Do you know the Tracey's cousin is married to a man that happens to be a Black? Do you know that if she & her husband were to die today that her 2 children would be raised by a Black woman. Can members of the NAACP say that if they were to die that their child/children would be left to a White woman to raise? I think not!!! Not all things are as easy as playing the race card & if this were a racial incident wouldn't White Dr McGee & White Mr Chestnut have already fired Black Ms Rourk??? The NAACP always plays the Black Card never getting to the real bottom of things. That sounds like racism to me. Where is the National Association of White People when you need them???

RE: Let Rourk fight her own battles

I don't recall the news media every referencing that Tracy Danka is a racist. Therefore the typical defense that she has a black friend or she has taken black kids into her home is not necessary. And the situation about her cousin being married to a black person is just too far fetched. Perhaps the other side to the story is Tracy now has nothing to do with her cousin because she married someone black - who knows? who cares? What does that have to do with this case or the price of tea in China? The NAACP as well as other members in the community should get involved. Enough has been enough for quite some time. There have been personnel in the Brunswick County School System that have been subject to discrimination for years. Katie McGee and the members of the school board lead the pack. Tracy Danka has pushed herself into the spotlight over the past year. Why is she targeting those at Jessie Monroe School if her kids are no longer there. She recognizes how quick the worthless superintendent and board members move to investigate a complaint, especially when black personnel are involved, so she just keeps going. She already had a teacher's assistant fired from the school, and now, its something else. Its unfortunate the school board didn't move so quickly to investigate when the teacher was having relations with the student he ultimately married.

The fact that Tracy is still

The fact that Tracy is still pushing Pat Rourke is that her situation has never been resolved. As a former employee of JMME under the administration of Rourke I can attest to the fact that if Mrs. Danka's concern had been handled from the beginning this issue would be over. I myself have seen the teacher in question handle children in a very rough manner and that many complaints have been made against her to no avail. Is this because the teacher is black? I have no idea! I would hope not. What I do know is there has never been an official consequence to her actions. Mrs. Danka, I'm sure, is still fighting for the future of ALL children and not just her own. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her children and I can surely say that they are not a behavior problem in school. And she and her husband are very supportive of the school they are enrolled in now. When professional teachers act in a professional manner there is usually not a problem. As for Mrs. Rourke, she speaks very softly until she is crossed. I have seen the Jeckyl and Hyde effect with her and left the school system because that is not what I am about. The sumer that I resigned, 14 other staff members left. There is a reason for that. Too much staff turn over is happening at that school that can easily be avoided by simply replacing Mrs. Rourke. Something is very wrong there that the parents nor the media ever see. Do your own research on the number of staff members leaving or transferring out of JMME and decide for yourself if you would be at peace with your child walking the hallways. The staff are wonderful loving people for the most part but morale suffers greatly and the stress put on the staff by Rourke's bully tactics takes it's toll on even the most responsible and wonderful staff member. I was lucky enough in my family situation to be able to walk out but many are not. These people have to keep their jobs in order to care for their families. The truth will come out and all will see the true Pat Rourke just as I have.

I think Tracy should take

I think Tracy should take over Katie McGees job since she is totally WORTHLESS!


get the NAACP involved? Isn't all this pretty new? Whatever we do let's not try to resolve this on our own. Let's just get a bully organization to step in as soon as we can and let the situation get way out of hand. Somehow money will now the main focus. Mark my words.

They missed

I wonder if the naacp is going to run to the defense of the two mutts that killed the woman in crackwood?

already out of hand

Don't you people get it? The situation already is out of hand! McGee and Chestnutt have routinely mishandled personnel cases (many of them dealing with Blacks) and that is why the NAACP is there. I'm not a big fan of the NAACP, but sometimes the only thing people like McGee, Chestnutt, those God forsaken Board members, and the like understand is the threat of legal action or embarrassment.


The only thing that you got right in this paragraph is that this is out of hand! You have no idea what you are talking about. There are regulations and statutes that are set by the state that have to be followed according to the law. I don't think that Dr. McGee of Mr. Chestnutt should break the law just to satisfy your ignorant ramblings. Just because you don't know the laws does not give you a reprieve. Until you have been lived in their shoes for one day and had to deal with the likes of you for one minute you should keep your opinions to yourself!

JK i really really really

JK i really really really think you need to get your facts straight before you start calling people out. Just because YOU think something was mishandled by someone doesnt mean that it was. Regulations were put into place long before any of these board members or administrators were even there. If they had gone against those regulations then you would have been crying that they didnt follow them.

Tell that to the Duke Lacross players

According to the naacp "evidence is overrated".

okay, so is the NAACP the

okay, so is the NAACP the only ones allowed to hire lawyers? Al sharpton must be running for office again.


The only thing anyone should be embarrased about here is the way the NAACP represtatives portrayed themselves on the news. Blue jean leasure suits, are you kidding me? And if you have a spokesman, make sure that he can speak instead of mumbling, have a sentence or two to actually read instead of stumbling through it. Why is it that every little issue with a black person in the news has to be accompanied by this clan of black people speaking of the "wrongs" being dealt to "their people". This kind of public display is the very kind of thing that promotes racism and will never let it subside.


I guess bikini's and high heels would have been a little more appropriate for the REPRESENTATIVE'S attire. Wonder if they were mumbling about the spelling problems in our society today.