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More booms reported


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- More reports of those mysterious booms today.

We heard from some folks in southern Brunswick County about hearing and feeling the earth move. Those reports were centered around the Southport area.

A couple weeks ago, reports stretched from the Brunswick beaches to Castle Hayne.

"The booms are just completely random," Peyton Winstead of Brunswick County said. "Some people may think it's the nuclear power plant. Some people may think it's just random. I mean it's shaken the walls of my house and the pictures. There's no rhyme or reason to it."

Despite many theories, no one can explain what causes the booms.

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BSL Booms

I have been hearing them (feeling them) along with the rest of you.
Ever wonder why we never hear or feel them past 6 PM? At least I haven't so far. Only morning and afternoons. Think about it........

Sonic Booms

Another boom around 2PM. Went out on the porch and heard the military jet. When the military denies it's planes weren't in the sky, remember they work for liars in government. Whenever the booms hit, just go outside and listen. In most instances you can see the planes. Oh well - its better than Iranian jets.

Just heard and felt one at

Just heard and felt one at 3pm today (11/18) What is the cause of these? It is a little unnerving to hear and feel these and have no idea what it is.

Seneca Guns

We just heard two more booms Thursday 11/18 around 10:00 AM near Independence and Carolina Beach Road.

Booms at Holden Beach

In less than 10 minutes this morning I have heard 3 booms~1st one at 9:50 and the next two at 9:55 (followed almost immediately by the sounds of jets). The last two were the loudest and closest I have ever heard sounded like they were directly over my house, and were only a matter of seconds apart. Those two actually rattled the house and ground and hurt my ears!!

Yesterday (10/17) I heard so many by 2:17 that I started writing down the times. 2:17pm, 2:55pm, 3:06pm. All were either preceded by the sounds of jets or the jet sounds came almost immediately after.

Seriously, my ears are still ringing from those last two.

It's 10:07am and there goes another, smaller one, but I can hear the plane. And another large one just now, they're very close together! I can still hear the jets.


I just heard a boom and felt vibrations at 9:55 am in Leland. I checked the entire house, inside and outside, and nothing had fallen. It sounded like someone had dropped something extremely heavy inside or right outside of my house. I felt my home shake.


i was sitting here at the computer in rocky point about an hour ago and heard a boom off in the distance and i thought "that sounds like the boom that was being discussed for the past couple of weeks "

so i decided to check wway and sure enough.

so yeah.


Another one today

Just sitting here in Boiling Spring Lakes and there was another strong one - enough to shake the house and make my dog start barking

We had a few yesterday too.

Very curious to know what they are!


I have studied these booms since I was ten and found a book about the quakes of 1811 & 1812 in the eastern USA. Plasma releases cause energy to soar upward and create VERY LOUD booms.

This can go on for years prior to an earthquake.

Today in the Carolinas there was a quake felt even in NYC.

Eventually the New Madrid will slip again. Millions will die in this modern metro city world. Remember that the Mississippi ran BACKWARDS for several weeks from that amazing series of energy releases. The bells in Canada rang for two years. The desks inside the Congress and the White House often flipped over often.

European mags ran articles asking was this the beginning of the end of the world?

Plasma releases? You need to

Plasma releases? You need to go "study" some more....