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More information on Jessica Wishnask

READ MORE: More information on Jessica Wishnask
There is new information on former Williston Middle School teacher Jessica Wishnask. Wishnask was arrested early Saturday morning after police found her in the back seat of a car with a fifteen-year-old boy. Sources tell us the boy was a student at Williston. County officials would only confirm that Jessica Wishnask had been suspended twice, while working there. One Williston student who had Jessica Wishnask for a teacher told us he saw her hanging around with one particular student during recess and breaks. He spoke with us, with his parent's permission. "Yeah, he would come into her room, and talk to her in the hallways." Other than that, Ms. Wishnask was known as the popular teacher at Williston despite the fact she had been suspended twice while teaching there. "She would let us use our phones during class, and let us drink drinks and stuff." Over the weekend, Wishnask was charged with indecent liberties with a child. The fifteen-year-old boy she was found with was a student at Williston while Wishnask taught there. District Attorney Ben David said her charges could become more severe simply because the child is a minor. "All we have to prove is that the child was under the age of 16 at the time of the contact, and if there was sexual activity involved during the crime per se, regardless of the issue of consent, regardless about confusion about a date of birth." After leaving Williston, Wishnask was hired by Pitt County schools. On a form a Williston supervisor had to fill out before Pitt hired Wishnask, question six asked ‘Would you re-hire this candidate in your school system or organization?’. Pitt County school officials say the supervisor answered ‘yes’ to this question. According to their policy, Wishnask wouldn't have been hired in Pitt County, if this question has been answered ‘no’. Ms. Wishnask didn't have a bad reputation while she was at Williston, according to one student, which may be why students and teachers were shocked to hear what happened. The student WWAY spoke with said, “I didn't think she would do that, but she was always hanging around kids." Regardless of whether the teen consented to sexual acts with Ms. Wishnask, the 15-year-old in this case, is being treated as a victim. "Anyone can be a predator, most people think of it as a man who is older than the victim, but sometimes it is women,” Ben David added. David also told us if Ms. Wishnask had used her position of power or authority to gain access to the victim, which could mean more serious punishment.

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Has the letter been made public? Why not? What did the assistant superintendent say?

Letter of Recommendation -AFTER Two Suspensions?

What is the agenda here? Not the children, it would appear. Who would EVER do anything like that?


Did the school in Pitt County know about the suspensions? Did they find out what they were for? Paid suspensions can be for very small infractions. So, just because an employee was suspended, does not mean they would automatically be ineligible for rehire. Determining whether Williston mis-led Pitt boils down to knowing what the suspensions were for. Seems like Welmers would be more than happy to tell what the suspensions were for if, indeed the woman's infractions were as minor as cursing in the classroom. Why all the hiding?

Suspended twice

Something wrong here, get suspended twice, and get a good recomendation, the Supervisor needs to be fired, maybe he/she recieved favors from the teacher.

Problem staff

When you have someone who is a problem, and legally you cannot fire them, either give them a promotion out of your department or give them a steller recommendation. Either way, they are out of your hair. I know this happens everyday in business but I only hope that it doesn't occur in our schools.

Can't fire me

Why can't teachers be fired. What makes being a teacher a guaranteed job for life? If it's because of the teachers union, North Carolina needs to dissolve the contracts and take control for the public good. And another thing. The teachers union has had control of the classrooms for 40 years and look where we have ended up. A whole school year teaching EOG so the students can pass. Our schools are in bad shape and we need control to give our students a better chance of success.

North Carolina is not a

North Carolina is not a union state. There is no active teachers union and the "union" we do have does nothing, as can be seen by the current and endless attacks on teacher pay and employment.


She does tell alot about herself on her MYSPACE page ......actually she has THREE verions of her MYSPACE page....but you have to be her "friend" to many of her students are on her page??