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More information on Maisenhelder, indecent liberties charges

READ MORE: More information on Maisenhelder, indecent liberties charges
There is more information about the indecent liberties charges against a Wilmington man who owns and operates an after school program. Incident reports provide more clues about the allegations that lead to the charges. John Maisenhelder is charged with three counts of indecent liberties with a minor. An incident report from the Wilmington Police Department dates back to April 27th. Another report was made a month later, to the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office. Both list the address of Maisenhelder's after school program, CAST, as the location of the incident. The alleged incidents are indecent liberties with children. The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office incident report is dated a month later. John Maisenhelder was accused of “fondling minor children”. The district attorney's office said there are three alleged victims. Maisenhelder owns and teaches karate at CAST, an after school program in Wilmington. After an informational meeting for parents Thursday night at the Wilmington Police Department, a parent told WWAY police have video of Maisenhelder inappropriately touching children. Maisenhelder is in the New Hanover County Jail under a $500,000 bond. The district attorney's office believes news of the charges against Maisenhelder may bring more allegations from current and former students. If anyone is concerned, they are urged to call the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office at 910-798-4260.

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Why do people have to be so

Why do people have to be so disgusting? Sexual crimes against minors...that is something unbelievable. When I see a kid, I see innocence. That innocence shouldn't be destroyed because of what some sick perv decides he/she needs. I am glad they stopped him when they did and I think it is a pretty open/shut case with the evidence the LEO's have. If they hadn't stopped it now, how much further would it have gone? Would this teacher be just like the administrator at Duke who tried to sell his 5 yo? I would like to think not. But you never know. I say lock him up for life.


My knee-jerk reaction is to defend him. I know him, my children know him and the whole thing is just a shock! Now that the news has settled in a bit, do we really know him?

I understand

I understand people commenting on here about how great this man has been in their lives but you only saw 1 part of him. ALL of us lead secret lives, NO ONE knows what other people lust for in their minds. All predators keep their secrets until someone finally steps up and tells their story. There are 3 victims stepping up here you all may want to ask yourselves why.

Are you saying by your

Are you saying by your inflamatory statement "that all people lead secret lives" that you need to be investigated? Pretty studpid thing to say don't you agree?

Are you saying by this

Are you saying by this statement that you are leading a secret life? Should we follow you around with a camera?

Which part of him have you seen?

There may be 3 people stepping up to accuse him, but there are dozens that will step up to defend him. You may want to ask yourself why.

Support him?

I bet if this was your kids or grandkids you would have a different opinion would change. Defend him after the evidence comes out and he has had his day in court.

Why don't you take your own advice?

I only have to defend him because other people are attacking him before the evidence comes out. Why don't you try waiting until he's had his day in court?


There are always people to defend someone accused of a crime. This case is no different. If he is found to be guilty count yourself one of the lucky ones.

Only one

Only one of those three need to be right and I don't care if he has a million defenders, he needs to go to prison to protect the children.