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More land could be added to Monkey Junction annex proposal

READ MORE: More land could be added to Monkey Junction annex proposal
A proposal to annex land in Monkey Junction is getting bigger, much to the dismay of area residents and business owners. For them it means paying more taxes. Wilmington City Council member Jim Quinn said, "You can't tell when you leave the city or enter the county, it's just one big urban area." That line may soon become less blurry. Six years ago, Alford Seafood fish cutter Nick Miller said Monkey Junction looked nothing like it does today. "This place is getting way too big for its britches." Miller just found out the City of Wilmington is thinking about adding more than 200 acres to the already existing 1,000-plus acre Monkey Junction annexation plan. Both Miller’s business and residence reside in the new acreage. This could mean Miller has to pay city and county taxes. Miller said he, and other business owners, never asked to be annexed, nor do they want to be; especially during a hard economic time like this. A legislative study committee in Raleigh met Thursday to suggest residents be allowed to vote before the city forces them to be annexed. The suggested vote, as well as the additional proposed land, will both be discussed at the City Council meeting on February 3rd.

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It is so wonderful to be a

It is so wonderful to be a city resident. We get to pay more taxes (Double what they were) to pay for services we still don't have. Now they want to welcome more residents into the city limits that they won't be able to service either. What you get is more taxes and fees. We were in the last group and still don't have street lights, storm water drainage, trash or recycling services. We "Get" to pay for storm water drainage but that is not for drainage around our property. They tell me it is a fee all city residents must pay, well then why is it called a fee? I thought that was a tax. no wait we are paying them too! Oh and don't bother to call and ask for these services that doesn't work either.

Maybe the City is being Proactive with this annexation

Because in acquiring the land and watershed that the city of Wilmington has contaminated repeatedly with sewer spills, they remove themselves as a local government entity to be sued for the destruction of the environment.


BIGGEST complain with being annexed isn't being a part of the city...IT IS THE UNFAIR TAXATION that is the get hit with CITY tax...then they turn around and the COUNTY burns you with basically the same rate of taxes...WHY should ANYONE have to continue paying for county services when you are part of the city and the CITY is providing those services, NOT the county. If the taxation was FAIR...nobody would complain.


Welcome to America. Life isn't fair...get over it. Would you rather reduce taxes and lose those things like oh...Police, road maintenance, schools, etc...?


First, I never said life was fair. However, one shouldn't have to pay for services not rendered. I live in the county...I DON'T pay city taxes...therefore one can deduce that if I am in the COUNTY taxes should be NILL or greatly reduced. It's called NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION...this country was partly founded on escaping over taxation...we are TAXED TO no...I won't get over it...getting over it means I just let my government run a muck and do what they want...I want to keep my hard earned money! Since you have extra...send it my way!

..and the taxation will simply get worse

I'm not speaking of only here in New Hanover County or in North Carolina. I'm talking about the nation as a whole and every single state. You simply cannot have half the people supporting the other half while there are no restrictions on proliferation or benefits to those who don't pay their own way. No well is bottomless. Look at the situation California is in right now, look at the new taxes they are proposing, and then look at the benefits they pay to people who provide no benefit to society whatsoever. Right now 1/3 of the households in this country pay no income tax. 97.1% of the personal income taxes collected are paid by the upper 50% of earners. Once we have 51% of the country on the dole from government via EIC, annual stimulus checks, TANF, WIC, food stamps, Section 8 orpublic housing, Medicaid, Medicare, and every other governmental support system, it's "Katy bar the door." We will be in free-fall toward economic collapse, because we can't keep raising taxes indefinitely on the upper 50% of earners.

True what is the answer? Eat the poor? Personally I am ALL FOR mandatory sterilization of welfare recipients with no track record of attempting to find employment. Also, tax breaks for those who choose to not have children or have only 1. There is simply no need to have children at all considering the massive amount of adoptable children in this country or the world. Let's curb population and the long term positive effects on the economy should be high indeed! Believe it or not...i'm a democrat haha!

Taking care of someone

Taking care of someone else's child is not the same as having one yourself. If you can afford a child, or 3 or 4 or 5, then you shouldn't be condemned for doing so

Yes you should

YES you should be condemned for adding to the gross population that is out of control in this world. I will say I at least have more respect for those that have children and can afford them, but if you can't afford at least to send children to college, much less feed & clothe them, you SHOULD NOT HAVE THEM! It's irresponsible to bring a child into this world knowing you can't support them and expect other taxpayers to do it for you.

I completely agree with

I completely agree with point was there is nothing wrong with having 10 kids if you can support them. Nobody should have children they can't support...I'm tired of my hard earned money going to help support these kids

Answers? Several...

...but we will not try any of them. Too many people are protecting their own rice-bowl. Too many people are total suckers. Too many people can't separate that whole issue of what is God's and what is Caeser's. Here's a few I'd like to adopt, though not one of them has an ice-cube's chance in Hades: * Stop shielding the poor from BEING poor. If you're going to be on public dole, you're not going to have cable TV, a cell phone, a car, or any other luxury. The poor in this country live TOO well. They are never hungry, they never want for a single NECESSITY. Accordingly, we have removed the incentives for them to better themselves and improve their life. * Stop subsidizing personal life choices through our system of taxation or direct subsidies. Start "walking the walk" as far as true equality. Adopt a flat tax or The Fair Tax, without that silly "pre-bate." No additional deductions for children. No difference in your taxes if you own or rent. No joint taxes, everything individual. You made X, you give us Y percent. Every single American contributes to the support of this country. End Medicaid completely. * Repeal the Hyde Amendment and start offering free abortions to anyone at all. One caveat? Tubal ligation during the third abortion. Free vasectomies to any male who asks. * Rework Medicare so that it is a program designed to make life comfortable, but does not extend life to the point of fiscal idiocy. Cheap or even free drugs, simple preventative treatment to make life as comfortable as possible, but no idiocy such as chemotherapy or multiple bypasses on seventy-nine year-olds, as they wanted to do on my mother when she was that age. Doing a bypass on an eighty-year old is like rebuilding the engine on a '74 Vega. What's going out next week? As former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm said, "We have a duty to die."(And simply saying that destroyed his political career.) * Make Social Security voluntary for anyone with a confirmed, guaranteed pension (such as military and federal retirees) or people able to prove that they will never need it. We won't do any of these things, because we're not a hard people. We're soft. We're "nice guys" heading for financial ruin. We can't look a person in the eye and say, "You're old. You're going to die." "You shouldn't have had that child. How are you going to feed her or pay for her medical care? We're not." "It's better that you end this pregnancy now, rather than bring another mouth into the world with no way to feed it." While the Republicans are nearly as bad in their own way it is your party that has, since Lyndon Baines Johnson, fostered the "breeder mentality" to proliferate and enlarge the welfare state. As far as politics goes, it has finally paid off for you. As a nation we are capable of doing NOTHING to stop entitlements from exploding. We're even talking about creating a new, fourth entitlement. No...we can only be hard on the productive, successful members of society by raising their taxes...and likely soon, "means testing" Social Security. What do we do when the well runs dry? What do we do in 2040, when the interest on our national debt exceeds our annual income tax revenue? What do we do in 2042 when Medicare and Social Security costs exceed our annual income tax revenues? Just how far can you raise taxes without destroying our entire economic system? WHERE is all this money coming from, and why do 536 ostriches in Washington have their heads buried in the sand, pretending these problems don't exist? (I could also save a few trillion over the next decade with a re-vamp of DOD and getting us to move toward a system of user fees rather than draining general revenue to support niche concerns. I'm telling you, if you people would make me Emperor, we could get this thing turned around in ten years....but you won't do that, good luck to all of you. I'm insulating my butt as best I can.)


Before my neighborhood got annexed, we had police protection, road maintenance, schools, ect... Now we have higher taxes, pot holes and an absence of police patrols. Oh yeah, I'm a lot better off now.

Really had POLICE protection outside of the city?

Wilmington is a JOKE

Police, as in the form of Sheriff Deputies. So yes, this person would be correct in saying police protection. Let's not get technical on the term police. I moved to the County so I wouldn't have to pay City taxes. Friends of mine say they used to see a deputy's patrol car at least twice a they never see a city patrol car. They are also paying for sidewalks to get build, which won't come for another 10 years or so. It's a joke....Wilmington, is a joke.

Does anyone know....

...if that poor, predominantly Black neighborhood off Carolina Beach Road EVER got hooked up to city water? I recall reading (many years ago) how they were in the very first area to be annexed as the city moved South and even though ten years had expired, the city had never run water or sewer lines to them because of the cost required to meet the environmental regulations. Annexation and city taxes - lots more money for absolutely nothing.

sound like a child

You sound like a child that has to be exact. What time is it? I might say 10:30 but a child would say, "No, it is 10:27" No, they didn't have police patrols, that had sheriff patrols and now that they are in the city the police don't patrol there. Does that explain it simple enough for you Forrest?


City residents should see their county tax bill substantially reduced. Sure - they still use some county facilities, but once the city takes over an area, the county taxes should be reduced by 60-75%. Adopt that into law and you'll suddenly see Greer, Caster, and the rest of the rubber-stamp crowd start voicing a strong opinion against annexation. THEIR rice bowls wouldn't be as full!

Boycott Wilmington

The city is out of control. To put it bluntly, they are duplicating Adolph Hitler's plan for expanding German growth. "Vote? You don't get any stinkin' vote! We simply claim you're ours and we take you!" Monkey Junction might just as well be the Sudetenland or Polish Corridor, with the County Commisioners serving the roles of Chamberlain and Deladier. "What do we care if you take it? It doesn't hurt our budget." The only tool that intended victims of this tyranny have is the power of their wallets. Don't think that you're safe if you don't live in Monkey Junction. Middle Sound, Ogden, Porter's Neck and Figure Eight are all in the crosshairs. They want your money, plain and simple. Do not spend a dime in Wilmington. Shop out in the county or on the Internet. If you work in the city, bring your lunch. Instead of going to the movies, rent DVDs or download movies from an on-line service. Make sure you tell the merchants you formerly did business with why you can't patronize them any more. That's the only way THEY will vote these tyrants out of office, because you have no vote! Tell them that when the tyrants are gone, you'll be back. The organized groups that are fighting forced annexation need to be taking out full page adds in the metropolitan New York newspapers, warning people of what they face if they move to North Carolina. Make pending retirees bypass NC, and let the housing market slow even more in this area. Nothing is going to change until we make the city and state FEEL PAIN. We need to get off our lazy butts and join in a crowd of about one-million, to surround the state house in Raleigh and make sure that no one leaves the building until the law that allows such tyranny is erased. The time for revolution IS here.

Keep this in mind

Keep this in mind also when you are boycotting Wilmington...that includes the HOSPITAL! Take your broken arms, gunshot wounds and cancer somewhere else. I guess that would be the AROUND our city too if you don't mind. We don't want you buying gas in Wilmington on your way out of town! Oh and if you like it up there in the triad...STAY!

Actually the hospital is not

Actually the hospital is not just for the City. Everyone's taxes go towards the hospital. It's called NEW HANOVER Regional Medical Center, not WILMINGTON Medical Center

Slow down

You need to slow down a little and take it easy before you have a heart attack.


I'm only trying to make a sarcastic point here. I'll try to keep the blood pressure down. Thankfully my WILMINGTON Doctor told me my cholesterol and blood pressure are both great last week haha

Would that be the hospital...

...where you have an above average chance of contracting some life threatening staph infection? That hospital? Thanks, they're supposed to be building another hospital at the old CP&L Transmission Maintenance facility on Market Street, near Porters Neck. Maybe that will be cleaner.... ...and I'm sure that a new hospital will send the city into overdrive trying to annex the Northeastern corner of the county. Seig heil!

Boycotting Wilmington

Boycotting Wilmington businesses won't matter that much to the city since the County only gives the city about 20% of all sales taxes collected within the county. Oh, and by the way, over 80% of all sales taxes collected in New Hanover County are generated from businesses within the city limits. If the sales tax allocation was a bit more fair and equitable, I'll bet we wouldn't even be having this discussion, and city taxes would probably be 10 cents. I just learned about this and you can bet I'll be writing to my Commissioners and local delegation...

WilmingtonMAJ.... why is the

WilmingtonMAJ.... why is the only comment people make defending NH,Brunswick and various other counties is "leave" etc. Maybe you can't think of anything else to use to defend?

Well, since you asked....

The reason that I for one tell those who would complain about how things are done around here to leave is that they clearly are unhappy with the status quo here. Nothing to defend, just pretty straightforward in my opinion. If you don't like it here, leave. Find yourself some other place that will do things in a way that you would like. I'm tired of hearing the whining that Wilmington and New Hanover County are not the Utopia some fools have in mind, apparently. We never claimed to be perfect, and I for one never asked you or anyone else to come here.


Ok, what is your alternative argument? I get sick of hearing people complain about annexation and threatening to boycott Wilmington. If that is what they want to do then do it...all I am saying is that a LOT of amenities are in Wilmington including the Hospital, Wrightsville Beach, Mayfaire & Independence Mall, the airport, a majority of restaurants and oh...I40. So if you want to boycott Wilmington go ahead, but learn to live without nearby healthcare, good shopping, eating out and traveling.

How in the world.... Wrightsville Beach a "Wilmington amenity?" Okay, let's go down a few facts. * Never been to Mayfair in my life. * Haven't set foot in Independence mall in over two years, only then because of a Time Warner issue. * Have never used NHRMC in my life. That said, the "NH" in NHRMC indicates New Hanover. Ditto the airport. Ditto most of the county offices. My tax dollars are going to support them NOW, so if I had to use them, I would. I rarely do, however. Plus, why would I boycott governmental and quasi-governmental services? That wouldn't accomplish anything. Government is the problem, or to be specific, out-of-control government is the problem. The objective of the boycott is to force Wilmington MERCHANTS, people who depend upon trade, to vote the tyrants out of office and put people on council who believe in the American ideal of democratic representation BY CHOICE. We county residents are not the source of the hole in that bottomless money pit you call a city budget. We're not tying up your police, we're not demanding renovated public housing, we're not calling your fire department to come put our homes out. Leave us alone, and clean up your own messes!

Well said, Commonsense, and

Well said, Commonsense, and thank you. It's a money-grab from start to finish. It isn't enough that people from outside the city limits support those businesses. It isn't enough that county dwellers provide employers with labor and resources. Now we are expected to be absorbed into a mis-managed gov't entity and be happy for the "priviledge". WilmingtonMAJ, I also want to thank you for making my mind up for me. Your posts really have illustrated the sheer irresponsibility and ignorance of this proposal, and I will stand firmly against it. Furthermore, I will from here forward, be taking my business elsewhere, and spend my money outside of city limits.


To GET to the airport, Mayfaire and Wrighstville Beach you go THROUGH Wilmington. If you would like to boycott us...stay OUT of our city then!