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More NC counties join program to deport illegals

RALEIGH -- Five North Carolina counties are joining a program to deport illegal immigrants. The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Thursday that eight counties helped deport more than 3,100 inmates last year. Orange, Harnett, Duplin, New Hanover and Buncombe counties are joining a program called Secure Communities. It gives jails equipment that uses inmates' fingerprints to check immigration status and criminal records and automatically alerts immigration officials. The program is similar to one used in eight counties that trains local officers to interview immigrants and begin deportation. The new program doesn't require extra training. Duplin County Sheriff Blake Wallace says deputies won't be detaining people to get their fingerprints. He says he will use the program for people already in jail. (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Secure Communities Program

This program should be a fully enforceable federal program, but at the very least a staewide endeavor in NC. Anyone who is hardworking and wants to live and work in the US should be welcomed ---but they need to do so LEGALLY. Any US citizen who breaks the law is held accountable for what they do. Why not illegal immigrants? Now more than ever, not only our state, but our country, cannot afford the educational and medical costs. The strain is closing hospitals in some states and impacting our schools in a major way. In order for county, state, and federal services and programs like Social Security are going to exist, EVERYONE who holds a job in NC or the US needs to contribute to it. Illegals without Soc. Sec. #s don't contribute. Our children and grandchildren will need Social Security to held make due. With so may people without jobs, its only a matter of time before those still working may not support all those who are unemployed or no longer contributing. I am in Brunswick county. EVERY county needs to not only sign on to this program, but ENFORCE it. Lawmakers...PLEASE tell us all how.


should be in effect throughout the state not just on a limited basis. 30% of convicted felons, serving active terms in Federal facilities, are illegal immigrants. It costs a little over $3,000,000 daily to feed and house these aforementioned illegals. That amounts to over $1 BILLION annually. Tough times demand tough decisions. Madame Governor, this one is a No Brainer.

no one is illegal

Thanks surfcitytom for your usual spewing of talking points from the right that are skewed from ignorance and generally originated in political rhetoric, ironically, from teh republicans who were more likely to import undocumented, cheap labor to this country or to oursource our jobs to cheap labor overseas than anyone else. They just know they can rile up a few folks who do look below the surface of their "statistics" to see what they have done to keep their profits high and their morality low. But beyond the obvious for those who actual think beyond want they hear from Boris and Natasha (Limbaugh and Hannity), there is no such thing is an illegal person. A person cannot be illegal..these folks are undocumented workers or folks who are in this country illegally, but they are not is not PC or is a way to characterize somebody as less than Human and any news agency that does it is practing policies of degradation.

Let's see

an immigrant is someone who immigrates to another country. by your own words, "...these folks are undocumented workers or folks who are in this country illegally..." Combine illegal and immigrant and you have illegal immigrants. Seems simple enough to me. But let's play devils advocate. How about letting the United States mirror the immigration laws of Mexico? How about treating immigrants, without proper documentation, in the same manner as Mexico does? Would that be fair? If you check, the Mexican government runs illegal immigrants straight to the border and tosses them out. No appeal; no waiting in a cell; straight to the border. So let's treat illegal immigrants, in this country, in the same manner illegal immigrants are treated in Mexico. What could be more fair? And if we really want to be fair, let's require legal immigrants, those with proper documentation, to bring the same level of assets into this country as would be required in Mexico. What could be more fair? Treat them in this country in the same manner they are treated in Mexico.

Good Job

I been trying to explain this hard headed to quit this rhetoric but, ignorance and hateful blind him. I agree with you 100%.

it appears

you failed. Of course, how can you debate proven facts other than by spewing grammatically poor rhetoric. But it is clear like minds think alike. You and your buddy should do well together.

5 things informed

1. go back and read my post completely; you are clearly one of those who take one minor point out of context and try to create an entirely different point of view. 2. Go back to school and learn to spell. 3. Back up what you have to say with facts and not blow hard rhetoric. I stated facts and they are valid and proven. 4. For the record, the Democrats, during the Clinton (Democrat) administration, are the ones who initiated job loss through overseas trade agreements. 5. The bottom line is if they are here without documents; if they entered this country in any manner than that allowed by law, they are breaking the law and thus by law they are illelgal immigrants. Of course, you may be informed on matters other than law.


And Al Gore invented the internet.

Where can we sign up

Where can we sign up Brunswick County at?