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More people stealing gas

WILMINGTON -- Gas is going up and drivers are beating a hasty retreat from the pump, so quickly that they're neglecting to pay in increasing numbers. Rising prices are prompting more people to drive off without paying for their gas. Gas stations across our area are seeing the problem. Store clerks at Dodge's Store off Market Street say it happens at least once a week. Dodge's is a family chain. Managers say every time someone drives off it hurts business. Dodge's Store manager Robbie Dickerson said, "Now somebody who fills up and drives off, that could be anywhere from $40-$60." Dickerson says she and her staff are constantly monitoring people at the pump and they report drivers who run off to the police. In North Carolina if you drive off you could lose your license and pay a fine.

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More people are stealing gas because....

....there's no shortage of thieves in a society that doesn't punish thieves.

I stole gas today from the

I stole gas today from the Wrightsville Beach Scotchman, I thought you knew I was a Scally Wagg Aaaaaarggghhh!!!

What ever happened

What ever happened to those little Honda Civics that used to get 45-50 mph that were around 10 years ago? Sure seems that they would be more popular now than ever. So don't just blame the big oil companies, blame the car manufacturers and yourself the consumer.

stealing gas

first of all, DO NOT BUY GAS AT EITHER EXXON OR MOBIL stations because they are the biggest companies and if we refuse to purchase gas from them then they would get hit in the pocketbook and be forced to lower the price of gas. this would cause a domino effect for all gas stations. please try it and see what happens. second, if you think no one is watching you steal gas, think again. there is One who sees all and knows all. i don't know about you, but MY conscience tells me it's wrong to steal.

Too bad your conscience doesn't tell you....

...not to post idiotic comments. Here's a wake-up call, slick: Exxon-Mobil would LOVE to get out of the gasoline refining business. It accounts for less than one-tenth of their income and is a logistical nightmare. But I could hear you whining if they did! I stated this many, many times, but apparently you just don't want to understand it - the money is in OIL SALES, not in gasoline sales. So you just go ahead and boycott Exxon-Mobil. I'm sure they'll miss the ten bucks you put in your 1988 Jetta whenever you can scrape up enough in tips. A domino effect......HAHAHAHA! Yeah...the seven sisters are wetting themselves because of your threats....



Hey Braniac....

What was the profit margin for EXXON or MOBILE? (the answer is approx. 3%). You make just as much with a money market savings account. These guys don't control the price of raw materials (oil) goes up, so does the cost to produce the final product (gas). If they sold it for zero contribution margin, then there would not be any money for them to invest in R&D for new sources of energy or exploration for new oil fields. And by the way, don't forget about the $0.45+ per gallon taxes that are 'included' thanks to our government.

You are wrong.

It really is this simple. If EVERYONE decided to buy Coke, and stopped buying Pepsi, Pepsi would lower their cost per case to stores and Pepsi would be cheaper. Stop trying to push exxon-mobile because you have stock in their company!!!! No one cares if your stocks rise or fall but you. I will never buy gas from exxon-mobile or citgo stations. Sorry I won't help your stocks rise. The stock market is just legalized gambling to me.

Legalized gambling?

Did you flee in terror from every Economics class in school? I finally figured out why you guys come up with these crazy ideas for boycotting ONE oil company (what about CVX, BP, COP, RDS, etc) and why you don't understand anything regarding the mechanics of global oil markets. You're idiots! Here's a very basic primer on how it all works. Read and learn....

Your last statement is what

Your last statement is what really doesn't make sense to me. Gas prices are so high because of the tax our state and federal government puts on it. If your government was really concerned about the high gas prices, they would help by lowering some of those tax increases


This problem is because opec they are the ones who are causing this to become a bigger problem than it was so all the gas companies should send opec the bill for all of the drive offs because they got a billion dollar raise whats a couple million we who pay shouldnt pay for these who dont

I could lose my

I could lose my license---who cares. I would pay a fine---it would be cheaper than the gas. Keep stealing Bonnie and Clyde.

Doesn't quite work that way

Nice try...but if you do get caught stealing gas, not only can you lose your license and have to pay a fine, you also have to pay for the gas you stole. Now you are out more money. Some people really should have stayed in school

Every gas station I go to

Every gas station I go to makes you pay at the pump or pay before pumping. If stations are having a problem they should do that.

There you have it

Problem solved. It's just that easy.