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More trouble for Brunswick County Schools...

SOUTHPORT -- More trouble in the Brunswick County school district. NewsChannel 3 learned that South Brunswick High School Assistant Principal Lionel Kato has been suspended, with pay. Assistant Superintendent Terry Chestnutt confirmed Kato has been suspended with pay since December 13. This is the latest in a number of incidents involving county school employees. Within the next month a hearing is expected to take place in the case Hager vs. Brunswick County Board of Education. The parents of 16-year-old Windy Hager claim administrators didn't do enough to keep her away from her cross country coach Brent Wuchae. The two were married in the spring, the day after he resigned. North Brunswick PE teacher Mike Dumas is suspended with pay after a student claims he hit her. School board member Ray Gilbert is currently banned from district schools, following a protective order. A school secretary whom he allegedly had an affair with claims he threatened her. Gilbert denies those accusations. A number of students and parents said Friday they knew Kato had been suspended, but didn't know why. School officials say since it's a personnel matter they can't comment on the reason for the suspension.

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Brunsweck County schools

What is wrong with these people? Do they think they can do anything to our children and get by with it? Well those same people have rules for our children its time they started following the rules themselve KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR CHILDREN. When our teenage girls make a pass at you look at her as your daughter not your lover. When our teenage boys say something nice to you look at him as your son not as a sex symbol. The school system in Brunswick county is more involved in how they can do our children harm instead of helping them. The school priciples, teachers,office workers, kitchen workers, janitoral workers need to have a complete back ground check and talk to the employers prior to coming to any school to be around our children. Parents lets stand up for our children if we dont nobody else will.

Brunswick County schools

the teachers union doesn't want you to know how sorry our schools have become. Personell matters are cover ups in progress. Your not entitled to know anything until it's settled out of court, or plea bargan down to nothing.

Jumping to conclusions AGAIN!!!!!!!!

I agree there is a problem in our school system. Many employees are already required to under go background screenings and drug testing. I think all school employees should have to under go these tests. I also think that maybe before you start accusing another school employee of getting it on with your daughters, or sons, you should wait for the facts. Who is to say it was with a student? Did they say it was with a student, or did you jump to conclusions, AGAIN? The only reason we hear all the news about this type of thing is because it involves a school system. (it is like going postal. The facts are less people are murdered by postal workers than in a lot of other professions.) Don't think for a minute these same things don't go on everywhere else, even behind closed and locked doors in a lot of households by family members and friends. Don't think it only happens in Brunswick County either. Is your daughter safe from your husband? Son safe from your wife? Cousin, aunt, uncle, grand parent, friend next door, stranger on the corner? Who is to say. Maybe they are, and maybe they aren't. I think if all you parents are so scared to send your children to our public school system for an education, then maybe you should keep them home and teach them yourselves. But then again, is the one they are home with all day and night really safe? You decide!

This is exactly why my

This is exactly why my daughters go to private school. This county's education system needs a major overhaul

Brunswick county school's

Oops! There's more dirt under that rug.