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Mosquitoes infesting the area

READ MORE: Mosquitoes infesting the area
The cooler temperatures are here, but mosquitoes are still lurking. There is a certain kind in our area that pack a mean bite. Jean and Roy Mitchell enjoy afternoon walks in their Westport neighborhood in Leland. But lately an increasing number of Mosquitoes have ruined there daily routine. “It's annoying if any thing else. It makes me feel itchy.” That annoying insect could be the Asian Tiger Mosquito which is a silvery striped bug that has infested the area. Andy Anderson is the Education Director of the Audobon Society. He said, “The Asian Tiger Mosquito is annoying because they're active during the day, so they bite and they're aggressive and seemingly always hungry.” It is believed that years ago the Asian Tiger Mosquito sailed in on a ship from overseas. Since then, they have grown in population and become a nuisance in the area. The insect has spread throughout most of the southeast largely because they breed and lay eggs near water. Experts say anything holding water has the potential of raising mosquito larvae. If you develop a fever from an insect bite, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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is this anything like the democratic party sucking the taxpayers dollars out of their pockets. the last thing i'm worried about is a few skeeters! vote john mccain president!!!

I am here to tell ya my son

I am here to tell ya my son was bitten by one of these damn things and it nearly killed him. The insect carries a number of diesease and one in particular is know as chicken guniea. We went threw hell with my 6 year old. He was with high fever and severe body achs and a burning rash for days. Every inch of his skin blistered and peeled. It was the worst thing I have ever seen, it had our peditrition puzzeled.I think the state needs to do more for insect control. In my city you have to request your area be sprayed. I did that and only seen the truck once. Annoying shouldnt be our biggest complaint these things are life threatening.

Slow news day?

News flash: Build houses on a swamp, and you might have a few bugs.