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Mother and boyfriend charged in case of pit bull chewing off baby's toes

A four month old boy is still hospitalized Wednesday night, after a pit bull chewed his toes off a couple of nights ago. The baby's mother and her boyfriend are charged with felony child abuse. The couple was sleeping in the same room as the baby, when a 12 week old pit bull they were dog-sitting chewed off his toes. The dog has tested negative for rabies. Two other children who were in the house at the time of the incident have been placed in the care of relatives.

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Obviously these people are

Obviously these people are not fit to raise a child or a dog- doesn't even look like they can take decent care of themselves! This is the worst example of selfish and stupid behavior. Unless they were both passed out cold they had to have heard that child screaming and just ignored him. Talk about an argument for mandatory sterilization, but heaven forbid we interfere with their rights to make more babies to neglect and abuse.

I am sick over this!

I have been so sick over this story that I do not even know how to begin to express myself. As the mother of a 14 month old beautiful little angel that was entrusted into my care by the grace of God; I will go to my grave trying to protect, teach, nurture and love my little boy. I cannot fathom laying in a bed and sleeping through the absolute excruciating pain that this poor baby suffered. I pray that this woman never sees the opportunity to be "responsible" for another human being EVER. She needs to be strapped down and have something chew her toes off.

What person in their right

What person in their right mind would put a baby & a pit bull together... Hope the little one is gonna be all right.

Who would even leave their

Who would even leave their dog with these 2?

What Hair?

That ain't her hair. That is someone else's hair half falling off her head.

pitbull chewing off babs toes

sorry for the little baby , how could they not hear him crying ???? her hair looks like dog maybe got a hold of it !!!,sorry but thats wierd looking , i pray the baby will be fine and they will make sure nothing else happens to him .


Were they so consumed with alcohol or drugs that they could not hear that baby screaming...Were they so used to hearing the baby cry that they ignored the sound? What is wrong with these people, they certainly DO NOT need children in their care!!!

Good. I hope the baby is

Good. I hope the baby is going to be ok. Now, this is totally off subject, but what is up with her hair?

I hope this baby will be OK

I hope this baby will be OK and doesn't get returned to these parents to suffer more abuse. This lady looks like a Klingon from Star Trek.


A Klingon !! Thats it !


Now just look at those faces,how could they be wrong at any thing.

That's it

1 count of felony child abuse each, as I said before, a slap on the wrist for both. What about endangering the wellfare of a child(ren) since there were other children in the house to? These 2 will walk away while their baby probably won't.