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Mother Charged for Murdering Son

We have new information on the Wilmington mother charged with the murder of her four month old baby. Angela Billings, describes her nephew Logan VanDyke, as a very mellow, low key and happy baby. Angela's sister in law, Maegan M. Stuhan was arrested Thursday for felony child abuse of her four month old boy, Logan. Charges of child abuse changed to first degree felony murder Saturday. Just before midnight, Logan died from multiple fractures and internal injuries. Detective Lisa Savitts said, “our investigation shows us that it was more than one incident, however we're waiting for the final result from the medical examiner." Billings said, “I don't think anyone saw this coming or that Meagan needed help." Tuesday morning Stuhan brought her son to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Savitts said that Stuhan went to the hospital and reported that her son was having breathing difficulty. It turned out that may not have been the case. Savitts said, "It’s my understanding that it seemed apparent to first medical responders that his injuries were indicative of non-accidental trauma, thus resulting in the mandatory reporting to social services as well as law enforcement." Billings said Stuhan eventually confessed to authorities that she abused Logan. “She changed her story and then started admitting stuff, like hurting him, un-Godful things" But later Stuhan retracted her confession, Billings said. She says,"He's going to be flown back here we are going to be having a funeral for him." Stuhan is being held with out bond at the New Hanover County jail. Her first court appearance will be Monday. Stuhan's aunt, Angela Billings lives in Michigan, that's where Stuhan is from. She said that Stuhan was just supposed to be vacationing in Wilmington to get away from her boyfriend Randy VanDyke, but that she later decided to move here. The aunt said that she never knew of Stuhan doing anything to harm her son.

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i was incarcerated with her

i was incarcerated with her and i know for a fact she didnt harm her baby. she was a close friend of mine and i love her deeply. they need to look deeper into her boyfriend. there is no way she could do this and if you don't know her you habe no right to judge her. for only God can judge us!!!!!

Anyway you know where she is

Anyway you know where she is located? I'd like to write her or speak to her.

Maegan Stuhan did not kill

Maegan Stuhan did not kill her baby nor did she harm her baby. She was a young mother who fell victim of a psycho of whom has a history of harming children. Unfortunately she was pushed around by "the law" as she had no money to hire her own lawyer. She was a kid with a kid who ran from one bad situation with one man into another bad situation. The law cares nothing of justice, as long as someone pays, who cares if they're innocent. Maeghan is doing okay, she'll put her time in, and she'll come home to people who care about her and know the truth.

As for all of you stupid ass people, you know nothing. This so called media outlet can't even get the simple facts right. Most of you don't know that he had several regular checkups in his short life. Not long before this incident happened, he was at the doctors office for a check up. He was healthy at that time. Something happened in between now and then. As for Ms. Angie Billings, she's about the worst person the media could have talked to. She cares nothing for her family and is always willing to stab her family in the back and has done so in far less severe situations than this.

A friend who knows the truth.

i was in jail with her and

i was in jail with her and she told me what happened!! is she ok? where is she at prison or still in the jail. tell her ELizabeth said hey she will remember me tell her i was the girl in the yellow when she first came in

why haven't they question

why haven't they question the guy she was living with. who is he? what is his background? Why is Meagan still sitting in Jail? Will our great city of Wilmington pay her for sitting so long in jail. Where is the proof????? Wilmington needs a wake up call. Find the evidence.. You can't always go on what is said by our officers interrogating tactics.

Amanda Stuhan

I know you miss your sister but, when you do the crime you have to pay the time. She was a mother and it is her responsibility to take care of her child and keep him from harm. You might want to find another role model, she is not someone to look up to. I am a mother and it is one things to lose a child in a accident that is out of your control but this sounds like no accident. The inmates will take good care of your sister while she is in jail. You might not want to leave comments on how good of a person she was it just makes you look stupid.I do hope your family finds peace and I will pray for you all.

I miss my sister..

Does anyone know how hard it is for me to see all the horrible, disgusting things you say! Do any of you have a heart!? I know my sister more than anyone and shes been sitting, suffering, crying in jail alone for something she didn't even do. I'm sick of losing everything and everyone thats close to me. Maegan is the one that i've looked up to my whole entire life. I was with her all the time, including my nephew Logan. He was never harmed in any way by her. God knows the truth and so does a variety of good people out there. It's been over a year..when will this nightmare end? Meagan is my sister, my hero, my inspiration, and most of all she's my best friend...and now i'm left with nothing! I've suffered enough..I've lost Logan and if Maegan has to die, i die to.



More to the story.....

Ok everyone is blaming this girl when it says she was living with the boyfriend. I have read alot of the articles and happen to come across this article again. She didnt know this guy if she had only been there for 3 weeks or so. Where does he play into this. Has he been looked at durring this investigation. Does he have children and if so is he around them. No one really knows but this girl what happened and its hard to believe that a girl that had no history of hurting her baby did this alone. This is how messed up our system is. The woman is always to blame. As for the babys grandmother I feel for you and I pray the truth comes out and you get some kind of closure for this tragedy. God bless you and your family.

He does have children and no

He does have children and no he is not around them.

How do you know she had no

How do you know she had no history of harming her baby? He was only 4 months old. How much of a history do you need? The medical examinier found signs of abuse. The baby died from the trauma. The woman is to balme because SHE CONFESSED! She took it back, so that makes her innocent? Also, please read the article again. It says nothing about her living with a boyfriend. It says she came here to get away from a boyfriend and decided to stay.

Meagan Stuhan

This girl has been sitting in jail for a year now. When are they going to put her on trial for goodness sake.

How true is The Story!!!Read

How true is The Story!!!Read it again....she dont even have it right,sister in law?She was right at the end about Aunt Angi,which wasnt down in N.C. with me and she didn't have the facts...come on people PLEASE!!!!

Guilty Until Proven Innocent!!!!

I'm the Grandmother of Logan!I Just can't believe how heartless people can be.Maegan is a good person,she brought him in!Thats all she is guilty of!She loved her son.I guess you are guilty until proven innocent.You don't know the whole story of what has happened!There is more to it and it will come out in the trial!

Mental illness

I am very concerned about the mental stability, or lack there of, of this family. Maegan is inocent until proven guilty. However, the statement "there is more to this story" is certainly true! 1. The boy frined was involved. or 2. The whole truth is not coming out. or 2. Maegan was on drugs. or 3. Her mental condition at the time had severly deminished. Any mother! in here right mind, would never intentionally harm her child. Any mother that did needs to be medically evaluated. Furthermore mental illness is a determined condition in which a person can lapse into and out of a condition of not internally controled by this person, which could explian a huge lapse in judgement. I have witnessed a lack of "family" and "judgement" enough in this family to determine it unstable to say the least! The mental stability of Maegan, Amanda, their mother and family needs to be analyzed! Furthermore they ALL need help! As a concerned friend...

Ugh, this sickens me and breaks my heart

I sit here reading these comments and I am just ASTOUNDED by the cold-heartedness and ignorance of some people. HOW could any MOTHER murder her own child???? HOW could anyone possibly defend her or make excuses for her murdering, yes, murdering, her own baby? A poor defenseless child brought into this world for her to nurture, love, hold, care for. Yet she abused the privilege of being a mother and MURDERED her own child. She didn't love this baby. She MURDERED it. Pure and simple, it's murder. It wasn't an accident. She intentionally inflicted harm on her baby and as a result, that baby suffered horribly for God knows how long and eventually that suffering lead to that poor baby's death...UGH, this sickens me. I am a young mother myself and I wasn't completely prepared for motherhood, yet never did I think about harming my baby. Sure, there were days when I didn't think I could make it through, and then she would smile at me and it would be worth it. Even now, 4 years later and another baby, I still get frustrated, aggravated, etc. but I could never hurt my baby!! There is NO excuse for what she did to her poor baby. NONE! And anyone who is making excuses for her is just as guilty as she is. How can you possibly excuse something like that? Please, someone help me to understand the thoughts of the ignorant. In my opinion, she should get the death penalty. Not injection or electrocution...She should suffer just the way that baby did. And so should anyone else who defends her or makes excuses for what she did. Its horrendous. My heart goes out to these poor little babies who suffer at the hands of the cruel people in this world. May God have mercy on your souls!

just stop..

Why are all of you making judgments on a subject you no nothing about besides what you read most of you on here did not know her and yeah this is a little extreme but there is more to it then what they are putting on here so how about before you decide to express your opinion a stupied one at that just stop because you dont know what was going on in her life what caused this and its not for you to decide and who are we to judge others its not are place and if you think it is just read the bible a little and then re think that because almost all of you didnt know her like her true friends did and still we are wondering what caused this so i would like to know how you people who did not even know her could say why she did this when the people that knew her cant.. so just stop trying. keep your rude comments to your self

I do read the Bible, and I

I do read the Bible, and I am pretty sure it does not condone murder. Especially the murder of a child. And if you are trying to make some kind of point, you should try not writing in run-on sentences, or at least try to sound educated. Just because you "know" this person, doesn't mean she didn't do anything wrong. Yes, the truth will come out. Maybe it was an accident, maybe she had psychological problems, but the TRUTH is that a child has died from unnatural causes and someone is to blame. It's amazing what denial can do for people.

To "just stop"

To "just stop" AMEN!!!!!!!

I know her also,

And she is a really nice girl, and whenever i seen her with that baby you could tell that she loved it to death. I honestly just can't see her doing that, I'm not saying i know if she did it or not, because i dont, and either do any of you.

Exactly.. Loved it to DEATH.

Yes, She loved it to death. My EX!-husband didn't look like a murderer either. Very nice.. and sooo charming. YOU NEVER REALLY KNOW ANYONE.

TO "Exactly....loved it to

TO "Exactly....loved it to death." I'm truley sorry for your loss,I know your pain,but don't be so quick to judge when you don't know the whole story.Maegan is my Daughter,my child!She isn't a monster and YES!!!!!I do know her!

I was a parent at 26yo and

I was a parent at 26yo and it was hard for me but have I ever thought that shaking my baby was a good idea never. I don't care if she was 18yo or how much the baby cried. Shaking it is not going to make anything better. How do people seem to think that shaking it is going to get it to stop. It won't inless you do harm to it. I just want her to imagine what her baby was thinking and feeling when she was shaking it the terror that it felt knowing the one person it trusted was hurting it so bad and scaring it so much I want to cry for the baby just thinking about it myself.

Dead Baby

i understand how some feel about meagan, but i bet that no one actually knew her personally except her aunt that was talking in the article. I'm a friend of hers from Michigan, and none of you actually knew her. She was a happy go-lucky girl that has surprised me with this action, Meagan loves kids. None of you have the right to judge her based on one mistake she's made, i'm sure everyone of you has made a mistake in your life, maybe it's not as bad as Meag's, but you've made one. Please, don't judge meagan by what you hear on the news, or by what she has done, you don't know her and don't know how she is. I know that Meagan is regretting this right now, and none of you have the descensy to stop and think of why she may have done such a thing as this. Jenelle.

Yea, but I only judge people

Yea, but I only judge people that will take the life of another human being


"...and none of you have the descensy to stop and think of why she may have done such a thing as this..." It does not matter why!!!! There can be no excuse good enough, no reason severe enough!!!! You have got to be kidding with that last thought you had!!!

It was very DECENT for her to kill her child.

She lost the priviledge of anyone being decent with her when she lost the ability to be decent with her own flesh and blood.

Dead Baby

I am sorry, knowing this girl personally doesn't have to do with anything. So you knew this girl personally it doesn't make what she did right. Don't make excuses for her. This is a pretty big mistake. If she had it so hard, and such, there is help out there for people like that. If you can't handle the child there are so many people out there that can't have children, that would have loved this child.

What?!? Made a mistake?!?

What?!? Made a mistake?!? She's accused of killing someone. Her own child at that.

what would you think