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ONLY ON 3: Mother claims driver harassing daughter over books on bus

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Mother claims driver harassing daughter over books on bus

SUPPLY, NC (WWAY) -- A Brunswick County mother says her daughter is being harassed on the school bus by the bus driver. The school principal says that's not the case.

Tiffany Bradley says a driver for Supply Elementary is harassing her 11-year old. The problem her daughter Taniyah Miller is carrying books and reading them on the bus. Principal Dwight Willis says when the books are not being read, they can be distracting.

"It could create some disciplinary issues on the bus that the bus driver would then have to deal with, which could affect the safety and efficiency of that route," Willis said. "And so our preference is that children keep their materials in their book bag during their ride."

Bradley disagrees.

"If it was a safety issue, then it would be in the policy," she said. "And being as though that it's not in that policy, the children should have the right to read on that bus and carry their books."

Bradley says the school system is not helping her fix the problem.

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Bus Driver Blues

Sounds like all the people who are jumping to conclusions one way or the other on this issue might want to chip in toward buying cameras for the busses, so that one or the other version could be confirmed.

Bus driver

My child rides this bus, she reads books on the bus with no problem. I know this bus driver and she does the best she can with kids who don't know how to behave. Never learned that at home I guess.The bus driver cares for those kids, and my child thinks she is great.Check and see if the child is a problem in class. That could answer a lot of questions.

book reading

most of the time a child is not the same when they are away from home. they tend to want to be seen when they are around other children. I don't believe the driver is telling a lie.some parents think their children does'nt do any thing wrong.

Instead of attacking the child.......................

Instead of attacking this child and mother the more constructive thing to do is get on the road in the morning and get behind a few of these school buses.How many times do you see kids hanging out the window?Kids sitting on the floor in the back of an over crowded bus?Kids fighting on the bus?Didn't we just have a story in the news about an incident involving two brothers having sexual contact on the school bus? Seriously? I would be thrilled to see them all take a book out and sit there and read.

Can't read on a SCHOOL bus? What in Heaven's name?

It's a SCHOOL bus, isn't it? Doesn't it have those words painted all over it? A SCHOOL is a place where you learn to read, and where you are encouraged to read more and more. As an old school teacher who also drove a School Bus, I can't imagine a situation where students reading could create a disciplinary problem.

Come on, school folks... get real!


my child has not done anything wrong if she did then it would notbe a problem but the driver has made her own rules for her convience and not the good of the kids that ride that bus and other kids has had the same problem just so happen i was the one that spoke up!!!! GOD FIRST!!!!

And You...

You are the only advocate for your child! Keep it up...any parent would want to know what was going on in this situation.

This mom is not telling the

This mom is not telling the truth. Her child was not reading on the bus. She was throwing things, yelling, and taking 10 minutes to pack her bookbag up at her stop. If she was using the book for reading material and not causing a problem, she would be able to read. Books are for reading not hitting or throwing. People need to remember the news is just out to get A story, not THE WHOLE story. Its more juicy and quite frankly unbelievable to say a school won't let a child read than to say the school is trying to control a discipline issue. Which story do you think would grab more readers?


The bus driver was just mad because the child could read better than them.

Think about it.....

Almost everyone on this thread has made the statement that they can't believe the school/principle/bus driver wouldn't want the kids reading on the bus. You are correct. Of course they want the children reading. Maybe the child wasn't readiing with the book. Maybe she was doing something else with the throwing it, hitting someone with it, tearing it, etc.

Look, the principal's comment probably didn't tell the whole truth. Heck, they can't tell the whole truth. They have to protect the privacy of the child, employees and everyone else. This is such a "sue crazy" world that we live in they have to be careful what is said.

Did WWAY ask to see the child's discipline file? Probably not, but if they had the school probably would have denid them access. Maybe WWAY should try. It could hold all of the answers. If she is an Angel the file will show it and there is probably some truth to the story. If the file is loaded with disciplinary issues, well there you go.


This child is not the "perfect angel." Trust me. This is just an issue of one parent wanting her "15 minutes of fame". Of course everybody who reads this story is going to automatically jump on the bus driver. The bus driver was merely enforcing the rules! My children give me daily reports of what happens at school and on the bus. Most of the kids that ride that bus are rude and disrespectful. Maybe if all of the buses had monitors then taking materials out of your book bag wouldn't be a problem. But, in order for that bus driver to keep her eyes on the road and minimize distractions, every child needs to follow the rules... Keep all material inside of your book bag!


I guess your kids tell you the truth all the time. I bet they never do anything wrong. Could it be that they heard you talking about this story and they just wanted to fit into your conversation? I wonder.

Child Being Harrassed by Bus Driver

Brunswick County schools should be thankful that a child is reading voluntarily.

Brunswick School Bus

This has got to be one of the most absurd complaints. I have driven school buses with routes that were 30 minutes to 2.5 hours and fully incouraged the kids (ages 4 - 18) to read, do homework, listen to mp3's. I never had a problem with distraction because the kids were being occupied. If this driver that finds the child reading a book as a distraction then that driver needs to find a new job.

Im sure there is more to the

Im sure there is more to the story , there is no way a bus driver could have a problem with a kid reading . However , it is Brunswick County

Columbus County has similar

Columbus County has similar problems. I've contacted the principal at Southeastern Early College High School concerning my son's bus driver. During one episode the bus driver was making my son sweep the bus out each morning, while traveling on the road, until he made me aware of the situation. During that time my son was being treated for allergies and we were having to make payments for the allergy test.
Ever since I contacted the principal, last year, about the driver, my son has continued to be harassed. One evening my son said the driver threw something at him as he was exiting the bus. He later found a piece of gum stuck to the back of his shirt.
The principals response was that if she disciplined the driver, the driver could make things tough for the student. My son has told me that he is not allowed to read on the bus as well, but certain students are allowed too.
Experiences like this will go with a person throughout their life and help contribute to prejudice. My son feels it may be a racial, prejudiced driver, thing for the driver. Our children are exposed to such things as this because administrators are preoccupied with budget issues, plus trying to avoid the appearance of problems that exist during their watch! The driver mentioned in this article should be terminated, along with at least one in Columbus County.

Rules are rules

I am a parent of 2 children who attend this school. They also ride that bus. The rule is not to take anything out of your book bag. This rule is for their safety. If this child was reading a book with hard edges and the bus driver had to make a sudden stop, this could endanger that child. If this child has a hard-backed book and hits another child over the head with it, this would give the "media happy" parent another excuse to sue the school system. The mother is over-exaggerating. It ticks me off the way that some parents want to run to the media to draw attention to an issue that is completley futile! The rules are for the safety of the children. Your child is on that bus for 30-45 minutes. After that, she can read all she wants! I support the bus driver and the principal of this school 100 percent!


If there was true concern for children’s safety on school busses, there would be seatbelts. An extra 30 minutes of reading each day is more than some children get in class, let alone at home. The whole thing is absolutely, unbelievable.

Bus Driver Harassing Child

I have heard and read some crazy things in my life, but this has to be the craziest of them all. A child reading a book is a "safety" issue?? How about the screaming/hollering kids, jumping in and out of their seats? A child sitting in her seat, reading, disturbing no one is not a safety issue or an "efficiency issue with the bus route". Sounds like some off-of-the-wall bull to me. I rode school busses in Brunswick County, and believe me the children sitting in their seats, reading, doing homework were not the "issue". Bus driver needs to get another job !!!!

In Florida reading on a bus is a positive thing !!

From "Making a Difference" on the April 27 broadcast Quote: A 63-year-old employee of the School District of Manatee County in Bradenton, Fla., has it all figured out. Nicknamed "Ms. Kookyi" by her students at Samoset Elementary School, she became so fed up with student misbehavior earlier this year that she almost quit over the fights, the disrespect, the horseplay. So one night she prayed to God for additional strength or the guidance to find another job. So, the next morning, Peterson told the children on Bus No. 546 that starting the very next day they were all expected to bring a book with them. The kids now call bus No. 546 a "library." It's that quiet, as all the children read during their morning and afternoon commutes. After the children fasten their lap belts, the kids all take out their books and Peterson goes through pronunciation with the children. She even makes book report assignments, all books that the kids want to read, with the reward being prizes like cookies or other items donated by Samoset Principal Scott Boyes. The result is a student competition that gives Peterson more reports than she sometimes wants to read, but she realizes how important to still review every last one. One recent student winner read 18 books and wrote as many reports.

And the teachers love the program. Teacher Shirley Beckner said one student had been struggling with his work before Peterson's onboard book club, but now he is reading fluently. Boyes said many young kids don't like to read until they find a topic they really like, for him it was camping. He called Peterson's initiative simple but one that most drivers don't take.

Someone needs to forward

Someone needs to forward this information to the Brunswick County School Board or at least the principal who supported the bus driver. I would but I live in New Hanover so I don't think they would take it seriously.

It does no good to contact

It does no good to contact the school board here. Absolutely child got a chipped tooth while at school in 09/09. I went through ALL the appropriate channels. Emailed teacher-waited all day-no response. Went to the school at the end of the day and was finally allowed to talk to the teacher, who was still investigating the situation. Went to the prinicipal and he said he would check into it and call me. Waited two days. Nothing. Called the Brunswick County School Board. They too are going to check into this matter. This was 09/09. I am still waiting for a return call......This county is a joke.

Read The Books

My wife is a bus driver in Brunswick County at an Elementary school . She has books on her bus for reading. Kids are asked to read one of her books or there own. They get in less trouble on the bus that way. This mother is right 100%.

I can't believe a school

I can't believe a school system is complaining about a kid reading a book on a bus. I guess they would rather children be cussing, fighting or bullying. I guess schools are not for education anymore. This child should be appplauded for reading and taking responsibility for educating herself since the schools will not do it. This just shows how stupid the people educating our children are!


This should not even be an issue.

Reading a book is a bad thing? If the bus driver gets distracted from a kid reading a book....god forbid if one the students sneeze.

This is the kind of B.S. that is slowly causing us to fail as a society. It makes me furious that the school system would stand behind the driver on this one.

On a lighter note, my hat goes off to those that do drive buses for our schools. Thank god that all of the drivers are not as easily distracted as this driv....LOOK A SQUIRREL!

Reading on bus

This is why Brunswick Co. is ranking so low in NC. I've taught for 41 years in Fairfax County, VA. and now I'm retried. After seeing this on the news, I coundn't believe what I was hearing. In this case the principal, should be backing up the parent and the student for reading on the bus. In our county (FCPS), a bus driver would have no problems with this. This appears to be the case of a bus driver making up their own rules and has nothing to do with this child reading. I think everyone in Brunswick County should call their school board representive on this one. Maybe the books will be burned next week.....


over a book the school systems kills me this is the most outragest thing i have ever heard if the child is doing no harm let her read we are suppose to encourage our kids to read and this school is telling this child she cant read a book on the bus,how is reading a book on the bus a distraction i think this princapl needs to get real come on she is doing no harm whats going to be next kids cants look at each other on the bus cause it may cause a distraction

books on bus

i am all for the mom of this child i have had a simular problem it would be diffrnt if the child read out loud but if the child is reading to itself then what is the problem the child is causing no problems the school system around here is awful

This one's got me stumped

How would reading a book be more disruptive than a chattering bunch of elementary school students? Unless the child is standing up and orating, this one beats me.

But then I never rode a school bus.

I'm stumped too!

I agree with SurfCityTom comments on this one! I ALWAYS read on the bus! It passed the time, and I enjoyed it! Sometimes I even did my homework! Several of the other kids on the bus were standing up, fighting, throwing things, shouting, singing...I don't know how the drivers handled it! And bookbags? We always carried our books, no bags or backpacks. Of course we didn't have to lug around cellphones, ipods, etc. School was for learning, all we needed were paper and pencils!