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Mother, daughter charged with mugging elderly woman


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Here at the holidays, a mother and daughter will get to spend some time together... in jail.

Wilmington Police say Marjorie Massey and Latonya Banks teamed up to rob a 76-year-old woman yesterday as she got out of her car at Lowe's near UNCW.

Investigators say one of the women reached inside the car to grab the victim's purse as they asked for directions. The spunky senior grabbed onto one of the suspects as they dragged her across the parking lot until she eventually fell.

Witnesses helped lead cops to their suspects last night.

The victim got nearly all her stolen loot back, including her prized address book.

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Want to do some reading...

...on the scale of "War and Peace" or "Gone With the Wind?"

Go to the DOC website and check out the records on THESE two....especially Mama!

let me at them !

I may be 57 years old and walk with a cane but I would have given them a thrashing with my walking stick which is made out of a piece of vine and shellacked. You see, it's like this, my Dad told me years ago that "they" are all the same. No, I'm not being a racist pig either, "they" can be any color, etc. Thank you for reading my $.02 worth.


This entire incident sickens me. This poor woman, not only did she have to suffer this violent act, but I am sure she will spend much of the rest of her life in fear, of thugs like this. I hope these women get to feel this same fear and understand the true damage they have done. I am not a violent person at all, but i was so enraged when I read this, that I almost wished I could spend one day alone in a cell with these two just to make sure they could feel the same fear they must have caused this woman. i am so glad there were witness and this scum is off the street. I hope if they are let out of jail, that karma catches up with them quickly.

watch and see

in this judicial district they will receive probation and community service. it pays to commit crime nowadays with all the pleas that are approved in this district.

Hate Crime

If it were two white girls beating up an old black lady, they would be charged with a hate crime, as well as black people rioting.

yeah right, if your going to

yeah right, if your going to comment say something that makes sense.
Theses two women happen to be my mother and sister. I totally agree that they were wrong, and should suffer the consequences given for this crime, but I beleive if it were two white women beating an elderly black women the last thing they would be charged with is a hate crime. They would most definitely get a slap on the wrist.

True statement



hope you spend alot of time in the hole!

Why didn't "witnesses" do anything?

These two should have looked like ten pounds of raw hamburger by the time the police arrived.


I was one of those "witnesses" who happened to come up on the tail end of it when they were speeding off in the parking lot. I was not gonna jump on the car like they do on TV. I did call 911 with he tag number as well as others that done the same.The tag did not belong on the car. The police were there in minutes. These low life POS's were captured. End of story!

...and you did a fine job...

I am sure, however, that you were not the only witness, and that there were people in a position to do more than simply watch. Lowes parking lot is not exactly a ghost town.

Vigilante much?

Then the "witnesses" woud be in jail for assault too. Sounds like they gave the police a description, probably a license plate number. You should congratulate them for doing the right thing and assisting the police in finding the bad guys. How do you know these witnesses weren't women, elderly, or maybe had kids with them at the time, who could have gotten hurt? Maybe by the time the witnesses heard the woman calling out for help, the robbers were running away? Why find fault with anyone but the muggers? Think before you throw out blanket criticisms.

No, they wouldn't be in jail

You can use the reasonable force necessary to protect another citizen from injury and prevent the escape of a robbery suspect.

I simply don't buy the excuse that being a woman or elderly or having an older child with you prevents you from doing what is needed at the time. Where did we, as a society, misplace our backbones? Why are we so scared of "getting hurt?" Why are we incapable of running and chasing down the robbers? (Neither one of these two looks like a speed demon.)

Here's the bottom line: I wasn't there, I don't know who was in position and who could have done what. I only know that "not getting involved" PHYSICALLY, when you can, is inexcusable. Coming up with excuses for doing nothing is just another sign of our weakening society.

I was not there either

& it's easy to be a Monday Morning quarterback.

But, with the exception of my 2 classic cars, every car in our household has a panic button on the key fob. You can unlcok the doors with the push of a button. You can set off a noisy alarm with the push of a button.

Maybe a lesson learned for next time.

Now, had Common or I been there, we could have pulled the piece we are each legally licensed to carry and fired a round in the air. If that didn't do the trick, I suppose we could have determined if we still possessed reasonable marksmanship.

Moving on. Did anyone see the announcement yesterday that our own Bev was appointed Vice Chairwoman, for 2011, to the Democratic Governors Association. Her mission, helping Democrats recover from the 2010 election debacle.

Yet another reaon she will not be available to work on the state's finnancial problems or the budget shortfall the Legislature will work on beginning in February.


It's a shame you weren't there,you could of had a reason to shoot a person or two.

Not unless they kicked it up a notch or two

You can not use deadly force just to exterminate two pieces of filth. You can't even point your weapon at someone without justification, because it constitutes assault.

You have to be in "fear of death or grievous bodily" injury to yourself or a third party.

The demographics of the victim and criminals come into play, too. Had the elderly victim pulled out a Detective Special and sent these two to their richly deserved reward, I doubt that any grand jury would ever indict her. If a 6'1" 190 pound male witness pulled out his .45 and blew them away, even while they were trying to drag the old lady, he'd have a hard time explaining why he used deadly force in the absence of a weapon. He'd probably go to jail.

The manual modification of the nasal passages and orbital sockets of the criminals to stop the robbery and prevent escape, however, would likely be permissable.

Relax a little

Who threw out any criticism? He was not saying the witnesses should have done it. He sounds like he was a bit upset by the crime itself. I think everyone was to an extent. Of course I am sure people such as yourself are more concerned with the perps. I am sure in your eye they are victims.

He specifically asked why

He specifically asked why the witneses didn't do anything, and implied that they should have beaten up the muggers. And if you'll notice, I said that the only fault lies with the muggers. You should work on your reading comprehension.

Let's face it....

If the witneses were that class maybe they should have provided a helping hand or fist. I guess that is a bit much to ask these days.

And you should man up!

He implied nothing, I think you should work on your reading comprehension as well as finding your back bone. A little street justice goes along way.


I guess the other poster and everybody else has the better reading comprehension,not only does Common imply he states in other postes.I'm not saying Common is wrong,but everybody that read that post knew what he was saying except you.


I don't see where he implied anything. He stated the obvious. If you see two people mugging a 70 year old women you should step up a little. Both of them should be shot and put down like rabid dogs.


Imagine that poor old lady, OMG I cant believe no one ran to help her. I wonder if she was black too and people thought it was a family dispute? Either way this is disgusting. Predators is what these too trash bags are.