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A mother's fight for her son's life pays off

READ MORE: A mother's fight for her son's life pays off
It is a mother's fight that finally paid off. Kay Zwan, who was desperately trying to save her son's life, can share her family’s good news. It is an insulin pump that will help save Adam's Zwan's life. His insurance never covered the entire cost in the past. "Health care is not a privilege; it's a right and responsibility for every single American citizen," said Kay. For five months, Zwan wrote state and local legislators, asking for help. Wednesday, State Senator Julia Boseman's office delivered the good news Zwan so desperately needed to hear. Zwan said it was her persistence that finally forced Medicare to cover the insulin pump, a technology that will allow Adam to live a relatively normal life. "I want to make sure that this never happens again, to another child, another American citizen or another American family. That because you are met with catastrophic diseases, you are stripped of all your constitutional rights," added Kay. It has been a long road for the family. For nearly two decades the Zwan's have lived with disease. Zwan's 21-year-old son, Adam, suffers from type 1 diabetes, multiple seizures, chronic kidney failure and terminal Wolfram syndrome. Kay’s husband is a stage 4 kidney cancer survivor. While struggling with the medical bills, Kay was laid off from her job in corporate America, forcing her family to turn to government funded insurance. But it was not enough to cover all their medical bills. "We have to have a health care system that protects and preserves human life," she said. The Zwan family's battles are far from over. Kay said the insulin pump is just a small victory. She intends to continue working with elected leaders to ensure other kids will get the coverage they need, and the fighting chance they deserve. Zwan said Senator Kay Hagan and Congressman Mike McIntyre were both helpful in her fight for her family's healthcare rights.

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Count your Blessings Again

Count your blessings, again and again (I'm sure you are) for the 'gift' your son received. I have 2 sisters who are type 1 diabetics; One on Medicare (from a previous disability) has been unable to get Medicare to pay for replacement of her broken pump (Previously purchased with personal funds). The other sister was recently placed on Medical Disability and has been unable to receive Medicare . . . For TWO (2) years! I have personally suffered with diabetes, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, neuropathy, chronic kidney failure/dialysis (just to name a few - there are more) and praise God, I was blessed to receive a kidney and pancreas transplant. I should still be on Medicare (according to the Medicare Handbook) but it was cancelled 3 years post-transplant. My husband and I currently pay $1650.00 a month for healthcare A group plan for two, him and me, because its the only way I could get coverage. So while I am happy for you and your son, what you got is not exactly a 'Right' but a wonderful gift!

Don't Fool Yourself

that there is medical equality in Canada, Switzerland, et al. The only people who receive excellent and timely medical treatment in those countries are the ones who have the means to travel outside their country to seek treatment. I know a mother who moved here from Canada. Her daughter recently suffered a broken arm. This mother told me how impressed she was that right away her daughter could go to the hospital and receive treatment. She said that in Canada it could have taken weeks to receive treatment - for a broken arm!


Your information is incorrect. Socialized medicine has gotten a bad rap in the USA. My family lives in England (3 are Doctors). We also lived in Canada and there was no problem. I am sure there are horror stories as there are in the USA with people and their insurance companies. I do not think socialized medicine is the way to go here in the USA BUT the health insurance companies need major overhauling by an oversight committee to see that their customers get treated fairly and quickly. Talk about horror stories !

A former co-worker married a

A former co-worker married a lady from Canada. They ended up having a total of five children, and from the time she was about five months along in each pregnancy, she would go to Canada and stay with her mother for the free health care. She said she preferred the doctors and hospitals in Canada to those in the US. I've never been there so I can't vouch for their system, but I would think if someone would travel from NC to Canada for medical care, it is at least adequate.

If you want an objective and

If you want an objective and informative source for information on the Canadian Health care system, try reading the following: and Whoever told you she had to wait weeks for emergency treatment for a broken arm lied to you. Trauma units in Canada is no worse than here, in my experience. It might not be perfect, but then, nothing is.

We all have a role and responsibility

We all have a role and responsibility in protecting every American Citizens right to life. I would like to thank those of you who have demonstrated empathy for my son and other patients like him trying to survive within the US healthcare system designed to exploit their loss and deny them access to quality care. My son demonstrates an amazing level of courage everyday that a few of you making these very outrageous and disturbing comments will ever understand. While you are entitled to the wealth you claim you have earned YOU or the Insurance Industry is NOT Entitled to Exploit and Deny my son of his right to life. I will not apologize for standing up for my son and other patients right to life - nor will I stand down - I will continue to fight for his right to life and all American Citizens Right to Life. Having a government protecting the predators exploiting our vulnerabilities financially and medically has put us all at risk. Defining Healthcare as a privilege aligned to our job and not individual citizen basic right puts us all at risk of discrimination and the stripping of all our constitutional rights. The Solvency of Healthcare System is NOT put at Risk by Our Sick but by the Corruption & Exploitation of the Private Industry Entitlement Claim: The Privatization of Government Programs Leads to Corruption and Exploitation by the Private Sector – All Government Programs Should must be administered by Government! Check-out the Insurance Industry Exploitation of Private and Public Systems “Medicare Private Insurance Entitlement Act” “Medicare Part D” equates to about 70 Billion Dollars of Entitlement before the first patient receives care. I am claiming an entitlement to life not your wealth – the Insurance Industry has made claim on its entitlement to OUR wealth! We must ask ourselves: How did we get to a place in the United States of America where our Capitalist Free Markets are comprised on human life and human vulnerabilities? The top 5% of earners and our government have turned to exploiting American Citizens Medically & Financially. We lose our claim of a democracy if our only goal is to oppress and exploit 95% of our citizens. I am not anti-industry or anti-government – I am pro-human being! Extreme levels of greed have stripped 95% of American Citizens Constitutional Rights we have no bounds to what constitutes an American Capitalist Free Market it is human life and human vulnerabilities. Extreme Greed has destroyed the fundamentals of our democracy and our constitutional rights. Extreme Greed has destroyed the American Workforce we import more than we produce - Blue and White Collar jobs have been shipped overseas. Multi-Million Dollar Executive “Golden Parachutes” have undermined the viability of business and our workforce. Without a job we do not have access to healthcare, we cannot consume therefore, we now justify the exploitation of human life and vulnerabilities as necessary to maintain capitalism. We can maintain our democracy claim through creating a Healthcare System with a goal of protecting and preserving every American Citizens right to life by serving the need before the greed. Protect and preserve human life through science the non-discriminate solution to disease and cost; meet the need then split the balance of revenues of 2.6 Trillion Dollars. The Fundamentals of a Democracy is Humility, Civility -The Promise made to ALL American Citizens within the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the inalienable rights “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”(Wikipedia) – Missing from these documents is the discriminatory exclusion that these rights are based on your earning potential. Yet that is the foundation of US Healthcare System to discriminate access to quality care based on American Citizen earning potential. – Our Health at the core of our Wealth individually and collectively therefore Healthcare is a basic right and responsibility of every American Citizen. The year of reckoning 2008 taught us all that a government and healthcare system driven by greed protecting only top 5% earners has put us all at risk of losing everything. LOBBYISTS WRITE THE LAWS WITH LOOPHOLES TO PROTECT THEIR REVENUE & Strip 95% of American Citizens of All of Our Constitutional Rights! While the Insurance Industry has been very successful lobbying to government, employers and society that that drain on our resources and healthcare system are those that struggle with disease – the drain on our system is the exploitation of our loss and denial of access to care. The US Healthcare System is not working for anyone patients, healthcare professionals, employers, government or industry. Disease crosses all boundaries of society from the young & old, the rich & poor and it does not matter the color of your skin therefore, disease is society’s enemy not those that struggle with it. Other Democratic Countries demonstrating humility & civility where they have defined healthcare as a basic right and responsibility of all of its citizens - that a healthy nation is a productive wealthy nation. Frontline PBS “Sick Around the World” The non-discriminate humane solution to disease and healthcare cost is Science: Our Win-Win a Healthier Wealthier Society realized through an - Affordable Non-Discriminate Healthcare System Powered by Science with Equal Access to Quality Care. Right to Life can be protected if our total out of pocket cost for premiums and care is no more than 7% of our earnings. I will continue to fight for an Affordable Non-Discriminate Healthcare System Powered by Science with Equal Access for All American Citizens!


You keep talking about the constitution...tell me where in the Constitution does it talk about the right to healthcare? People abusing the system and wanting to be taken care of and get hand outs are whats wrong with the country! People like YOU!

She won't answer you

She knows she can't. She knows it's not there. Instead, she'll offer you an anti-Capitalist rant. That Michael Moore....what a seducer, eh?


Didn't you know that people who want the taxpaying public to support them have the Constituional Right to sit back and watch the welfare checks roll in?

When the government runs healthcare

In Great Britain, two of three cases of colo-rectal cancer progress to untreatable/terminal while the patient waits for his or her turn to be inducted into National Healthcare's oncology program. In Canada, the average wait for an artificial shoulder joint is two to three years. Yeah.....please let Barack Obama fix my healthcare....

You may not bow now, but you will stand before Him later!

I would like for all you Godless, rich, unbowing, selfish, HUMAN BEINGS to stand in front of this family swinging an Insulin Pump and hollering at the top of your lungs "YOU CAN"T HAVE IT BECAUSE IT DOESN"T BENEFIT ME!" Your day will come.

Madam, rest assured....

...that I would step over a starving baby to climb into my Hummer before I would surrender to a government that would mandate that I not drive that Hummer or that I MUST feed that baby. Charity is wonderful. I give away a large amount of money every year. I can stand in final judgment with a clear conscience. Forced wealth redistribution isn't charity, however. It's tyranny, and the surest road to a nation's financial collapse.


I hope you don't have children, or teach, or have nieces, nephews, etc. I hope you are someone I would never leave my child with since I like that he's alive. While I have no problem with a society that refuses to support adults who aren't willing to support themselves, that child can do nothing to prevent itself from starving. A child cannot make money since we have child labor laws, cannot shop by themselves at a young age, and cannot comprehend the situation other than they are hungry. Maybe it's wrong for our government to sanction that in your eyes but how about humanity's eyes. Let the adults capable of working who don't starve but not a're very sick.

There are other options

For one, any child can be admitted to the Masonic Home for Children. There, they will live in a structured environment. They will receive a quality education through high school; the majority of graduates go on to post high school educational opportunities. They will receive 3 squares a day. They will be taught accountability and responsibility. They will recieve quality health care. It costs the community nothing. It is solely supported by the North Carolina Masonic organization and its members. There's no forced religous training; there's no Masonic teaching. Education is overseen by the County school Board. Another option is the Elon Home for Children. This facility receives the bulk of its funding from state and private sector grants. There are options available that do not entail increased taxation.

Masons and Elon get tax money

I have been working as a grant writer for 20 years. There is no such thing as money free from anywhere. Private donations to not for profits are tax deductible. And of course as you pointed out, government grants are sought after and gotten from nearly every successful non-profit in America. We (the government) do this because we care about children. We respect the parental rights of their parents. We recognize that we have a responsibility to those less fortunate. That right is no less important than the right to bomb the crap out of a country because we don't like how they run things in their own country. We do this because it is these kids that will pay taxes one day, we do this because people like you will someday soon become old and cursed with some critical illness and your socialized medicare will keep your body alive for God knows how long just so you can crap your pants and spend your kids inheritance while you postpone your eternity in hell. Save us all the $480,000 on average each of you over 80 will cost us because you've outlived your usefulness. Think about that when you are thinking about getting the government to pay for your titanium knee so you can walk to the bathroom to slip in the tub and break your hip. Old age is worse of a drain on the economy than poor people.


Well, let's hope that you never have to endure old age.

You are

so full of it and so off the wall in error, it is not funny. I never denied Elon received public and private grant funds. On the other hand, the Masonic Home is 100% funded by Masons. Get your facts straight blow hard. And for the record, my "old age" is taken care of. While you dwell in misery and despair, I gaze upon the Ocean. Of course, I am able to do that because I focused on being self sufficient rather than focused on getting entitlements. I'm one of the business owning taxpayers you so joyfully hate and I may be one you solicit private grants from.


If I had an insulin pump I would be more than happy to let borrow it or give it to him. I don't have one. I do resent the fact that you think the FORCE of Gov't should take money from me by force to get an insulin pump for these folks.

Glad To

I'd be happy to! More people need to do this. It's time for TOUGH LOVE!


Although I feel for this family,something struck me in the mothers comments.If you work a job and have healthcare, you by law are eligible for COBRA, if you leave a job or are laid off, to continue that healthcare policy. Most people do not continue with COBRA because of the expense of it. I think this families plight should shed light on a cost issue rather than a rights issue.

Cost is the Discriminate Factor that Denys Us Our Right to Life

My COBRA was 1850.00 my unemployment was 1100. I am not asking for free healthcare we have paid for our H/C policy and our out of pocket reaches $5000.00/year by June every year medical $250.00/prescription cost a month and I paid premiums of $772.00/month through my employer. For the one that questioned the insulin pump supplies we have paid over $8000. / For the pump and supplies out of pocket. My 5 month battles with Medicare were for the supplies and to cover the pump if it failed. I continue to pay premiums for supplemental policies and on the average of 400.00 in prescriptions so I am not asking for free just affordable quality healthcare. The whole foundation of the US Discriminate Healthcare Model is achieved through cost. That is what forces employers to lay you off, it is what forces family met with catastrophic illness to lose everything they have jobs, savings, home and it is still not enough for the insurance industry. Our Right to Life can be protected if our total out of pocket cost for premiums and care is no more than 7% of our earnings. A documentary that opened my eyes to the possibility of an Affordable Non-Discriminate Healthcare System is a frontline video on sick around the world. Please view Affordable Non-Discriminate Healthcare System Powered by Science with Equal Access to Quality Care – can be realized for the US and All American Citizens.(Switzerland’s Healthcare Plan is a Viable & Sustainable Plan – that could be implemented in the US) Frontline PBS “Sick Around the World”

Every mom has a right

Ok. First I want to say that I am glad she got what she needed for her son. I am a working mom and can not afford the insurance for my son and me as well so my son receives medicaid. I am so thankful for the help from my government. I have paid my taxes and I am still paying them. I think healthcare is every person's right. Unfortunatly not every american can afford it. And it is the government's responsibility to care for its citizens. Hence why they make and enforce standard laws. Without the citizens a government can not govern. And it is a citizen's responsibility to use government funded resources wisely and correctly. I don't think someone should just quit working to rely on assistance from the gov't and I don't think someone should have a million kids to get help. But if you lose your job due to circumstance or if you work but do not earn a substantial income then you should be allowed help. Why is it that a big car company can get bailed out but so many throw a childish fit if an average person gets help? We can't all be Paris Hilton. BTW if an average person should stop receiving health care benefits from the gov't does that mean our seniors should also stop getting it? Because most of them use medicare for their supplies and meds. Guess opponents of gov't benefits are really heartless or just two-faced. That is sad. You would criticize her but if it came to yourself you would jump on the train for assistance.


are whats wrong with this country right now. "I think health care is every person's right. Unfortunately not every American can afford it. And it is the government's responsibility to care for its citizens." FIRST, Health Care is NOT a right...PERIOD. Not every American can afford a Bentley either. The government shouldn't have to care for it's citizens, that is called SOCIALISM! Citizens should take care of THEMSELVES and not ride on the backs of others. NOW...if someone is down on times, gets fired...basically needs a HAND UP...I don't think you could find ONE working American not willing to help them out thru taxes. HOWEVER, my problem and where MOST WORKING Americans HAVE a problem is the HAND OUTS...if you don't want to pull your own deserve what you get...NOTHING. I am SICK AND TIRED of the working class hauling around the LAZY on their backs that want to live off of others...THAT is called a PARASITE...and nobody likes a parasite!


I said it is a govt's responsibility to care for it's citizens not that they should have to. but since they dont take care of their citizens why in the hell do you think most americans have lost faith in the political system? We take care of ourselves in the fact that we work, raise a family, etc. But a govt should take care of needs like basics laws and rights. If we have the right to carry a gun why not a right to have health care. And most hard working americans are not going to freely hand out money to someone who has lost their job and needs a helping hand. GOvt assistance should be limited as to how much one person gets and for how long. I believe that help should be given to those who need it. No i dont like the lazy people who purposly do not work just to receive help, but i pull my own weight and if i dont make enough then I have a right to go ask for assistance from MY government. I helped to elect those officials so I am entitled to ask, just as they can approve or deny my request. I say nationalize health care. Make it equal. America is the land of equality is it not? Doctors make way too much as it is. Besides doctors now are only in it for the money, not for the sake of helping.

sounds like...

You sound like you have class and wealth envy. You said "If we have the right to carry a gun why not a right to have health care." Last time I checked you have the "right to bear arms" but the Gov't is not going to give you a pistol, shotgun, or a rifle. You have to 'BUY' it. The same thing goes for medical care. Besides some in the Gov't are trying to take that right (gun control) away and you don't think they won't impose restrictions on gov't controlled health care. You also have the RIGHT to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What you do with your life and liberty and happiness is up to you. Not the gov't taking my tax dollars and giving it to you because you don't buy your own health care. The Gov't gives everyone equal rights to: Life (your own health care), Liberty (to purchase your own health care from whoever you want) and the pursuit of happiness (knowing you got health care all on you own with out the force of gov't taking it from me). Have a good day & GOD Bless America

You Need

to check your facts. The government takes better care of the unworking masses who are content to sit on their behinds and do nothing but accept free housing, food stamps and health care. The working masses are left out in the cold other than having the right to pay the bill for all those who do not wish to work. How can anyone who lives in public housing and accepts food stamps and public health care, for a lifetime, do other than create a second or third generation of offspring with a similar mindset? You must not have followed the election or seen the annointed one at one of his public appearances. In Florida, one "voter" stood and acknowledged she would not have to pay for gasoline or her mortgage as it was promised she would not have to. How about at the same appearance, just last week by the way, when the elderly lady stood and wanted to know when she could expect her small car and house renovations as part of her entitlement? Doctors make too much?? I'm not a Doctor; but consider the education debt they leave school with. Consider the cost of malpractice insurance which our litigous society forces them to maintain. Consider the cost of all the high tech equipment they are required to have in their office. Consider the mental anguish they face when advising a long time patient, someone they have known for years, that they are dying. Consider many doctors are burned out mentally by their mid-50s. You may think Doctors are overpaid; guess again. You want free public health care? Look at European systems. You might wait 8 to 10 months for a surgical proceedure in England. Think about that; going 8 to 10 months with a tumor in your body before you have surgery. You get what you pay for. Unfortunately, all of the mamby pamby bleading heart liberals are now in ecstasy that the Democrats are in power; now let's see how they keep all of the promises they made.

An independent practicing

An independent practicing doctor may pay for all of his own equipment but if they are part of a network it doesnt come from their own pocket. And they are overpaid. When you compare their job to the military or law enforcement or even teachers, doctors are overpaid. Uh, hello, they aren't living modestly. I say pay them the way you pay the time in and seniority. And I think most missed the part where I said I work and I pay taxes...I also pay for MY insurance. MY SON has govt assistance because I don't make enough to cover us both. And don't feed me the bull about "if you can't afford kids you shouldn't have them". I think she deserved the help for her son. And I stand by my opinions. And for the sake of argument my facts are in check and I did follow the election...I just didn't vote democrat. Oops did I make a mistake (note sarcasm)

Excuse Me

I made no comments about you or the appropriateness of paying or not paying for the pump which your son required. My comments were directed at the inappropraite comments made about Doctors. That had nothing to do with you. But, if you want to pay Doctors on the same basis as the military, consider that as a Doctor's experience grows and he becomes more expert in his fields of specialty, his earnings do increase. As part of a network, he does contribute to the costs incurred in purchasing and maintaining equipment. If we took your view on compensation further, how would you pay professional athletes who in one professional season have the ability to earn many millions more than a dozen doctors will earn? How do you compare what they do with what the military is required to perform? But then perhaps you would be much happier in a socialistic environment. You won your fight; good luck for your son. Get a grip on yourself and move on to another issue. For the record, why not read the post in its entirety before you jump off the handle?

Doctors are overpaid?

Wages are based upon supply and demand, just as the cost of anything is. If a million people can fill the job, the wages are low. (e.g. burger flippers and DSS workers) If the job requires special skills, talents or training, the pool shrinks and the wages rise. (e.g., doctors, lawyers) If only a few people on the planet can fill the job, the wages skyrocket (e.g, Kobe Bryant) I don't think you want to live in a society where the government or anyone else, other than your employer, sets your wage. I might feel that your job is worth $8.00 an hour. BTW, don't ever dismiss truth as bull. Please take the time to research the cost of single motherhood on our society. (Hint: The fact that your son requires governmental assistance for his healthcare might be a clear indicator.)

the government should take

the government should take over the entire health care system period and regulate it because if you have the same experience i did and go into the hospital for an appendix operation and come out noticing bruises up and down your arm and find dried blood in your ears , nose and in your scalp and to finally figure out weeks months later that a faulty light used in the er room had no safety catch on it just a screw knob for raising and lowering the heavy steel 4" by 4" light, lying in bed for weeks at night trying to figure out how and why they said nothing of the subdurial cranionomy that they did to cover there mistake ,i have rail road tracks across my scalp and a hole where they drilled to check the pressure in my brain all because a hospital here in wilmington used faulty cheap equiptment(thanks osha)for not properly inspecting this) and billed my insurance thousands of dollars for an operation and i tried everything i could to sue them and could not because it has to be a death case before a law firm will take on a hospital ,there are only certain doctors whom take medicare and medicaid,and trust me its not harvard or duke medical school graduates ,the person whom wrote the comments about using the government system to pay for there medical bills ok when you have a terminal illness and you lose everything because of medical bills and your insurance drops you then what are you gonna do , no one wants to be sick or dying with a terminal illness medicaide and medicare are no luxury ,you really cant speak about this until you know you experience it .i do side with you though in some cases like young single mothers and young people whom make mistakes and things of that nature where medicare and medicaide are frauded ,but my thougths and prayers are for the lady whom had to beg and struggle with medicaid and medicare whom paid in to it just like everyone else and so her son could get desperate medical help for his terminal illness ,why i dont understand why her son was denied by medicaid and medicare a insulin pump when it was needed for a terminal illness and prescribed by his physcian why , medicaide and medicare have made some changes in policys recently but i didnt think they had stouped this low . trust me you dont want these private firms and hospitals continuing to provide medical care ,every tom ,dick and harry wants to be a doctor these days ,the board of nursing and the board of doctors elects the members from it there own personal union of nc doctors and nurses elects members a board actually whom over see medical malpractice cases and you can believe me citizen you dont have a chance in **** at getting by them with medical malpractice trust me i know from experience, thats why i say the government needs to step in and regulate this