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Murder rates increasing amongst black males

READ MORE: Murder rates increasing amongst black males
A Northeastern University study suggests murders are on the rise among young black males nationwide. The study shows the number of black male teens killed in gun related crimes has risen 40 percent since 2000. Twenty-four year old Ronald Conyers Jr., in 2007 police found him shot dead in an alley close to home; his murder is still unsolved. His mother, Samantha Buchanon, said, “It doesn't just kill the person, but it kills the family as well.” She expressed concern about what's happening to young black men. On Christmas Day, twenty-five year old Montez Jones of Wilmington was gunned down on Castle Street. Although both incidents involve black men in their twenties, Buchanon believes the problem is starting early. She explained, “We need to start getting together to start helping our young children so when they become teens and adults, they won't result to crime and crime and hurting others.” The recent study by Northeastern suggests murders are growing among young black males between 14 to 17 years old. New Hanover County district attorney Ben David said, “For those of us that have been working in the criminal justice system it's not surprising. It's something we've witnessed for years now.” Criminologists at the university who did the study say in 2007, 426 black teenagers were killed nationwide, a 40 percent jump from 2000. A spokesperson for Wilmington police says six black male teenagers were killed this year, a growing trend from years past. David said, “I don't think that this problem can be solved in the courthouse, or the schoolhouse, but at the child's house.” Ben David also stated that this is not just a black issue, but a community one. “It's only when the entire community realizes that this is a human issue that we can begin to solve this problem.” A problem Samantha Buchanon is still coping with nearly two years later, and doesn't want any mother to experience. The study also says crimes committed by black male teenagers rose 38 percent since 2000. The study puts some blame on the Bush administration for cutting grants to local police and youth crime prevention programs

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I guess I really did grow up

I guess I really did grow up in a different time. The only two policemen I can remember were also the two people who ran my youth crime prevention program. And they whipped my butt every time I deserved it. Thank you Mom and Dad.

Oh my God...NEWS FLASH

Really, you are kidding me right? I bet the government gave these folks a big fat check to do this study. What seriously bothers me about the whole thing is that no one really wants to address the real issue of Why these young black men keep getting killed. Reason #1. Lack of self respect. #2 Lack of respect for anyone else. #3 Lack of parenting, every young black male that I have ever known that has gotten in trouble didn't have any idea who his father was, his mother left them with the grandmother to raise and she was too old and tired to raise them properly. #4 The first older black male that they ever had to look up to and admire was really a drug dealer with a nice car and a wad of hundreds in his pocket. If you were 11 years old and thought that you could get out of ever having to get and education and a job to support yourself and the quiver full of kids that you create then what would you do. Black males make choices, and they usually pay the consequences with thier lives. BIG NEWS FLASH. No one to balme but them selves. Folks it is about choices.

please study history acurately

I'm not about to take you to school because your benighted state of ignorance seems to suite you. Remeber your ancestors where exterminaters in there pursuit of the civilization you now so ignorantly embrace. I submit the paternize barberity of our young black males is the direct result of a systemic process of indoctrination. They are internalizing their hatred and dehumanization taught to them by their ruthless enslavers.


Or maybe they are acting out what is natural to them.

Joe, please study your

Joe, please study your spelling "acurately" before calling others ignorant.


I submit if your theory was true 100% of black males would be killers. Someone is doing their job when we have successful black members of society that somehow let go of the past and are productive members of the human race. The others lack parenting skills.

Now your blaming the Bush

Now your blaming the Bush Administration; MY GOSH MAN TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY. The black kids are killing each other because they are fatherless and their mothers whom lack self respect themselves are not teaching these kids any self respect or morals; they have kids out of wedlock, the poor kids don't even know who their fathers are. BLAME THE BLACK WOMEN.

not a surprise!

Well, huh? As not surprising as it is, it is alarming. Do we not see this as a reason to make a change here? Huh? And we are supposed to accept this as normal? I dont get it. We are also not supposed to mention these things for fear of prejudice. Well, I'm trying to keep an open mind here but I'm losing. I'm gonna continue to try as I know theres alot of good out there, but darn, it's hard. Well, one can only hope...

Teenage Homicide

Sure lets blame President Bush, like he put the guns in these kids hands. Watch and see it won't get any better with your new President Obama.

Did anybody blame President

Did anybody blame President Bush? It has nothing to do with Bush or Obama. It has everything to do with the black culture. If education could be stressed more in the homes of their children, it would make a great impact. Every culture has it's problems, unfortunately for the black culture, it's violence. Sad, but true.

Yes, they did blame

Read the last line in the story for the answer to your question. The study puts some blame on the Bush administration for cutting grants to local police and youth crime prevention programs.


Great comment...right on!

This is news? I thought it

This is news? I thought it was up every year over year. Again, no surprise here.