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Murder suspect, alleged gang member caught in Wilmington

WILMINGTON -- A murder suspect and MS13 gang member was caught in Wilmington Tuesday night. Twenty-six-year-old Ranger Orlando Alvizures of Myrtle Beach was wanted in connection with the murder of Maro Whitmire in Spartanburg County, South Carolina last month. Wilmington's special enforcement response team assisted the violent fugitive task force in arresting Alvizures at the Baymont Hotel on College Road.

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This guy looks like he

This guy looks like he should be behind bars. I am sure he was a joke in high school. He was only given four years in prison and 3 years probation. He should have been sentenced the full term of 15 years. Just because one does not actually do the shooting, he sat in his car and watched. His family must be proud!!

Sick of it

I'm so sick of the gang activity that is plaguing our city and county. I remember not to long ago, we would go months with no murder. Now I'm reading about someone being killed almost daily! Enough is enough!

i didnt read the story. nvm

i didnt read the story. nvm on the comment below supporting him.

Alleged MS13 gang member

This is a prime example of what people fear is happening with the influx of illegal immigration. Our government needs to get a handle this and soon!!!


Great, lets allow some more immigrants into the country and breed here while we support them!

the news don't tell it all,

the news don't tell it all, don't worry about illegal immigrants worry about stupid terrorist and ignorant US Citizens, or find another hobby

GANG member (alleged) Murder (suspect)

I'm glad to see this murder suspect and alleged MS13 gang member was removed safely from his motel room by an ERT Team with no problems... The alleged MS13 gang affiliation raises some very serious concerns for me, and as it should you that read this. I would urge you to do a little research. You'll find the terms "World's Most Dangerous Gang", "Most Violent" "Most Vicious". The Government of Mexico has called them a "threat to National Security." From "MS-13 members have illegally immigrated to our nation where our law enforcement efforts and prisons seem tame when compared to their homeland." " the LACK of cooperation from many cities whom support sanctuaries policies, has made the government’s job an uphill battle." The wolf is at the door people and he's already past huffin' and puffin'.