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Murder victim's sister speaks

WILMINGTON -- We're learning more about the man murdered early Friday in New Hanover County. Investigators say no arrests have been made in the murder of 22-year-old Geoffrey Graham. His sister has a message for his killer. "I don't know who did it. I have no clue. But if you are out there I want you to know that it may just have been something you did, but he is a brother, he is a child he has a mother and he has a two year old niece that will never know him, " Kourtnei Martin, Geoffrey Graham's sister said. Early Friday morning, Geoffrey Graham was shot dead in his home in the 2500 block of Bradfield Court. Graham's girlfriend found him bleeding on the living room floor and called 9-1-1. Investigators say Graham died before they reached the scene. Neighbors say the community is normally a safe one. "You never see anything like that around here. Nothing like it," Cal Ray, a neighbor, said. Detectives say the murder may have been drug related but Graham's sister says that's not true. "They've made comments about traffic in and out of his house," Martin says, "This is his first house. Of course he's going to have people over and friends over and parties. I mean, it's normal that's what 22-year-olds do." Martin says her family is devastated. New Hanover County sheriff's office says they have a few leads and the investigation is ongoing.

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making things right

one comment that frustates me is that his mother got the personal belongings of his that she deserved. Next time your first born is shot to death you tell me how you feel. Geoffrey and andrea were not together she has said that herself therefore she wasn't even entitled to the last piece of toilet paper he used. She left all his dirty clothes thrown on his floor and alot of trash like thats what he was to her. All of his new clothing items were gone at least 9 pairs of brand new shoes were missing why would she take his shoes? And as if that was'nt enough she did'nt even personally pack up his things her mother did how inpersonal is that. she claimed she just could'nt take his mother had to deal with it. His younger sibling had to purchase clothing for him to wear to his funeral because his family wasnt allowed in the home.But she loved him so much if thats what love is I dont ever want to know the feeling. As far as some one saying poor andrea those drugs were'nt hers. Okay she was with him for like five years get a life. she knew they paid her bills. If this happened visa versa he would have been blamed for her death why not the other way around? some of you people should really learn what your talking about before you speak. Just for the record i honestly think that andreas family is the cause of some of the weiord decisions she has made when it comes to dealing with geoffreys family. Thats why some of her friends have disowned her. She needs to wise up and soon before shes completely alone.