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Murder/suicide still a mystery


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It's a bizarre incident that still has the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office asking questions. Investigators say two New Hanover County residents are dead in a possible murder/suicide.

Deputies responded to a call at 3:30 p.m. Saturday. A man had jumped from the North College Road overpass onto I-140. Dep. J.L. Augst of The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office said Joseph Rouse, 37, died at the scene, but this was just the beginning of the case.

"The sister of the victim coincidentally happened to be driving by and noticed the second victim's car that the man had driven to the top of the overpass was still parked on the overpass," Augst said. "And she approached deputies and subsequently led them to the apartment where deputies discovered the second victim."

Augst said Kimberly Williams Hill, 42, was found dead inside her Providence Park apartment. According to investigators, Rouse and Hill were romantically involved.

"They were in a dating relationship," Augst said. "I'm not certain if he was living at the residence or not, but certainly they were in a domestic relationship in that they were dating."

Deputies say they believe Rouse may have killed Hill and then took his own life. They hope to have answers soon.

"At this point, the investigation is still continuing, and cause of death will be available later in the week," Augst said.

Investigators say autopsies have been scheduled to determine the cause of death for both victims.

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Her family evidently is just

Her family evidently is just as selfish as she was!!!

Well you obviously don't

Well you obviously don't know her family or Kim hill. she was the most giving and caring person alive! And she raised us well!!

My Only Sister

Kim was my only sister and my only true best friend and now what do I have, NOTHING!! thanks to Mr. Joey. I will never understand how anyone could be so hateful to kill my sister the way he did, but we all know where he is now,HA!HA!, I'am not the only one suffering, her 3 children, her mother, her two beautiful grandchildren and everyone that really knew her, I will continue to miss her until the day I die and then we will see each other again, Kim, I love you dearly, I'll see you on the other side, Love, Your Sis

Honey, you're going to the

Honey, you're going to the same place joey did saying the things you are about him. He was a human being just like kim and his family is grieving at their loss as well.yes killing is wrong. But that doesnt make him any less human or make kim any less innocent herself. Kim would obviously be in hell also since she was on drugs herself. Which is a sin and I doubt she asked for forgiveness for last minute.
at least yoy know joey wasnt in his right state of mind considering the next morning he realized what he had done and took his own life.

my mother is the only victim

my mother is the only victim in this situation. he was a terrible man, he murdered her in a way that i can neve imagine someone doing. he had intentions on doing this and nobody knew it but her. she was a strong hearted woman and mom. she never liked to be alone and he was only a treat to her. she loved him because he was there but she didnt know he had this in mind. yes they were on drugs. alcohol. but it was just a horrifying way he did it. and he wasnt dead the min he jumped, so he did get to suffer and think about what he did to my mom. god i miss her so much, she was my best friend and how can someone do this to someone so kind hearted and loving the way she was. i miss her so much. i love you mommy.
MAD CRAZYY & forever.
Your Special BABY <3

Senseless Murder

My heart breaks for you all and I would like for you to know that no matter who finds death this way, it is a terrible tragedy! That same evil force that took your mommy from you wants you to hate forever! But your mother would not want you to go through the rest of your life grieving over her death. She loved her children and was only looking for happiness in life, but sadly many people think it is in other relationships, drugs or alchohol, but truthfully, it is only through the love of God. Life is difficult for many people and they never find their way completely, but many of these people do have good and loving hearts. They are still people no matter how they live! It is a blessing that you had that in her. Grieve her loss, and you will miss her always, but don't give up and fall into a saddened life style because of her tragic death. Always remember her loving heart and don't become bitter yourself.
And for the other family, they had no part in this so everyone who commented, be patient and compassionate for each person deserves justice no matter what they have done. If possibly he was under the influence of some horrible drug, then his family will have some peace just in knowing this. It could be our family member who murdered someone!
To Kim's son....we have you especially in our thoughts and prayers and all of her family, God bless you all.

Truly sorry

I am truly sorry for the loss of your mother and I'll pray that closure comes quickly for you. It was horrible the way he murdered her and I hope that thought tormented him as he laid in the road. There is a special place for monsters like that.

My heart and prayers go out

My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.

I can save the county some

I can save the county some autopsy money here. The guy died due to a fall or jump from a bridge and the subsequent bodily crash onto the pavement below. Why waste time and money on the obvious?

I'm sure they are

I'm sure they are investigating the woman's death not his. Her death is a bit suspicious.

If you will re-read the last

If you will re-read the last line of the story, you will notice that it mentioned that BOTH bodies would be sent for autopsy. As mentioned before, why autopsy a body that fell from a bridge? Yes, it may be the law, but in this and other cases it really does not make sense sometimes when the cause of death is already known.

An autopsy is done on his

An autopsy is done on his body to see if he was on drugs, drunk, etc. Also they can see if perhaps he had stab wounds, gunshot wounds, etc to his body. They obviously know why he is dead, he jumped off the bridge, but there may be something else to the story that an autopsy may find... I watch CSI..haha

They'll want to know if he

They'll want to know if he had drugs or alcohol in his system. They'll look for any injuries that would be inconsistent with a fall, i.e, stab/gunshot wounds. Just in case someone murdered them both and tried to make it look like a murder/suicide. Perhaps they'll examine his brain for abnormalities. The family would probably ask questions like this.

My thoughts exactly!!

My thoughts exactly!!

It'sThe Law

It's required by law. Go about your business, nothing else for you here.



well he is the murderer in

well he is the murderer in this situation. he was a bad man, he never was meant to be on this earth the way he treated his family when they were together and the way he treated my mom. he killed her in the worst way possible. he liked it every minute of it and im glad he suffered when he jumped off the bridge. he got to think about what he did to my mom. there was a demon inside him that nobody seen but her and the resent people that came in his life. yes. they were on a lot of drugs, but he still had the intentions of doing something terrible to her and i cant believe it. i meet him, i thought he was a nice guy, she never looked or seemed so happy. until that day. God bless her soul. i dont want to hear anymore about him on here because its not even about him. its about the murder victim in this situation. pray for my family. thank you

I sincerely hope you learn

I sincerely hope you learn to deal with your loss and your grief. There are several stages involved in grief and it seems apparent you have reached the anger stage. Your comments "he never was meant to be on this earth"...God made that decision. Also, "the way he treated his family when they were together", When were you ever around him with his family? You do not know us. You say "yes. they were on a lot of drugs", makes it sound like it was Ok for her to be but not him. Then you say "he still had the intentions of doing something terrible to her", then why didn't you do something about it if you knew his intentions? Your final statement in this comment is "i dont want to hear anymore about him on here because its not even about him. its about the murder victim in this situation" - Well, WE have a right to speak also...and We Will. He was getting help in a rehab facility - I wish she had not convinced him to leave and move in with her. I will pray for your family because just like mine...WE ALL NEED PRAYERS AND STRENGTH TO GET THROUGH THIS.

The woman is not the only

The woman is not the only victim that had a family. We are grieving as well. No one knows what truely happened except two families - not just one - has been destroyed by this. Yes, our families want answers and not cold hearted comments.


The woman was the only "Victim" that had a family! While your family is surely in pain, he was not a victim, he was a murderer. I am sure your family is in pain, knowing he murdered someone and then killed himself so he wouldnt have to face what he did, and left his family to deal with the pain.

Nobody bashed anybody.

Nobody bashed anybody.

Sorry for your loss. This

Sorry for your loss. This is a horrible thing that is happen and some people have no consideration for others.

To everyone not decent enough to keep your thoughts to yourselve

Have some respect. I understand that you're hurt, and what my Uncle did was very wrong. But he has a family, not to mention a son. You're not only being disrespectful, you're being completely ignorant. We are greiving too, and to say sick things like that only makes things worse. You talk about God, but I'm sure he wouldn't want to know that you all were so sick, that you think about how much someone had suffered at their time of death.