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Murray Middle School students are learning French culture

READ MORE: Murray Middle School students are learning French culture
Students at Murray Middle School are learning about French culture. Why? Their families will be sharing their lives with students from Strasbourg, France for the next two weeks, as part of a global initiative. Katie Carter, a host family for the French students, said, "We were counting down the days, pretty much." “Everybody is glad to be here, it's fantastic," said Guillame Saintsirjue, a student from Saint-Etienne. Each of the French high school students were taught to speak English at an early age. "They start young, and I think that's important for a language. We hope that this will maybe influence some kids from here to maybe want to learn French in high school," said French teacher Caroline Engels. The students from both sides are definitely getting a taste of a different culture. "The breakfast, the crepes with the butter and the caramel, how do you say that in English? Pancakes, yes pancakes - it's delicious," said Saintsirjue. Murray Middle School 7th grader, Madison Stevenson said, "It's really fun because I've never spent any time with anyone outside of the country." Teachers hope these kids can learn they are all a part of a much larger world community. "For our students to realize that we are connected, to know that they can make life long friendships through things like this, that will allow them to experience life in a whole new way," said Murray Middle School language arts teacher, Kelli Kidwell. The students from Strasbourg will be learning about American culture in and out of the classroom. They will be heading to the beach and also taking a trip to McDonald’s for a Big Mac.

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I go to Ashley high school

I go to Ashley high school and I am housing one of the French students, Maret. They are all very kind and very interesting people. Today I went on a trip with them and got to know them better. They are just like us and they are great. Guillame is very funny and smart, even if he didn't know what pancakes were (or syrup). Maret is wonderful (and VERY impatient). All I can say is GET TO KNOW THEM!!!

I go to murray

That is awsome that you are hosting a french student. i wish i could have the opperninty to host a french student but we didnt get in, in time. Well that is kool i hope you have fun =)

French culture

I am a student at murray middle school and I am very excited that we get to learn about the french culture so i think its something id like to be apart of