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Muscadines produce a fine wine

READ MORE: Muscadines produce a fine wine
September is prime time for harvesting muscadine grapes, which are native to North Carolina. The grapes are known for making some sweet and popular wine enjoyed all over the country. Cascading waterfalls of muscadine grapes fill barrel after barrel in Duplin Winery's vineyards. "This is harvest time, if we don't get now, we're not going to get it,” said winery president Dave Fussell. He added that harvest season picks up the day after Labor Day and runs through mid-October. Employees work round the clock with the final product in mind. "Muscadines produce wines that are fun; they're kind of cool, sweet and easy, and we're hoping that our wines will taste just like you're underneath the grape vine eating the grapes,” Fussell said. Duplin Winery is made up of 1200 acres of muscadine grapes. This year, they hope to produce seven tons per acre. Although the season is off to a fruitful start, Fussell said the weather could have been a bit more cooperative; rain takes away from the grapes' flavor. "We've had a little more rain than we would have liked at the end of August here in Rose Hill, but some of our outlining vineyards have had very little rain." Muscadines thrive in this hot, humid environment. They're full of antioxidants and resveratrol, which keeps your heart healthy, but you'll only taste their sweetness. "We think muscadine grapes produce the best sweet wines in the world,” Fussell said. You don't have to enjoy muscadines only in wine; you can find them sold on their own in the grocery store, and at roadside stands.

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Just came from Duplin Winery

While it was not what I expected some of the comments here are wrong and probably based on the super sweet taste of the reds. I was at first taken back at how sweet the wine was and while not perhaps to some of the snobbery comments here.. I found that some of the whites were not far off from some of the sweet french whites and could substitute for a desert Riesling, perhaps. In general these wines are too sweet for me but I would not say they are piss water. Some of them may be made into cheap stuff but considering that some of this particular winery's wines actually won in national shows does indicate there is a (small) place for certain versions of the wine.

Duplin Wines are AWESOME!

I have yet to try a Duplin Wine that wasn't amazingly delicious. They go perfectly with meals - or alone - and every person that I have ever served them to has fallen in love with them as well. I can't drink any other wine now - they can't compare! WilmingtonMAJ, take your classless vodka & urine comment and shove it. If you don't care for the wines, don't buy 'em - bashing the brand with vile insults just makes you sound pathetic - get a life!

Yeah, AWESOME....

...right up there with Richard's Wild Irish Rose, Night Train Express, and MD 20/20. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit too hard, but I have to stand with WilmingtonMAJ on this one. While I have never had the "pleasure" of partaking of vodka and urine, I know wine....I know a LOT about wine. (It fits in with the elitist snob view liberals have of me, doesn't it?) That's not to knock you folks who like Duplin County's just to emphasize that you have no idea what WINE is. In fact, the guy in the video states exactly what is WRONG with Duplin wines. Wine should NOT taste as if you just picked grapes off the vine. If that's all you want, buy grape juice! They're too sweet (sometimes too tart), too fruity, and quite honestly, don't compliment any food that I have tried them with. (I confess that I have never consumed a Duplin wine with beef jerky and a Moon Pie or a Hardee's double cheeseburger, so perhaps I need to expand my horizons.) Wrong coast, wrong winds, wrong soil. Go buy a good Bordeaux such as a Ste Emillion or Ste. Julien, or any of the Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserves, then tell me how good that Duplin County wi....STUFF is.


The issue I suppose is that people who try to drink wine but learn nothing about it think that it should taste like grape juice...not something that takes time to appreciate on your pallete.


Indeed...i'm sure you like a fine year of the box right along with your cheetos and pizza. Sorry you disagree but any Oenophile will tell you that NC wines are low quality. If you like grape juice and liquor fine, but don't try to pass it off as wine!

Oenophile? I don't think so...

Indeed...I have never tried wine in a box (how is it?) I do not care for wine with pizza and I don't eat cheetos, since I am over the age of 12. My point is it is OK that you don't like NC wines. And no, most oenophiles do NOT say they are low quality - they are simply sweeter than grapes grown outside of the east coast - it is simply a matter of taste. Drink whatever urine, vodka or wine you want while you're watching your favorite episodes of Jerry Springer - there's just no need to be so assinine. Did you try to get a job at Duplin and they wouldn't hire you or something? It's OK, the 375,000 cases they sold last year speak for themselves.


You are quite correct...the 375,000 bottles per year does speak for itself. France produces in the millions of bottles each year as well does Spain, Italy & American West Coast. Supply & Demand..


Are you comparing the wine output of a country against the output of a small company? I think the poster said 375,000 cases of wine which normally comprises 4 or 6 bottles per case.


If you think this wine is not good -- you should try upstate NY wine (and yes, I'm from there). Their wines consistently make the worst wines list & would make any wine taste wonderful (even the boxed wines). Made the mistake of taking a sip one time & couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for days.

FINE is in the eye of the beholder apparently!

I love North Carolina and living here but the wine made off of Muscadine Grapes is just flat out nasty. You might as well mix vodka and urine because it would taste the same or better. Sorry, but you can't beat the true grapes of the West Coast or France. Muscadine's are a far cry from making real wine...unless you buy by the box...


WilmingtonMAJ, you've gone much further in the taste testing realm than most would ever venture! Thanks for your confirmation and comparisons.

fake grapes?

The true grapes of West Coast or France? I guess you're saying muscadines are fake grapes? I notice you say you love living here...I've got a hunch you aren't really FROM here though. Why knock what the locals enjoy? Sounds like more "sour grapes" from a transplant to me!


Born and raised here in NC actually...just don't care for the grapes grown here. I wouldn't eat shrimp from anywhere else, wouldn't eat anything but Lewis Farm Jam, but I don't like NC wines. Just not to my taste and most wine people tend to agree

You are too classy! Vodka

You are too classy! Vodka and urine? Nice touch - definitely something to be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

WilmingtonMAJ: Finally,

WilmingtonMAJ: Finally, something I agree with you about!