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Myrtle Beach may adjust thong ordinance

Myrtle Beach leaders are considering a tougher indecent exposure law that would allow officers to issue tickets, or make arrests if they see someone baring too much skin. As it stands now, the so-called "thong ordinance" requires officers to issue a warning before issuing tickets. Myrtle Beach has banned thongs on the beach for 16 years. The Myrtle Beach City Council will consider the tougher restrictions for the first time Tuesday. Here in our area, Topsail Beach allows women to go without their tops, and Bird Island in Brunswick County is known for nude sunbathing.

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Anyone else notice how

Anyone else notice how uptight fellow Americans can be when it comes to nudity and skin?

well for a century the thong

well for a century the thong wearing bikers have been going to myrtle beach and blowing millions of dollars , now that myrtle beach has made so much money they got it to burn they dont need bikers or bike week anymore ,so bikers sorry about banning bike week and sorry about no thongs but we have already made enough money we dont need you anymore we have upgraded our town into a nice family resort not the old ramshaked beach bum town we have always been bumming and begging from all you tourist for the last 100 years

since when has bike week

since when has bike week been banned???

I hope you are being

I hope you are being sarcastic.....because there is no way MB has upgraded itself like you say. I visit MB all the time and your comment is a joke. MB will lost more money by cancelling bike week than what they would have made all summer

Good Looking

I think this ordinance should be changed to insist that only good looking people are allowed to wear them. Perhaps a weight restriction. I'm sorry...I do NOT want to see fat people in thongs. If you are a good looking person then fine, whatever. Well I don't really want to see fat people in any swim wear. Put on your moo-moo and try to look decent on the beach and not something that oak island might try to bury due to beaching....

Re: Thong restrictions

I am for it as long as we can add restrictions about old men wearing speedos.



Yea, good way to bring out

Yea, good way to bring out the tourists, give them tickets while on vacation. Ive got an idea, lets punch them in the face if they try to shop at local businesses.

I love to spend vaction time in America, but these petty laws

make me seriously consider spending my hard earned cash else where.

Parking Meters

If your ideas don't work then MB could do like Wrightsville Beach and put up "high dollar - short time duration" parking meters up at all public parking. That should keep most of the tourist away.