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MySpace hopes Facebook will follow suit as they clean their network

Earlier this week, WWAY told you MySpace found 90,000 convicted sex offenders on it's social networking site. Those criminals got the boot, but many more may have slipped through the cracks. MySpace originally refused to comply with a subpoena from Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Blumenthal ordered MySpace to raise safety standards. After MySpace gave in, and supposedly "cleaned house", the company issued a statement portraying itself as a social-networking leader. The company said it is "the first social-networking site to use state-of-the art technology to remove registered sex offenders from its site", and hopes Facebook follows in its footsteps. MySpace used a technology called Sentinel Safe to catch the registered sex offenders. According to ABC, Facebook has been issued a subpoena as well, but has not yet responded.

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Parents pay attention.....

A local crime radio program mentioned this last week on their program. I'm glad the perverts were caught, but this is just a band aid to the real problem. Parents should know what and who their children are dealing with. This local program insisted that parents get involved in the lives of their children and I agree. You can raise your children the best you can but there are these thugs in the world who will ravage them like a blood hungry animal. Parents, it's your responsibility to keep your children safe!


Do not feel secure....I do not understand this. How are they finding these people? Are these people using their real names online to sign up for social networking sites? Doubt that... Unless the local authorities have their home IP#s on file and there is a data base there is NO way they can be tracked down. They can use any computer available to them to get online ie: Time Warner at the mall, library , a friends etc. Predators will pursue targets any way possible, the internet only broadens their selection when stupid people fall for their advances.

I am glad myspace is doing

I am glad myspace is doing this. At the same time parents need to pay attention to what the children are doing on myspace and who they are talking to. These parents need to quite relying on myspace and others to take care of what their children see and who they talk to and take an active interest in their childrens lives.

Thank god! Myspace needs to

Thank god! Myspace needs to up the security considering what happened to Brooke Bennett! That was terrible!! R.I.P Brooke

Myspace had nothing do to

Myspace had nothing do to with what happened to her...that was going to happene no matter what because some mom thought they could bully someone else child around and look what happened....I think she should of got into trouble for that...but you cant blame myspace for that!!!