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N.C. drought conditions worsen, state under burning ban

The state's water woes are going to get worse before they get better. That's the word from North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley Monday. Easley addressed the North Carolina League of Municipalities Monday afternoon in Fayetteville and is calling for further cutbacks in water use. The governor says all outdoor watering should immediately cease. "North Carolina is facing a potential emergency just as severe as any eye storm or hurricanes that we usually face," Easley said. "This is an emergency where we can lessen the impact of but only, only if we take the action necessary today and work together -- you and me and all of our citizens in the state." The governor is not yet declaring a state of emergency yet - but he worries the drought may lead to a full-blown water crisis in 2008. State under burning ban The lack of rain has also triggered a new statewide burning ban. The extreme drought has left brush tinder dry. One errant spark or smoldering ember could create a disaster. Brunswick County Fire Marshal Scott Garner says the drought makes fighting the fires trickier too. "Anytime we get a fire we have to be careful about the communities around it, and knowing that some of the water supplies of some of the places that we would pull it from, ponds and lakes maybe down, that could be a significant source of hazard that we may not be able to put the fire out," Garner said. Again, the new burn ban covers the entire state.

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Drought Help

I need as much information for a college science project as possible. Please Help I need real information. Vicky


With the water restrictions in place at this time you may not have a swimming pool nearby to use to flush your toilet with. Although at this time we can "top off" swimming pools to have the required water we need in a pool if we go to a stage 5 this will no longer be an option. If this goes into place we will have green mosquito ponds in all area swimming pools. No recreation public or private use for children this summer. No new pools can be filled except from well water at this time. Swimming pools are mini resevoirs and can be used for many functions. The APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) is working at this time to try to get an exception. This industry looks bleak as to the number of people out of work and companies closing as well.

My problem with the ban

I understand the need for the watering ban, but I have one problem with it. I only pay for water, I have a septic tank. I pay a set fee for so many gallons of water. If I'm not allowed to use my allotted amount of water, I should get a refund for the water I didn't use. How can they charge me for water I'm not allowed to use. If I'm not getting a break on the bill, then I should be allowed to use water up to my allotted amount


WilmMan is the typical ME,ME,ME kinda guy. Forget the rest of us. Contrary to popular belief water is not a renewable resource. There is only so much fresh water available. We are 20 inches below what we need to maintain normal production here. The alloted amount you refer to is alloted to keep people from over using then they get charged by the gallons they use over that. I doubt they allot for you to take 4 showers a day per person, wash clothes constantly and water your lawn daily. We are on a well, we pay nothing for water BUT we do not use excessive amounts just because its free. Unlike my unconcerned redneck neighbor, I watered only part of my lawn 2 times this summer when I could have been doing it all summer everyday for FREE. Most of my lawn is dead now. WHY because I have some respect for others and the earth and I did not want to be standing in the shower with my hair full of soap when the well dried up. I will be at the neighbors pool taking buckets to flush if our well dries up and bathing in his pool because he so selfishly waters his lawn from a well everyday like a jerk.(Marlboro Farms Rd.) GROW up WilmMan. Even if your water was free like mine it can still run out.

The Solution to the Drought is GOD!!!!!

My opinion about this so called drought were in is this, right now this to some may look like a mid-world/life crisis in the making. To me pretty soon it’s gone do more then just look like a crisis its going to feel like one as well cause if & or when the day even comes that I can’t wash my body like I’m use to doing, oh yes its definitely gone be some problems in Raleigh and the surrounding cities, but my solution will be to pack up all my belongings and move back to New Jersey or another state were I feel comfortable as a person in general and that’s the end of it for me. Besides everybody getting all upset and nervous it isn’t that serious times like this should be expected, it’s all in the bible about how the day will come when the world will be at war and droughts and disaster will come upon the land. (Those aren’t the exact words but im sure you get the point) But to every problem man cant handle there’s a what way God can and will IF he specifically says in his word “If my people whom I have called by my name, will humble themselves and pray”…………then he will bring us the rain we need to get out this drought and go into an overflow. Can I get an Amen!


It is hypocritical for the religious community to participate in this plea to their god because theology establishes that god is the all-knowing ruler of a heavenly kingdom. In effect, god can't benefit from human advice or be swayed by human pleadings. Since god does not administer a cosmic democracy, he doesn't tally human votes. Thus the practice of prayer contradicts christian theology. Accordingly the drought would be a direct result of god's will. So, yeah.

Your knowledge of christian

Your knowledge of christian theology illustrates some poor training or no traning at all God knows your needs before you ask and is waiting for you to ask, why? free will which leads to freedom of speech and the freedom to research for knowledge a freedom you should excrise more often.


This person's grasp of theology is small. God commands us to ask, hence 'ask and ye shall receive'. Many things are available to people but many don't ask. The Lord wants us, as Christians, to ask for His help. It is a form of respect as well as love. You can think as you wish just as I will. However, I wonder if you will be one of the ones asking the Lord for just a drop of water to quench your thirst while you pay a visit to the devil??


As usual, ignorance comes out to show its ugly head again! You obviously do not have any knowledge of God or His power to answer prayer. What you need is a miracle in your life. God will answer the prayers of those who believe in Him. We may not get the answer we want or think we need but He does answer all prayer. And yes He is 'swayed by human pleadings'. However, you are correct in one thing - the drought is a direct result of God's will. If He wants to end it, He will. Maybe He is just waiting for us to ask Him to do so. Bad things do happen and yes God lets them happen but they happen for a reason. We will not always know the reason He lets these things happen but we can rest in the knowledge of knowing He has us in the palm of His Hand keeping us safe.


The church tells you god does not act arbitrarily. god always acts, or allows acts to happen in order to teach the living certain lessons. They tell you that many times god acts as he does in order to save a person from some future evil or trial. They also tell you god acts as he does in order to bring your attention to the fact that you are committing some terrible sin, or you are not doing something that he wants you to do. In other words, god causes or allows bad things to happen to innocent people (them) in order to gain the attention of the guilty (you). This makes about as much sense as a father whipping the good child in order to make the bad child correct his mischievous ways. Such an explanation simply cannot be accepted by thinking people.

part of problem

That is part of your problem - you are thinking too much. You cannot seem to accept that which is not there. Therefore you have no FAITH!!! Those without faith, have no HOPE! If you have no hope, then you do not believe this too shall pass. I feel sorry for you.

Off the subject but......

You obviously don't believe in God. I've read some of your posts in the past. Most of the time, anything negative you have to say about about Christianity starts with a statement such as "the church tells you..." or "doesn't your Bible say...". Two questions: 1)How could you possibly know what my church tells me without actually attending? and 2)(I need a "thinking" person's enlightenment on this one)If man evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys? I also find it ironic that most Athiests are quick to point out that Christians should be tolerant of other's beliefs but when someone says the word God, there you are again with something negative to add. It really gives the impression of an "it's us or them" mentality. Hint on question 2: My family tree doesn't have any names like Coco or Mr. Chips in it. Does yours? :)

wow, you must be a religious nutcase

to think that an explanation like that really makes any sense. if you really knew half as much as you think you do, you would hear how silly you sound. simply, if you understood things well enuff to offer an intelligent answer, you wouldn't be saying the things that you do. therefore you just don't get it. i see it, everyone sees it and you prove it by typing it here for the world to see. God works in mysterious ways, but apparently didn't work to make you understand.

UMMM people with thoughts like yours should have no water.

Your money doesnt just pay for the water. It pays for all the manpower....machinery...maintenance etcc of supplying you that water. IN EXTREME cases like these is when that money gets used to help prevent it further. To be as simple minded as what you just said and with so little comprehension is beyond me. Educate yourself before you speak.

What's your point? First

What's your point? First off, prevent what further? Drought conditions? =) Regardless of how much it costs the government to provide water, the end product IS water, and what consumers sacrifice for that product is money! Sure, the government spends a lot of dollars on maintenance, etc, and that is all reflected in the price of water. And guess what, the cost of providing the service shows up in our government budgets as well. I guess I don't understand your point, because that seems to be an implicit point in ALL public service provisions. The government has to choose, in a natural resource shortage situation, to either limit the consumption of water, or raise the price of water to help curb demand levels. Which do you prefer?


Thank you and I AGREE!!!

water restrictions

I pay for my water after using it based on the amount I use. Does yours shut off after you use your alotted amount or do you have a periodic adjustment? How do you know when you have used up your allotment? I can somewhat understand your point of view, however, you must realize that the water you are saving will be the water that you will have to use in the future. Otherwise, you may not have much or any to use in the future. I would say that it is possible in an emergency that water could be cut off in certain areas on a rotating basis (certain times or days) if the situation becomes dire. Or perhaps you could agree to use less and have your payment reduced if you can document your useage.

I am not sure why most of

I am not sure why most of you think this is a joke or something silly maybe it is because you don't really get it. We are running out of water and it hasn't rained enough. Let me put it simple we are screwed. I just read on Yahoo today that Atlanta who takes its water from Lake Lanier has maybe enough water left to last 90 to 121 days. That means the 4 million plus people that call Atlanta home plus all the bussiness are screwed. And guess what we aren't far behind them. As much as I love having a green yard and pretty flowers I let it all die I turned my pool off and since it is an indoor pool I use the water to water the house plants and two new trees. Oh and for the people with wells and spring water they are even worse off the those on city water. I guess I will see you guys in the water ration line.

water restrictions

Not all governing is bad. After all without governing chaos insues. I grew up in California and was taught about water conservation both at home and at school. Education and early prevention is the key to avoiding the conditions so many states find themselves in. I carry on those lessons to my own children. Too often the local governments wait too long to notify their communities of the issue. The truth is all communities face the possibilty of drought and the focus should be on prevention and education of the local people and businesses on what they can do and offer incentives to those that follow regs. Educating the youth and getting them involved is another important factor to avoiding the current situation. Children get excited when they feel like they can help and be a part of a solution. And the younger you start the better. This should be a message that is never taken for granted and/or abandoned, as was done in California. I watched water conservation education lost in the schools after I graduated in 1994 as it was declared that our state was "no longer in a drought." Now California is back to where it was. Personal responsiblity is the biggest key factor. If no one follows through, ignores their impact and waits for others like govt to solve the problem...nothing is accomplished. Unfortunately in conservation it is much like healthcare the focus is rarely on prevention.

Water restrictions

If the state and government offices continue to regulate everything we as Americans do, we might as well move to Russia so that the government can tell us where to work and where to sleep too!

Don't be such a

Don't be such a jerk...There's a drought!!!! Save the water for emergency use and don't blame the government... If you want to move to Russia... I don't see anyone stopping you.


"If the state and government offices continue to regulate everything we as Americans do, we might as well move to Russia so that the government can tell us where to work and where to sleep too!" You cant be serious? say this when your house is on fire and the water wont come out of the hydrant because of low pressure, thats when you will wish you had not wasted so much on your grass.

watering ban??

So, is there a state wide watering ban??? My stupid neighbor waters his lawn EVERYDAY for hours.....can I tell him to stop?

New water restrictions

The gov's office just released the newest water restrictions. Odd and Even days water useage in the home. The white people get to take showers on the Even days and everyone else takes showers on the Odd days.

Water restrictions

This is no laughing matter. Some resevoirs are already dry. Lots of ponds are now grassy fields. Some rivers are almost dry. People are hauling water for livestock. Some who take it seriously are not taking baths as often, limting clothes washing and eating on paper plates. We can live without a lot of things, but water is not one of them. There's no food without water. We can't eat lawn grass or shrubs. A person can take a sponge bath in a gallon of water (or less.) Shampoo is the same. Most cars don't even get dirty. Even a car can be cleaned with a wipedown if necessary. We need to get back to the basics with a clear understanding of what is really necessary.


I thought maybe you were going to say the white people would get to use water on positive integer days and you of course would still be able to shower on ODD days but as it is your comment does not make ANY sense.

Gov't Education

If you cannot comprehend, that sounds like your problem!

water restriction