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N.C. looking to improve high school graduation rate

Two legislative panels are set to begin working on ideas to improve North Carolina's high school graduation rate. One will review curriculum and examine how the dropout rate is affected by reform in middle and high schools. The other committee will award grants to school districts, nonprofits and other entities to help keep students in school. State officials say only 68 percent of North Carolina ninth-graders go on to earn a high-school diploma within four years.

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Drop out rate

Simple CLEAN THE SCHOOLS, get parents and students involved with the school. Run the bullis and gang members out. Get teacher the money and training they need to teach children with special needs. Fix the school with what they need. Put the money where their mouth's are the they run. Don't give up on the children because of color, money, what part of town they live on. Help them feel the are need in the community and they can succeed.

starts at home

Now don't get me wrong. But, it all starts at home. The senior project is a night mare. but, so is life. There has to be underline problems with a child for them to quit their senior year. My daughter and several of her friends are doing. There is a lot to do with it dead line, paper writting, meetings. WHAT WHAT IS THE REAL WORD.... Please parents stay in touch with the kids, do all you can. I know it hard. we all as parents work, might even be sick, money etc.. but, touch base with your child see what you can do. That child might be looking for the one thing from you (how are you doing, or how is the senior project) would mean the world to them. Might even given a little sunshine. Hang in there kids and parents.

Real jobs

My Gosh! If a student cannot even do this then I hope they don't go out and try to find real jobs! Who is going to be your x-ray tech when you go for a heart exam? hope not one of these students! If they cannot handle the project then they are not ready to run a friggin' cash register!

I agree. The senior project

I agree. The senior project is the reason my daughter dropped out this year. It's too stressful and there is not enough support. The classes are too large and the teachers are stretched too thin. My son barely survived it two years ago, threatening to kill himself through out the whole thing. Is an English credit really worth it?

High School Dropouts

If N.H. County would do away with the Senior project, I believe there could be less of dropout rate. This puts too much stress on the students... This speaking from experience, I had a child that dropped out in their Sr. yr one in part from that stress that was put on them. Think about that one NH Cty Board of Education....


If a senior in High School cannot handle the stress of completing a senior project, then he definately won't be able to handle the stress of a real job.

Fixing the Dropout Rate in NC...

Here in Wilmington they plan to do that by allowing a Rapper with a Wrap Sheet to Perform at a Local High School. Ohhh yeah.. That's the way to keep them in school. Next we'll be bringing in Football Stars who believe in Dog Fights as a legal activity and Wrestlers who believe that Steroids is the Answer to all things in life. Or Movie Stars who believe in shoplifting and drugs.. Yup .. its what the world has become I'm afraid. I vote we bring OJ.. he wraps it all up nicely. I mean.. could they not find someone like Michael Jordan?.. Trot Nixon?... I mean Heck I was in school with good ole' Trot.. right there at Hanover.. I'm not aware of any rapper who doesn't sing about anything other than rape drugs murder yadda yadda.. but Could we not find a Descent Rapper? Just had to put this in here.. Since it had to do with school and the drop out rate..