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NAACP criticizes local school segregation

READ MORE: NAACP criticizes local school segregation
WILMINGTON -- They say New Hanover County's school system is still segregated. The NAACP has harsh criticisms over diversity in the county's three magnet schools. Members of the local chapter of the NAACP are demanding more diversity within the county's magnet schools. They say their concerns are not being taken seriously. New Hanover County NAACP Vice President Rev. Hudson Barksdale says the three magnet schools in New Hanover County are worse off now than before the school board re-drew district lines this year. The goal was to increase diversity in the county's elementary schools. Rev. Hudson said, "These magnet schools were designed to bring in whites, quite frankly, from suburban areas so we'd have a more diversified school system. The reality is that because of redistricting, the school board." "They have decided we are going to have segregated schools. They got their wish, the New Hanover County schools are segregated now." School Superintendent Al Lerch acknowledges the number of minority students in the three magnet schools remains virtually unchanged. He says the main reason is the lottery system, which filled the 100 spots per school in a random drawing. Next year the school system will use a weighted lottery, taking into account economic diversity, parents' education and where kids live. Lerch said, "That will allow us to attract more diversity. That's the whole goal. The goal is to attract diversity to the magnet schools." The un-weighted lottery won't happen until next year. The NAACP wants change now. "Sooner or later the same problems that plagued separate but equal is going to plague us. One of those problems was that resources were not equally allocated," Rev. Hudson said. At the last meeting he asked the school board for a meeting. But the board voted 5-to-2 against meeting with the NAACP, citing their policy of not meeting with any group. The NAACP has given the New Hanover County School Board until October 10 to sit down for a face-to-face meeting to discuss solutions to the problem. They say if they do not get a response by then, they will pursue another course of action.

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NAACP as bad as the Klan

The NAACP are nothing but race card playing racist....stop blaming whitey already....we don'y owe you anything

segregation within individual schools

My son attends Hanes Middle Sch in Winston-Salem, NC as an 8th grader. Somehow they have deemed all the white kids HAG so the classes are segregated where in academic/core courses, the blacks are placed in classes with hispanics and the whites are separated as all being HAG. My son is a straight A student that took Pre-Algebra in the 7th grade and also participated in a "coop program with HAG math students, but was placed in some new math that's only being given to blacks and hispanics. This math is called integrated math, but all the whites kids that had pre algebra in 7th grade were sent to algebra I as 8th graders. When I confronted the principal about this he could give me no acceptable or logical explanation. Only then did he offer to put my child in HAG courses, where my son would have been 1 of approx 4 black students that are in the HAG program with all white students. If our kids aren't given access to the same level and quality of education as these so-called white HAG students, how can they perform at comparable levels with these whites students. They have found a way to legally segregate the students and are getting away with it nation-wide. Please someone else notice the uneven playing field that our kids are being subjected to. It's not just locally, this is being done nationwide. I just saw a documentary on cable TV about this very thing being done at Little Rock Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas. If whites are being exposed to a higher level of education than our kids within the same system, then to me, that's at least one of the reasons they are scoring better on EOG tests, our kids arent' being exposed to this knowledge that will allow them to perform well. If you don't know it, how in the hell can you test on it and do well????????? They also are being stripped of their identity as African Americans when they are basically told, the way you dress is not acceptable and to prove this to you, we're going to implement a dress code and also send you to detention or expel you from school if you don't comply. What will it be next, you can't wear braids in your hair, or the types of jewelry that "you" wear is not acceptable attire so that's forbidden as well, this needs to be stopped. My son, at age 13 is asking me why are they doin this, Ma"? A straight A student all his life in public school and now he doesn't want to go to this school and the black teachers are scared to speak out for fear of losing their jobs. My son doesn't wear baggy pants hanging off his butt because I don't buy it, he's decent, but I can see what this is doing to his self-esteem and his desire to even want to go to school, please, am I the only one that's seeing all this????

Worthless waste of space is

Worthless waste of space is what they are!!!!! Can't stand 'em.


I thought African Americans hated being called colored. Is that not why we have to say African Americans now? Being PC and all, shouldn't the NAACP now be the NAAAA ? Naaaaaaa.

Dear LVD

Heres the thing - I dont HAVE any more money to pay people for things I have or had no control over. I really dont. I hate the fact that slavery existed anywhere at all, and my heart breaks for the slaves themselves. But the truth is that none of my family ever owned another human being, they fought for segregation, and advocated the tenants of Dr. Martin Luther King at a time when it was not popular in the south for white people to do it. Will the shirt off my back make up for slavery? No. And what I have in my pockets might buy you lunch, but thats all. I work hard and barely get by, but at least I know that I am compinsated for something I actually earned through my own blisters. I have to ask myself how you are any better than the whip crackers. They made money off the backs of their slaves, and now you want to do the same thing.


Diversity is not the answer to schools it is the problem.

The NAACP has given the

The NAACP has given the school board until Oct 10... The magnet schools are a benefit to the county, but you mean I cant just walk my child in and make you take him/her.. why you must be racist, you gonna make ME do something for myself... OH NO, I gonna cry rasism, and see if old Jesse come down and make em do it... I aint gonna do nothing for myself much less act like a responsible parent... no way, not when i can blame all you other folks.. make you do it for me... NAACP is the BIGGEST RASIST group around... Will even pay for you to go to college if you lie enough... SAD


this person is why our children are confused. get your fact correct and then reply.

forced Bussing

We were forced to travel from near Wrightsville Beach to DC Virgo and received daily harassment and abuse from a large group of Black boys. They would wait at the bus drop off point and verbally and physically assault us and threaten us if we didnt give them our lunch money. That went on for almost 6 months even after repeated calls to the Black principal. Many of those on the bus decided to transfer to another school. Do you blame them. When you allow Thugs to roam unchecked, you send a message. Now, my children are in High School and I will not allow them to experience what I endured. When there are parents that do not value education, discipline, and social norms, you will have children that will determine what is right and on the streets "Might is Right".

So you endure one instance

So you endure one instance of someone being unfair to you and you all broken up over it. Try to endure that for 400 years!! Blacks were treated like 2nd and 3rd class citizens(if citizens at all)in this country, only being able to vote, eat where we want, sleep where we want, for the last 40 years. Oh, and if I recall correctly you people down there in Wilmington had one of the worse racist incidents in the history of this country! Ask yourself, will you really stop people from whining(N.A.A.C.P) by whining yourselves? I don't think so.

Wah, wah, wah, look whos whining

You did'nt endure 400 years of nothing so get off your high horse and get a life. The problem people have with the NAACP is the fact that it is a hypocrital organization that activly promotes reverse descrimination. Name one instance where they have not cried foul even when it was so obvious that no racial descrimination had occured. Remember Tawana Brawly, OJ, the ongoing non issue of Jenna 6...... And that incident down here you speak of was 115 years ago, some of us have moved on with our lives, we don't dwell on the past and live everyday to blame someone else for our problems. I was born in 1971, I don't owe you, or your mama or your great grandpappy anything, including an apology. Stop whining and maybe you will go somewhere in life.

One more thing....

Some how you believe that it was the economic ingeniousness of your forefathers that made America what it is today, but in fact it was the sweat of my forefathers. I know it is hard for you to fathom this, but it is true. Go and read a book and get out of that fantasy world you are in and you will see the truth!

Oh, because you have "moved

Oh, because you have "moved on with your life" means that it it's over for everyone, eh? Sorry dude, but it does not work that way. If i slap you in the face, it is NOT up to me to decide when when you have been made whole. I understand that it's hard for you all to take blame for your ancestors wrongs, but man up and stop trying to shift blame for the race woes in this country!


While we're at it, Atilla The Hun wasn't very nice either. I wonder if there is any of his decendents around?

The Hunnic Empire ceases to

The Hunnic Empire ceases to exist. Therefore, there is no one to seek reparations from. On the other hand, America is alive and well. Next question!

if you want reparations

If you want reparations for the whole salvery thing why dont you just go the the sorce? Where is that you ask. Its AFRICA. If you didn't know Africa was called the "dark continent", not because of the black people that lived there but because it was unexplored except for the beaches up to the late 1800's. Slaves were first sold to the white man from other African tribes. They traded captured warriors from other tribes to the white man for guns and other goods. Why dont you go to them and ask them for reparations. I'm sure they would be happy to give them to you. As a matter of fact one person has already done that. He traced his ancestory all the back to the tribe that sold his family into slavery and asked them for reparations. They gave him a large chunk of land. Problem is he was killed shortly after. So go ahead trace your heritage all the way back if you can and ask for the reparations you derserve. You will not be seeing them from me or anyone else.

African slavery

Slavery still goes on in parts of Africa. It is pretty much overlooked because they are not sold to whites.


Doesnt this forced diversification cause white students to be discriminated against. maybe the NAACP can hold a fundraiser to pay for the added cost of bussing kids half way accross the county. a weighted lottery isn't a lottery. lottery means chance! weighted means there are betting odds.

I want to comment on the

I want to comment on the racism issue brought up by the NAACP. My children attend Snipes Academy, went there last year as well. We had to apply for the lottery because we are not districted for Snipes. They are 3 of only 50-60 white children in the school of about 300-400. I encourage my children to embrace the diversity of the school. All magnet schools are not segregated. Bringing negative attention teaches our children it is ok to notice color of skin. I urge my children to base opinions on character, not race. So please research your fight before you begin it. It brings negative attention to a school that needs support of the parents, community, and community leaders. It is a wonderful school with excellent teachers. To bring that tyoe of attention to the school only causes it to look worse than it really is.


is full of racists. Black and white. All I ever read on here is about the blacks and whites complaining about something the other did to the other. I am glad I live in Rocky Point. Much more laid back here.

Census vs. Redistricting

Looking at the 2005 statistics for the racial percentage in New Hanover, there is a population of 81% whites and 16% blacks. Is it really possible, or even fair, to take the children of those percentages and "distribute" them according to race? Thinking of the children, no, it is not fair. I was unfortunate enough to experience a large redistricting of schools years ago, and though it did not affect what school I attended, I lost friends, and I saw many other classmates who lost friends, black students included. The students were denied attending classes with teachers they preferred, and were pretty much uprooted. Younger students really need a sense of security, which is why when young families relocate, the child is often a concern. I also knew some kids who were sent to schools that were twice as far from their homes as the school they were originally assigned to. Redistricting ought to be based on location and population of a given area. Children should not be distributed due to race. That, in itself, is racism.

Really, this is news to us?

When was the last time the NAACP did'nt complain about something. I would think this would be news if the headline was "local NAACP actually gave positive praise to the local ........". What a useless organization. I wonder why they have not "marched on Wilmington" over the fact that one of their fellow brothers had to "defend" himself from attackers out at Carelton Place over the weekend. Oh, thats right, it's not news if a black male beats another white male and he dies. Only when it is Whiteys fault for causing his own death and he gets charged. Worthless.

Guest of what's new, if it

Guest of what's new, if it weren't for your forefathers racism, there would be no need for the N.A.A.C.P. Blame them!!!


Hey LVD...times have changed. The racism of the eras past are just the past. The "forefathers" are gone, and so is the way of life people lived back then. The only reason the NAACP exists is because blacks of today enjoy the good long as it comes free through the art of complaining from a bully pulpit. It makes me sick how politicians (democrats) bow down to ungrateful minorities that still blame "slavery" for why they sit at home all day unemployed. There's a big difference in Slavery and Laziness. Might want to check into that. Not to be cliche, but again..what if whites had a White Entertainment Channel, a United White College Fund, etc.? It would be called racist by those who already have such things in place (BET, UNCF). I would never wish for the white folks to raise hell about the boy in Carleton Place getting killed, but sometimes it'd be nice to just turn the tables for kicks.


Yes, I am ungrateful that YOUR forefathers(although it might not have been YOUR forefathers directly that did it you have somewhere along the line have benefitted from it) worked MY forefathers for free labor that has never been repaid. Wow, you really do live in a fantasy world. Right is right, and wrong is wrong and it's sad that you have blurred the lines of the two so badly.


MY forefathers did not live here until my Father moved here in 1966 from Europe. So you can NOT blame all of us white Americans for your "plight". BTW: My white Grandmother was worked for free labor for years, what you got to say about that? Your lines are blurred too, you see white you see wrong. Perhaps you are in the fantasy world because my family and most others had NOTHING to do with it.

If you would read a little,

If you would read a little, you would find out that colonial-era slavery started in Europe by the Dutch West-Indies company. As for, "My white Grandmother was worked for free labor for years, what you got to say about that?" I think you or her should take that up with the people whom did it to her. I loathe the time for tax season to come around just like anyone else, but do you see blacks complaining that a sizable amount of our tax dollars that goes to whites (whom as i stated in an earlier post receive more tax dollars than anyone else in the U.S. in welfare payments)?

to lvd

your probably right... whites do account for the bulk of welfare payments. that's because the blacks that are eligible for welfare take it. the ones that are not steal it or sell dope for it. still it is an illegal situation!!!!!!!

another thing lvd

Population of the USA is 302,546,000 est. Race makeup is 75% white, 12.3% Black and the other Hispanic, Asian etc. Blacks comprise only 12 percent of the nation, but, according to government statistic figures, they comprise 37 percent of the welfare rolls. Children living in households headed by single women receiving assistance: ~white children 11.8% ~black children 39% White children in families headed by single women: 35.8% Black children in families headed by single women: 56.1% Look at the percentages, do the math. My calculator wont go that high.


You ever thought for a second that if American slaves would have been paid that those numbers would a little different? I've read those same numbers before ,thanks, but the thing that you fail to calculate is the power of inheritance. The calculator is fine, I think it's an operator problem.